Friday, September 22, 2017

It's been a few weeks since I've shared

some of my Bible journaling pages - 
So this post will be photo heavy -
I've share before that I'm doing  the
where she gives a prompt each week -
This is not a faith-based group - so I've challenged myself to find a scripture 
to work with the word of the week -
So, here we go - lots of photos - 

  These are some that I finally took some photos of to share 
[forgive if  I've shared before - ]
 So far, so good -- 
It's hard to believe we're on week 37 already!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I think I've mentioned that

I enrolled in a ten week Art Journal Summer School with Marieke Blokland -
 OMGoodness, y'all. 
This was SO MUCH FUN!
I re-purposed this little Bible Study book that I had completed in early summer 
with Beth @UnskinnyBoppy
And I so enjoyed working in a smaller format - 
 I want to share so much of my little book with you!!
Buckle up, Buttercup! 
This is one photo-filled blog post!!
Each week Marieke and others shared different techniques to use - 
She started with having us set some goals and intentions -
We were encouraged to interpret any way we wanted - 
I added in some bucket list type pages - 
I loved the idea of including maps of places 
we traveled to during summer break -
And I also included a spread each week of the "mindful moments"
 I started keeping up with after ReSet Camp - 
[Here's just a few - ] 

  This is inspired by the prompt - repeating patterns - lol
This Scotty business IS always on my mind these days - ha
I completed each of the 'lessons' [two each week]  
- But also had pages where I could just do my own thing -
 [Again - I divided the pages before hand so each week 
would have the same number to work with - ]
 Here's some of my everyday goodness spreads --

I was intentional about [art] journaling life events -
like little Joseph's birth - my - birthday - our anniversary...

And I used some of the techniques to record things
 that were happening in my life at the time -
Sometimes I prepared a page before the event,, 
so all I had to do was add journaling - 
 Other times, I just grabbed my little travel paints and jumped right in and recorded things that were happening that day or week - 
  This drawing is based on a a beautiful angel statue we saw while walking in San Juan - 
 Here, I used bits of the wrist band for our beach in San Juan...
 And some pages were just for fun!
These are many more that filled my book and I love most all of them -
[If I'm honest, there a few that I don't love, but I learned from them!]
It's such a treasure to have an art journal that truly represents a specific time in my life - 
If you ever have the opportunity to sign up for an on-line class with Marieke, 
I know I'll be taking another one for sure!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Lottie Scotty update.007 - 2017

We’ve had a couple of long weekends
 [albeit rainy and windy, thanks to Irma] 
to work on Lottie and we’ve been working fast and furious! 
We’re on a count-down after all – 
Some of you may not know that we’ve signed up to 
 attend a vintage camping show next month 
– see we’ve gotta get ’er done! LOL –
While I have been a crazy person painting every nook and cranny,
 Craig has been the spray-paint king! 
He’s taped and painted the front of our little fridge  
– also installed and framed it in! 
[Note – there’s several places that I will need to be touched up / painted 
so we’re waiting until closer to the finish line to do that all at once --]   
He’s painted the fronts of the cabinet doors with spray paint 
 [it just seemed easier for us –] and I’m thankful he did 
and taped and painted the back of the cabinet doors 
– again, I love this little pop of color so much!! 
That little sign was hanging in Lottie when we bought her 
and it just seemed apropos to find a place for it to stay – lol – 
Here’s the paints we’re using - 
I'm interested to see just how many cans we go through 
before this is all said and done - 
 If we’re talking proportions of colors,
I’d say we’re mostly using white with blue 
with pops of red and green – 
We found a little red microwave that fits under the counter 
– and he framed that in as well. 
Again, LOVE IT. 
[He's building a drawer for the shelf above it to hold the trays we use while camping...
And also a door on the side so we can access the storage behind the microwave - ]
Since we will not have a stove in this little camper [I’ve NEVER used one of the gas stoves in any of our other campers –  I’m just skeered like that - ] this frees up space on the counter top to cook in my electric skillet. It’s going to work great for us –

He also painted the Scotty Logo - 
again, looks great on the white wall! 
More updates coming soon!!
- I can't wait to show you all the lights!!
[But have to say again... I'm really loving this Scotty logo! LOL]