Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Note: I really meant for this to go up late Tuesday night [and will still post it to show on Tuesday, even though it's more than a few days later] but life happens. Please keep my mom in your prayers - she had a little mini stroke this week and is working through some things [a tiny bit of aphasia, and a lot of knowing it could happen again at any time...]
  1. First let me say that I'm more than a little sad that I now have to moderate comments, but I've had some crazy ones showing up with links to not so nice places -- Be patient with me as I remind myself to check them each day.
  2. As a result I'll probably be commenting on comments in the comment section. Does that work for ya'll?It will probably be more timely this way ---
  3. I finished up the Christmas decor - and switched things up a bit, love that most everything coordinates enough to move from room to room. This little snowman nativity is usually in the bathroom - the one awaiting the re-do - so I put it on the table in the dining / living area with a pedestal of ornaments and the jingle bell wreath above. Love that I can combine a little whimsy with the True Reason for the Season.
  4. Note - the basket holds past December albums and other mini albums, the giant glass apple is a favorite of mine that moves around the house, the copper kettle is from my mom's house - they'd save their silver in it and rotate giving it to the gr-sons when it was full - it's Matt's now, and if you look closely you can see our big nativity set on the table opposite this one - my cousin made it for me YEARS ago - still love it. I'll do a little post later on and show all my simple Christmas decor -
  5. Saturday I cropped with friends and we enjoyed a yummy meal together [the green bean casserole in the crockpot WORKS] and then did our tag swap - such beautiful tags! Thanks to everyone who participated!! And we played Dirty Santa - love the crafty stuff I came home with!
  6. That evening Craig and I attended the "Keep Christmas Alive" concert - we've gone a couple of years in the past - and it's just THE BEST way to start the Christmas season -
  7. And an added bonus was that they had Larnelle Harris as the featured entertainer. WONDERFUL. You might remember that THIS is one of my all-time favorite Larnelle songs - not so Christmas-y, so he didn't sing it - but he was great all 'round!
  8. I finally decided to bite the bullet and JUST. DO. IT. -- Knit a Christmas stocking, that is - I know it's far from perfect but I've enjoyed it [LOVE TO KNIT -SO RELAXING] so I'll work on some things and the next one will be better [and hopefully the next next one will be even better - lol.] But I have to remind myself that not everyone cherishes a heirloom stocking - as seen in a recent Goodwill excursion - kind of sad, isn't it?
  9. This week I've watched outside my window [at work] as more than a hundred Christmas trees were put up in the park [I think there's close to 200, but am not sure-] and decorated throughout the week - I've seen them lit from afar, but almost think they're prettier in the daylight - I'll try and get some photos before the month is out.
  10. Late in the week we had a last minute opportunity to sit in on a broadcast of The Rick and Bubba Show. I've listened to this radio show since the early 90s - just good, funny, God-loving guys. So it was fun to see how they pull it all together [and to know that Bubba and Craig played pingpong in-between "on-air" times. LOL - Yes, they have a pingpong table in the studio.] - Much thanks to Allison the Intern [so sorry I can't remember your "on-air" name] who is a good friend of my brother's and worked it all out for us to be there.

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Gloria L. said...

Prayers going out for your mom! Hang in there...