Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I've not forgotten to share this month's

Bible Journaling from our little Saturday group!
 It was so fun to see some new faces - 
and of course missed those who are traveling the world and couldn't be with us! 
As I look at this, maybe I have shared it [over and over again]
But our meeting was right before the election and  there was so much anxiety in our world at that time... shoot there still is -
This is a verse I hold onto.
Oops - I can't find a photo of the handout - but it was basically a black and white drawing of the above with the verse in several different translations... 
When I find it I'll add it in - until then, feel free to save the photo above and use however it fits for you - 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

So, I thought I'd share some Bible Journaling prompts

throughout advent - My Bible Journaling is pretty simple and straight forward. 
I'm sharing in the hopes that it will inspire you to focus on the birth of Christ. 
Use this however you want, and keep in mind that we're all different and some put more detail in their Bible Journaling and some put less details - and it's all okay. What's most important is spending time with the Lord as you create.
Matthew 1:21 She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.
 I’ve always loved reading about Joseph’s faith. I mean, can you even imagine what must have been going through his mind? Yet he trusted God so completely. The only thing I can think is that he must have felt the peace that only God can give – the peace that passes all understanding… And isn’t it wonderful that because of Jesus, who saves us all from our sins, we can have that peace during times when we’re confused and don’t understand the reasons behind events in our lives? I am so thankful for the peace that only God can give. I’m thankful that Jesus came and died for our sins so that we can have eternal life.
 This is the sketch / art we have for this passage –   
it was inspired by a Christmas card I saw...
Instructions are available on Instagram: @ faithbasedpages 
Feel free to let it inspire you or print and copy for your own use.
Note: I always, ALWAYS start with a pencil and good eraser…
 then I I tend to use water colors most often in my Bible Journaling, 
I love the sketchy look of pen and water colors combined together. 
[You can use whatever you’re most comfortable with.] 
After the water colors dry, I sketch over with microns pens of various sizes. 
You’ll also notice, that I almost always use purple [the color of royalty] 
on Jesus in some way or another… 
I can't wait to see how you use this prompt!
Please tag me @faithbasedpages or @judyinhuntsvilleal
so I can see your pages!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Gonna throw out a few pages from

my 30 Days of Thanksgiving Traveler's Notebook...
Since I'm 'pre-posting' it's not completed yet...

I made a few of these for friends a few weeks back
I added the cover embellishment to mine using the sweet decoration off a box my friend Mary Ann made for all of us - 
It's perfect!
Then I  went on a stamping frenzy with CZ'z thankful stamp se
 I predetermined my photo size and left that blank 
 while I added in what I was thankful for each day...
Then I printed photos on my computer 
and stuck them in at the end of the week -
Some days my thankful might be more a 'universal' thankful - 
And other days it might be very specific to that day.... 
As it was the weekend I was able to catch-up with a long-time friend
and family members I'd not seen for a while....
You can see that I [really] like to add tip-ins too!
Sometimes I covered them with photos on both sides - other times I used some from a cute set from Cori with The ReSet Girl - 
Some days might be more serious, 
and others a bit more whimsical - 
Because, HEY. 
I'm VERY thankful to have a little whimsy in my life!
And then of course there's the 
every-day things that I'm also thankful for - 
[Who isn't thankful when you finally find someone who can do your do just right?\
Each day I just continued to add in what I was thankful for - 
blocking out space for the photos... 
and then later filling in with alpha stickers and a bit of paper here and there..

 Easy peasy - and  a great little book to add to my collection ---
This little notebook is easy to tuck into a bag and carry along with me - 
It might be a fun way to document each day in December too!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I read something in the news a few days back

 about a teenager diagnosed with down’s syndrome 
wanting to go to a high school dance and no one accepting his invitation… 
and then a girl in his school asked him to the dance… 
She was quoted as saying, 
“I don’t see differences.” 
But here’s the thing: she does. 
We all do.
Because we’re all different. 
What happened to celebrating our differences? 
I’m not Asian, Indian, or Black. I’m not slim or tall, or athletic 
[and I’m not too proud to admit that ‘gentle’ yoga kicked my butt last week to the point that I didn’t think I could walk down stairs to get some ibuprofen…] 
I’ve never been a party-girl or risk taker; I’m not a rocket scientist … 
I’m a chubby white woman [European American?] who enjoys crafts, good food, 
and an occasional walk or yoga class. 
I struggle with math, love God and try to follow His principles. 
I believe His Word is true. 
I’m NOT perfect, because none of us are. 
And that’s okay. 
 It’s okay that you’re not like me. 
And it’s okay that I’m not like you. 
I can still love you and call you friend. 
We need to accept that we are all different – celebrate our differences, if you will – and if being different means you’re ‘called out’ 
in an effort to humiliate for your beliefs then so be it. 
[Although it really saddens me deep inside to see America come to this.] 
That may be freedom of speech, but THAT is not tolerance. 
And it seems funny, odd, sad to me that some of the very people who call [yell, scream] for tolerance seem to be some of the first who don’t offer it when others disagree with them.
Notice that I said SOME, because I refuse to lump people into an us / them categories. 
I’m so thankful that the God I [try my best to] serve is one Who gives us free choice 
and loves us anyway. 
I’m thankful that He is forgiving when I [we] mess up in small or big ways… 
 And in a world where there are so many who throw out ‘absolute’ lines in an effort to confine people into one group or the other 
I really hope and pray that we can just be kind to each other… 
After all, we’re all in this [human] race together. 
“And be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving one another, 
just as God also forgave you in Christ.” 
Ephesians 4:32 HCSB
[All photos from the internets -] 

Friday, November 18, 2016

I thought I'd already posted this

but since I haven't,I think I will - 
These are the 'finds' we came with from Wisconsin....

Let's see if I can go 'round the photo and give you a little detail...
Starting with the gray rose dishes on the bottom left -- I think we got a 16 piece set of these for $20 [sans tea cups and saucers, because, hey I already have dish storage problems...] When we got home we found that each plate sells for $40-50 dollars... hmmm...
Moving clockwise, there is cheese we couldn't resist, a little bit of milk glass [surprisingly, there was VERY LITTLE milk glass available in the area], a Hunter Fan [also a GREAT DEAL,] The Blue Diner cookbook [and mug below,] more books, and ceramic basket [with birds] setting on the cute chair we couldn't resist [we took it apart to get it in the car - we're crazy, we know it],  shoes from a deep discount store, ices skates!!, a train case, various sauces that looked yummy, and the soup tureen that matches some of my other gray dishes
 [I have problem, y'all.]
On a different note, you can peek at the wreath in the back and see that I added more colorful leaves to it so it matches the rest of the fall decor'. 
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

These last two recipes

from Christy's book are probably my favorites!
Some of you know that I've been on a quest for the perfect chocolate pie 
for quite a while now... 
and, oh my, I think I've found it!!
This chocolate chess pie is perfection!
So much so, that when I took it to a scrap booking retreat recently I had more than a few gals come up to me saying how good it was. 
I was happy to point them to Christy's newest cookbook - 
 If you haven’t ordered a copy of Christy's new cookbook
you need to get going – 
- It's so, so good! 
Another favorite from the book is the Bowl-Licking Buttermilk [Family Reunion] Cake.
 And the cooked frosting is divine.
Fudgy brown sugar is the best description. 
[OF COURSE I had to try a piece
 before I took it to my own family reunion earlier this month - lol]
So now I've made at least one recipe from each chapter - 
But there's oh, so much more that I want to try! I'm glad the holidays are coming up so I'll have plenty of opportunities to do just that!
 It was fun to have a chance to congratulate Christy at her local sweet tea reception prior to the book debut here in town. She's a sweetheart! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I've been to several

scrapbook gatherings in the past few weeks - and I mean, WOW, they have been back-to-back-to-back - but I've loved every minute of it! 
So I wanted to share a few of the pages I've been working on - 
Most of these were started at the Bella Blvd's She Loves Color Weekend 
and then completed at our annual Halloween Retreat 
or The Notorious Scrapoholics No Frills Weekend... 
These first two were taught by Amy Tan [Amy Tangerine with American Crafts] - so I finished them off with photos from Father's Day and that sweet smiling photo of KittyLou - lol.
They're perfect!
Next are some "monthly" pages from Stephanie's class - 
Love that we can do whatever we want with them and they're just right!!
First up - the July page - I used soem photos of MK that I grabbed off FB from last year's Veteran's Day with her gr-parents. This page worked so well wit these photos. 
[Loved that her mama caught her perfect little braids 
in the photo of her and her daddy.]
Next is the October page and of course I used photos from LAST year's Halloween crop - 
I'll probably go back and add a bit of journaling in the orange space...
And I'll surely be looking for a group photo of me smiling - ha!
Another fall page from Stephanie's classes - 
I used it to highlight our Thanksgiving fondue tradition.
This last one is one I pulled together from stuff in my 'Fall' stash - It's my crazy family enjoying time together last fall. I"m loving that little tree border -- it's straight in real life - ha.
I've always got plenty of photos to work with...
But will be concentrating on mt Thankful travelers notebook these next few weeks...
I promise to share it soon!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Okay y'all - I have to admit

that I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Swiss pantry up in Tennessee… 
because I know I’d remember this deliciousness that Christy writes about with these bars. 
I made them before a girls weekend and they were a hit. 
Kind of cake-like, kind of brownie-like, and oh, so – so good!
My favorite part? 
The immediate hit of citrus you taste in the first bite. 
So unexpected, yet perfect. 
If you haven’t ordered a copy of Christy's new cookbook, Sweetness, 
you need to get going – 
- It's so, so good! 
I think Amazon is shipping early!  
  PIck up a copy of the book and join us in Huntsville for her book sigining!  
Also – you can look here to find where  else Christy will be out and about signing them!