Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lottie Scottie Update 015 - 2017

Here's a few more things we did to spruce Lottie up a bit -
I'll share more about the banner and chalkboard art soon - 
But in this post let's talk about some other little tasks that needed to be donw -
The little closet with the rounded wall is just a bit smaller than the first Scotty we bought, 
so we knew we had to make the most of the space – 
It stores our little [middle-o-the-night] portypotty but also has a place for jackets, etc. 
Craig added a wall on the curved edge [it was missing] after he re-wired the camper
 and I added a pop of color with one accent wall
This color is a bit different from the aqua spray paint that we’ve used so much! 
This color matches the kitchen trim from our oldest’s kitchen renovation 
that we’ve used a couple of other places in Lottie.  
I love the bright green rug that I cut to fit -
Made a pattern with newspaper first!
Craig had to re-build a couple of the shelves / hangers on the door – 
and I covered them in contact paper [yes – the mixed direction is on purpose, 
because I love wonky] for a little break in all that blue. 
I wanted to share a few more things we've worked on - 
We painted the Scotty logos and re-attached to the outside [there's one inside as well]

 Craig painted the hubcaps chrome and I painted the logo on them - 
we priced having them re-chromed and, HELLO! 

We decided we didn't want to be concerned that someone would steal them
every time we stopped - lol

And I've got to say, with that black wheel, I love they way they look!

While Craig was cleaning the top I scrubbed down the rest of her - 
AMAZING what a good cleaning will do!
Craig placed the tag light on the back

 Scotty Logo DECAL --

Friday, October 13, 2017

Lottie Scotty Update No. 014 - 2017

What did we do with the couch / bed area? 
We [I] started with the basic [four] coat[s] of white paint, of course.  
We [Craig]  patched up the back wall and added in the trim that’s used in a couple of other places. [This is the same trim that's under the upper windows up front -] 
Then we added in the curtains and lighting. 
Craig installed a couple of tube-like LED lights over each of the windows that 
give off a pretty glow. 
I'll try and get some photos at night when we camp...
 As I share earlier - we used a piece of trim from the oldest son’s kitchen renovation 
on the top bunk for a pop of color.  
 We bought and took back a few different bins before we finally settled on the ones below –
 I like how the blues and greys pop and contrasts with the ceiling covering. 
[And yes, another pattern, although, this one is subtle...]
These are not too tall or wide, in fct, five fit perfectly across the space... they will hold clothes, bedding, etc. And there’s room behind them for pillows and other things…
We learned a long time ago that camping is much easier if our clothes are in one bin [per person] and  we're not trying to dig through luggage...
 The cushions were re-covered by a local guy who did a good job for a wonderful price.
Remember, I CAN sew, but I don't love it - and Craig wisely found someone who could do it for us, partly to save both our sanities, I think. Ha.
[Not kidding.] 
Just LOOK at the difference between our dream, back in July, and reality!

I love the brighter - airy - look!
[I also plan to do a post with before / after photos throughout for comparison. - Soon!]
Some other updates in the area include using a couple of pieces of the vintage counter top [from oldest son] to make covers for the side storage area on each end of the bed - they serve as little side tables when it's all set up as a couch.
And he replaced a piece of the wall on the cabinet and mounted a small  TV that swings out and can be seen from all areas of the camper. We built a small shelf near the upper bunk and the kitchen area - It's so cute and functional too, as we found it works well for a place to charge our phones... 
So fun! 
P.S. - Many have asked - and the verdict is in - we took Lottie on a recent outing and the bed sleeps GREAT. Better than the RV [couch- fold-out] bed. Yay!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Y'all know I love fall!

 So here's a quick post of some thing around our house - 
Straight out of the camera - all wonky and whatever - so be gentle in your judgements - ha.
I bring my pumpkin / fall stuff out in September and it stays out until Christmas goes up.
I basically use the same stuff every year, but move it around a bit...
For me, it's mainly just adding a bit of fall color here and there...
I enjoy walking into a room and seeing bits of fall [and pumpkins!] tucked around...
And I do bring out some Halloween-y things come October...
Some years more than others...
This is a busy October for us, so for now I only have this cute vintage-looking sign that I picked up at World Market a few weeks back.
And it has a count-down wheel too!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Lottie Scotty Update No. 013 - 2017

Today we're going to take a look at the ceiling, vent fan, and roof... 
I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure if this idea would work the way I had it in my head – 
Also, notice the turquoise board there? 
That's part of the back splash from oldest son's kitchen - how cool is that?!
We just cut it to size and put it across the edging of the top bunk 
that we plan to use for storage...
 But before we could get started on the ceiling cover
Craig had to tear out some of the damaged ceiling 
and put in new braces – while there, he installed this fantastic fan 
 [it replaces the air in the camper three times a minute...] 
It's thermostatically controlled and reversible too!
I love that it lets a little light in from overhead as well!
He added insulation and then the new ceiling panels. 
That’s a lot of work. 
And with his [old] shoulder injury and my [neck] bone spurs 
it was NOT the most comfortable work. But we got ‘er done. Ha. 
Then it was just a matter of applying the ceiling cover VERY carefully while matching seams just like you’d do with wall paper. It's surprisingly easy [except for the holding it over your head, looking up for several hours part...] - and pretty forgiving too...
And let's just say it took a bigger toll on my ole body than those ceiling panels did - lol.
[Side note: throughout the photos of Lottie you will see that we tried a few different storage containers before settling on the ones we're using... lol]
And while you can't see it here, [because I've somehow neglected to get a photo of it,]
we used a piece of trim under the long windows up front because
1] I wanted to add a little texture to all the white we have going on 
and 2] I knew tiny bits of this wall covering would [more-than-likely] peel up 
before we finished out first trip, 
so, 3] I wanted the texture under the window – lol – 
[I'll share a photo soon!]
I really love everything about this ceiling. 
It just wraps Lottie up in a warm cozy feeling…  
And it was worth a week of pain in my neck [from bone spurs] 
that it caused from putting it up! [SERIOUSLY.]
I want the youngest to be sure and notice that we moved that first ceiling light to a different position and things work much better with the cabinet door now, lol... 
Then, of course, we saved the least favorite of all jobs for the end – 
We knew the roof / seams needed some work – 
She's 46 years old after all...
 And thank goodness there’s stuff you can buy in 2017
 that just wasn’t available in 1971. 
 Thank goodness for the internets too and that my sweetheart loves to research.
  So we got busy cleaning her up a bit before Craig applied eternabond tape 
to all the seams  - Doesn't it look SO MUCH better?
Then he applied flex seal spray to the windows. 
This should do the trick. 
In fact, we gave her a test run [without the tarp covering her] 
while [Hurricane] Nate passed through 
and it seems to be working pretty well!
We also have elastomeric, a plastic roof coating,
to coat the roof later on if it needs it…
But for now, we feel like she's staying dry! 
Next up will be the couch / bed area!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Lottie Scotty Update No. 012 - 2017

OMGoodness y’all. 
We did SO MUCH to the "kitchen" in Lottie. 
Remember we planned from the beginning to use this vintage table top 
that I picked up at the Nashville Flea Market for $20 a year ago 
[and that’s really what brought red into the whole color scheme - ] 
But before we could get started with that we wanted to find a place for a microwave. 
We bought and returned several before finding just the right one – lol – 
 Then Craig set to work cutting and framing the space where it would be. 
Once that was done we realized we had some space left that could be used for storage,
so he made a shelf above the microwave for the trays we use while camping – 
and created a door for the space behind the microwave
 so we could access what would have been wasted space.

I’ve always known he was a handy-man, 
but he’s gone above and beyond with these projects!
We painted the top cabinet and I lined it with some coordinating contact paper. 
[Craig re-enforced a couple of places with new wood trim -]
 Next we added a little tin tile back splash 
[this is one piece cut in half -from Lowe's or Home Depot]. 
Then it was time to cut a spot for the sink. 
I’ll admit I was so paranoid that we might miss-cut so I was constantly saying, 
“Don’t [you dare] cut it without me being there…” 
[LOOK at the dated brown that was there before we painted!]
So he was sweet to cut out a template from wood to assure me we were on track… 
even measuring to be sure the faucet would not interfere with the overhead cabinet. 
Then he was off to the races cutting through that enamel and steel...
using a special blade...
I love how it all looks now that it is completed! 
Look to the left and you can see the little fold down counter extension that is original to Lottie - Craig painted to match the rest of the red 
and re-installed it with the original hook / eye holder – 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Lottie Scotty Update No. 011 - 2017

The table and dining 'area' was one of our favorite projects in Lottie!
Y’all know we’re not skinny people so 
I really wanted to share how we’ve decided to install our dinette table – 
Before purchasing Lottie we actually looked at the new vintage look trailers out there  - 
and one thing that caught our eye was how the dinette table 
would slide back and forth to allow a larger person to easily sit down. 
Craig contacted the company in hopes of purchasing the hardware for this – 
and No. Can. Do. 
So we got innovative.
[Something my sweetheart is VERY good at -  remember this post – car windows ] 
 We happened upon this Kobalt brand garage organization /  tool system 
[black plastic storage rail] 
while walking through the hardware store and thought we could make it work -
After installing the back bar, Craig popped the prongs off of four mounting bars 
[actually sawed them off, I think -]
[they looked like this afterwards -]
and securely fastened them to the back edge of the table – 
and waa-laa.
They snap in place and easily pop off the rail when we want to make the bed.
The mounting bars slide along the rail 
so that we can both easily get in and out of the seats – 
Again, something that will make camping in Lottie a little more fun for us – 

Here it is pushed to the right...

And to the left... 
We just simply lift up and slide - 
[something I'm still getting the hang of...]
The table's original finish is is in excellent condition so we're leaving it as is for now.
I love the windows that stretch across the front of Lottie and how the light comes in through the curtains - I love her roll out windows too.
And y'all know I think her dining light is ADORABLE. 

This is the little light underneath -
[I didn't have a photo for the earlier post - ]
We had someone sew up the cushion covers for us - 
and I think the fabric we chose really pops against the white. 
I'll be honest, there was one point when we first painted that we thought,  
'oh, wow - SO MUCH white -
But now that we're getting things in, we can see that the other colors are playing off of it really well. Notice, I painted the table leg the blue 
that matches some Formica from oldest son's kitchen re-no.
I'll share more on how we used it later.
 I'm not sure what’s up with the towel holder over the window – but we kept it; 
It might turn out to be useful – lol --  
Or we might end up taking it out --
Side note: I may need to ‘hem’ the curtains a bit more – 
but I’m living with them for now - 
And we're so glad we went with some contrasting colors in the cushions - 
Different combinations are always fun!