Monday, September 25, 2017

Lottie Scotty 008- 2017

Let's talk lighting - 
I shared a few weeks ago that Craig re-wired Lottie so we could have our lights just where we wanted them - And yes - we have those 'regular' looking camper lights - 
 But here's some additional ones that we've updated  for Lottie!
[My favorite is at the end -] I'm loving all of them!
 Craig took these little lights apart, re-painted, and attached them to the walls where the former pennant lights were. [We got these at one of the big box stores -- Walmart or Target ON SALE for almost nothing...]  I think we will really enjoy having them bendable so we can direct the light where we need it most. You can see one on the wall in the first photo - And yes, that blue is only subtly different - but it really DOES make a difference, Ha. 

 I know I've shared this one already - but I'm just so happy with the way this original gas light looks after Craig painted it red and  wired it for a bulb. It's safe to say that this is his favorite light in the whole camper. [Although he's loving the light over the tag too -  I've gotta get a picture of that one -]

But this one is my absolute favorite! Craig picked a regular size LED light bulb that fits into a magnetic holder... We fastened the holder to the ceiling above the dinette and then searched [and searched] for a small drum shade that was lite enough to hang on the bulb without pulling it loose. 
We finally found EXACTLY what we needed, but had to buy the entire light to get it. [I'm thinking I can use that light [with a different shade] on a desk in the playroom. It was a neutral tan when we bought it and I knew I wanted a mid-century modern feel, so I searched the interwebs and had Zazzle print me up some glossy wrapping paper. 
[And in case you didn;t already know this about me - 
I'm not afraid to mix up a  few patterns...]
I mean, how stinkin' cute is this?!?
Almost as cute as this....
Y'all know I said from the start I was undecided about keeping the original under counter light, but once Craig spruced it up with paint, I love it too - He's put in both a 12 volt and 110 volt light ...  [each end has a separate switch] So neat!
It seems a bit big for the space, but, it's original and 
I love the red popping against the white...
You can also see that we chose a tin-tile type back splash. 

We've been working so hard [like 4-8 hours a day hard] 
and I can't wait to share the rest with you as we get to it! 
It's all coming together y'all!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

It's been a few weeks since I've shared

some of my Bible journaling pages - 
So this post will be photo heavy -
I've share before that I'm doing  the
where she gives a prompt each week -
This is not a faith-based group - so I've challenged myself to find a scripture 
to work with the word of the week -
So, here we go - lots of photos - 

  These are some that I finally took some photos of to share 
[forgive if  I've shared before - ]
 So far, so good -- 
It's hard to believe we're on week 37 already!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I think I've mentioned that

I enrolled in a ten week Art Journal Summer School with Marieke Blokland -
 OMGoodness, y'all. 
This was SO MUCH FUN!
I re-purposed this little Bible Study book that I had completed in early summer 
with Beth @UnskinnyBoppy
And I so enjoyed working in a smaller format - 
 I want to share so much of my little book with you!!
Buckle up, Buttercup! 
This is one photo-filled blog post!!
Each week Marieke and others shared different techniques to use - 
She started with having us set some goals and intentions -
We were encouraged to interpret any way we wanted - 
I added in some bucket list type pages - 
I loved the idea of including maps of places 
we traveled to during summer break -
And I also included a spread each week of the "mindful moments"
 I started keeping up with after ReSet Camp - 
[Here's just a few - ] 

  This is inspired by the prompt - repeating patterns - lol
This Scotty business IS always on my mind these days - ha
I completed each of the 'lessons' [two each week]  
- But also had pages where I could just do my own thing -
 [Again - I divided the pages before hand so each week 
would have the same number to work with - ]
 Here's some of my everyday goodness spreads --

I was intentional about [art] journaling life events -
like little Joseph's birth - my - birthday - our anniversary...

And I used some of the techniques to record things
 that were happening in my life at the time -
Sometimes I prepared a page before the event,, 
so all I had to do was add journaling - 
 Other times, I just grabbed my little travel paints and jumped right in and recorded things that were happening that day or week - 
  This drawing is based on a a beautiful angel statue we saw while walking in San Juan - 
 Here, I used bits of the wrist band for our beach in San Juan...
 And some pages were just for fun!
These are many more that filled my book and I love most all of them -
[If I'm honest, there a few that I don't love, but I learned from them!]
It's such a treasure to have an art journal that truly represents a specific time in my life - 
If you ever have the opportunity to sign up for an on-line class with Marieke, 
I know I'll be taking another one for sure!!