Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Well, you should know by now

that we love good ole Southern Cooking -
Soul Food, if you will - 
It's what we grew up on...
So I'll share a bit about how to create this plate of deliciousness...  
Pinto Beans, cornbread, fried squash, and greens.
 I'll share how I make it - but keep in mind there's no 'real' - as in 'written down' recipes.
The pinto beans are incredibly fast and easy in the 
instant pot [my new favorite cooking appliance!]
I do soak them overnight and then put them in the pot, add seasoning [southern style: bacon + salt / pepper; new orleans style: bay leaf + sausage and hot sauce; and Craig makes a delicious pot seasoned with a bit of chili powder] cover with water and set on ' beans for the pressure cooker - they're ready within thirty minutes. 
For the fried squash I slice the squash [zucchini and / or yellow squash] thinly into a pie plate and toss a few spoonfuls of [white] cornmeal mix [has flour in it -- look at the packaging] on top. Toss around until it's all covered then fry in a single layer of oil [in a pan] on the stove top. Drain on paper towels.
Greens - I usually just buy the Glory Brand in a can. Ha.
I've never made greens that I loved - 
But with the new pressure cooker, it just might happen.
And now to the cornbread.
I love my cornbread [is that terrible to admit?] 
It's taken me years to get to this point - but it's really very easy to do --
Put a stick of butter in the pan you plan to use  
[sometimes I use cast iron, but it's vintage pyrex more often these days]
and put in the oven while it preheats to 425* or 450* 
While the butter is melting I put  3 - 4 cups of [self-rising]  corn meal mix [again, LOOK at the packaging] in a mixing bowl, add a couple of eggs, and then stir enough milk so that it looks like cake batter - be sure to scrap the sides and bottom of the bowl [it's a little runny.] 
That's it. 
Pour it into the pan of melted butter [it will push the butter up the sides and around the top of the batter] and bake for 20 - 30 minutes until golden brown on top.  
Now - if you REALLY want to get Southern [ha] - put a chunk of your left over cornbread in a cup and pour milk over it [buttermilk or sweet milk - whichever you prefer.]
There's nothing that beats a good cold cup of cornbread and milk!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Lottie Scotty Update No. 002- 2016

Lottie is a 1975 Scotty
This adv. shows her floor plan...
Here are more detailed photos of what she looked like when we got her home -- 
I wish I could get a good photo of that curved wall.
I love it.
This is the dining area - Again - LOVE that we have the cushions 
to re-cover and not start from scratch! 
 We're hoping that the seats /base are salvageable.. but we'll know more as we begin to demo - There's definitely water damage in this area...
This is the curved wall - there is a little shelf behind this side of the dinette that will be perfect for a little lamp, etc. The wall board looks good in this photo - but I really don't like the color... we don't plan to paint it - hoping we can just stain it a bit darker...
Here's the little kitchen... 
Oh. My. 
It probably all works... but we have plans... 
This area will be UPDATED. We don't plan to restore to the original. 
Y'all know we've got to have a microwave...
Probably in that first cabinet below the stove - which will be removed...
You can see the true color of the wood veneer in this photo....
This photo shows the original flip up counter top that give give you more kitchen prep space. This will be updated to match the new counter top with the sink..
The table beside it is open for storage... 
 Here is the couch / bed - the photo is dark --- It's a pull out bed and needs to be completely re-built. Again - SO GLAD we have those cushions!
We know we're going to LOVE having two seating areas!
 This entire back wall was replaced by the previous owners - 
No more leaks there!
 This is the cabinet across from the sink area - it has a place for the fridge --- and we'll be adding a little AC unit to one of those top cabinets...
And this is the inside of the closet area - Lottie didn't come with a toilet - but we have plans for one of some sort! Plus - this is a great storage area for camp chairs, etc. 
It appears to be in really good shape.
 Back to to the dinette - The cabinets above are in good shape... 
as is the table top...
The screen door needs minor repair - Again - so glad it's there!
And the door is in pretty good shape as well - the window has 'stars' in it where's broken - but right now, I'm kinda loving that look.
Decor ideas [we'll see how this evolves over time]:
Blues - Yellows - Greys - 
Space Agey 
Maps on back wall
Pale color paint on front wall
Wood tones on salvageable surfaces 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I've promised that

a post is coming about my vintage train [make-up / over night] case hoarding problem...
And I'm committed to selling some at some point... 
But for now, I've got to get them cleaned up a bit...
 And I've kinda gotten side-tracked by the idea of covering them a bit...
 This is an old Sears model... 
It's a MESS on the outside and I really did not like the off white color at all.
I remembered that my sweet friend, Pam S. had shown some she had covered that turned out beautiful... so I thought I'd give it a go -- 
I decided to use napkins that had a fairly busy pattern
[to better hide any mistakes I made - lol]
After separating the napkin [most are three-ply and I removed the two white layers] I set to work with just a pair of scissors and mod podge. 
I had it completely covered in one afternoon.
I'd left the little trim areas and handle plain, but then decided that I had the perfect washi tape to take care of that -- And it really DID give it the finishing touch that it needed. 
After a quick spray of high gloss sealer and a few hours of drying it is ready to go.
I'm LOVING how this turned out -  
In fact, I've already started on another small case
[not a train case]
that I think is going to be adorable when it's done.
I'll share the finished project!

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Summer Bucket List...

Do you have one? 
I think we’ve always sorta had one… 
Back in the day the Summer Bucket List consisted of 
as we made plans for the boys to experience 
Things that their friends with non-working mama’s might experience, plus things [like “camps”] that might enrich their knowledge / exposure in lots of areas. We’d often juggle going to daycare for an hour or so, then picking up for another activity for a few hours, then back to daycare for the afternoon, and maybe early pick up to go to practice. 
As a result they attended Vacation Bible Schools, Tennis – Soccer – Sailing Camps, Swim Lessons, Church Music Camps, ETC. Almost every summer… 
There may have even been a kids mensa / science camp / chess meets 
a summer or two…  
 Then we threw in camping at least monthly – usually starting the summer off with a week at Pt Mallard where we enjoyed Jubilee [Hot Air Balloons] bike riding, and the Wave Pool…
and ending with a long camping weekend on the beach in
Destin the week before school started.

  Fun Times.
I created this little Summer Bucket List check list a few years ago 
when I started playing with mixed media a bit…
And even though the kids are grown, I still make a little list of summer things to do – 
Goals for the summer so we can intentionally enjoy this time of year… 
[Which just made me think – shouldn’t we have a Fall Bucket List? 
A Holiday Bucket List? A Spring one? LOL]
This year’s list included things like: Concert in the park – fish fry; camping; hamburger night; lazy river; family at the house; root beer floats; Nashville Flea Market; Three Caves Concert; hobo meals in the fire pit; Geo caching / Letter Press Hunt; fireworks; 
after church lunch with friends; etc. 
- photo - 
[I had a little list for each month in my planner…] 
We didn’t get to check them all off – but it did help us plan a bit.
 And while summer is not nearly over here in the south, some of the traditional summer activities are coming to an end as school is starting back. 
So we had to make some quick adjustments to our schedule this week to get a trip to the 
Pt. Mallard Wave Pool! 
They added a lazy river a couple of years ago, and it’s been on my bucket list 
[never achieved!] ever since – 
 So THIS was the year to get ‘er done. Ha.
We spent the afternoon floating around, relaxing, and dreaming dreams... then had appetizers, a thirft store stop, and dinner at favorite places before heading back to finish the night with another nice flat around, or two, or three... 
DEFINITELY something that needs to be a priority for next year - although we will concede that we probably enjoyed it more because the kids were all in school - lol.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I picked this

little piece up at Hobby Lobby [on sale!]
while working out of town last week.
[The one with a GIANT spider that we all thought was a
fake Halloween ring until it started moving - YIKES!!]
I'm looking forward to stitchin' it up -
Just gotta figure out the color code... lol
[I think it will be a cute pillow for Lottie.]
Hold me accountable to finish it, okay?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just sharing

some recent Bible Journaling I've done recently -
This one inspired by the flags I saw in July...
I think this was inspired by the Beth Moore study a few months back..
[I often put a little idea on a sticky note and put it near the scripture so I can go back and review / study / create later.]
TOTALLY inspired by someone on-line.
[Sorry! I can't remember the name -] 
Loved that it went well with the Names of God study I recently did,
and, perfect - I had two verse I could use.
While I've completed that study -- I still have a few names to illustrate.
Love that Bible Journaling helps me to go back 
and re-read / study a passage over again -
This one is totally inspired by a pinterest find. 
I love these trees that remind me so much of 
how Junelle taught us how to do them...
And the verse is great!
This was inspired by a little bookmark someone in my monthly group had... Since I already had notes on the page I had to incorporate the design around those... I also used some washi tape from Illustrated Faith to separate the notes a bit...
And lastly - this one was inspired by a Girlfriend's in God devotional.
It made me think of the children's song we used to sing in Mission Friends, so I wanted a playful look - but it speaks truth: 
Stop comparing yourself with others - 
God has made you one-of-a-kind 
with unique gifts and talents.
Look all the world over - 
There's no one like me.
Hope you enjoy -

Friday, August 5, 2016

Right about now...

 I'm probably dreaming of this little treat -
 Just keepin' it real, folks.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lottie Scotty Update No. 001 - 2016

Yes. We bought a vintage camper!
Again - an idea that we've been pondering for some time now.
So when we saw the price for this little gem - and the fact that she was in our neck of the woods, we decided we couldn't pass her up --
So we were up bright and early the next day to take a look...
She's a bit worn [both outside and inside]
But she has most of her original parts including the cushions - 
plus a brand new awning.... 
And wheels that would get her home...
She was hooked up and ready to go before we knew it!
I think we're going to enjoy restoring / refurbishing her 
so she shines like 1975!
Look to this tag line for updates as we go along...

Monday, August 1, 2016

It's no secret

that I don't scrapbook as much as I used to - 
Maybe it's that the kids are grown...
Maybe it's that I've joined the world in blasting my life all over facebook...
Maybe it's that I'm relaxing more these days with Art / Bible Journaling....
 Whatever the reason - 
It Is What It Is....
But I still love to get together regularly with my crafty friends...
In fact, I have a couple of outings planned this month - 
But until then, you'll just have to enjoy some of my favorites from the past ---