Sunday, August 20, 2017

I've said it before

and I'll say it again - 
I'm SO GLAD I have this guy to go through life with!
 Happy Anniversary, baby!
Can't believe it's been 34 years!!
But looking forward to many, MANY more!!
[Today we hope to be  traveling to TN so we can be 
eclipsing together with our little family-
on the morrow -]
So, as some of you may know [ha] we extended Craig's work trip a few days to enjoy
a couple of islands in the Caribbean - 
And the first thing I can say it we were VERY unprepared -  
But we had a blast anyway!! 
Here's some photos [that I may or may not have shared on other social media already - ] from our quick trip to St. Thomas and St. John - 
Above - sunset sailboat / big catamaran cruise -
[I'll share my traveler's notebook in a week or so - ] 
I still have a love / hate relationship with my super zoom Nikon...
That's Craig out on one of the little cats provided by our resort 
[lots of free things included - paddle boards, that tricycle thingies, floats, etc.]
 When it works - the zoom is exceptional
[someone from the resort wanted to go along since he didn't know how to sail...
and Craig is an excellent sailor]
but the battery kind of drives me crazy the way it gives me 
NO WARNING that it's about to die... 
  Our little beach on St. Thomas had a little 'bloom' come in -
 causing it to be 'not-so-pretty' in just a couple of hours - 
so it just couldn't compare the beautiful beaches we saw on St. John later in the weekend... 
[And I love how we always seem a little unprepared for the selfie - 
Still... look at that beautiful clear water!!
Honestly, once we got a mask [bc, hey, we never thought to take ours - cRaZy -]
 it was like swimming in an aquarium - 
we saw six - eight different [COLORFUL] fish within thirty minutes - wow.
Side note - anyone who knows Craig well will find this funny - 
His bag was the only one out of FIVE suitcases that didn't make it to St. Thomas - ha. 
How can you mis-place one bag out of five?
All's well - He got it the next day...
But I was thinking he might have to 'phone a friend' - ha
We had lots of good food 
and some 'okay' food - and some 'not-again' food - 
[mofungo is not for me - lol]
But I think we both agree that Miss Lucy's Sunday Brunch on St. John  was the best - 
Live [jazz] music - outdoor setting - island breeze - 
cool under shade trees, yet right on the beach...
And the food was delish!
Also - free iced tea refills - a rarity on this trip!!
Just really lovely all 'round.
Definitely worth the drive to that side of the island - 
Last photo - this is how my sweetheart can be innovative 
when the little super zoom dies with no warning -  
He took this photo THROUGH his binoculars - 
I love it! 
Here's a SOC shot, I think - 
Pretty cool!
So, we had a really good time! 
And I can say, that while I've never really had a burning desire to go to the Caribbean - now that I've been, I know I will definitely be back. The heat away from the beaches can be relentless -- but that beautiful crystal clear turquoise water is addicting.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Lottie Scotty Update No. 002-2017

Lottie is a 1971 Serro Scotty Highlander - 
 Let's take a look inside from when we first bought her -
While the cushions are in good shape, I do plan to recover them [we already have the fabric, so I hope to have this completed before the end of August. Hold me accountable!!
The table top is in great shape, so we will keep it, but we do have some plans to make it more user friendly - I'll be sure and share the details when we get to that!
I love that the top bunk is still intact!
Again, the browns and golds of the 70s are not our color choices....
We've already taken the stove and sink out -- I'm still a little undecided about that original light over the sink area - I'm thinking I want something just a little smaller -
And yes! We still have the curved wall that I loved in the first camper we bought!
 And, of course, the curtains will have to go - 
we'll have something a little lighter to match our 'new' cushions!
These 'inside' photos came from the advertisement to sell it  - 
They don't show the floor - but it is still in really good shape too, so it will stay for now - 
Onward to the first steps of making her ours!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

In case you didn't

know already, we've been in the islands.
Craig had some work stuff in San Juan
so  I went along and
we extended the trip to enjoy a little time on St. Thomas and St. John.
Really beautiful, relaxing, and nice...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Do you have a summer

bucket list?
We've always made a little list of things we want to do 
-- mostly for fun -- 
during the summer.

Back in the day it consisted mostly of summer [camp] opportunities for the boys - 
They did everything from sailing to chess to bowling to tennis to swimming to... 
well, you get the idea.  
This year we went a little different route and documented 
what we really did during the summer months - 
It's been kinda fun to see this board get filled up with things during the last few months!
Livin' Life - 
that's what we do!

Friday, August 11, 2017

So KittyLou may

be getting ready for the new school year -
As for this 'empty-nester' I've completely lost track 
of any semblance of the school calendar...
And I'm good with that.
Although, I do still kinda miss buying back-to-school supplies...

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lottie Scottie Update No. 001-2017

Here's the deal - 
We bought our first little canned ham [Scotty] about a yer ago - 
and we adored her - 
But as we got into the re-furb, it turned out to be a little more than we wanted to do -
We [again, really, my sweetheart -] re-built the front wall, re- built the front benches, and re-built the slide out bed / couch... but there was still A LOT that needed to be done..

 Late in the spring we bought this jewel for parts - and cleaned it out, got a few things we wanted / needed and sent it on its way [for a profit.] 
It got us to thinking about how the extra height was pretty cool... 
I loved that there were windows  that let light in yet were high enough that people standing on the ground could not see in - 
 So that brings us to Lottie 2.o.
[Hereafter referred to as Lottie Scotty.]
You know, my sweetheart is always 'looking' for a good deal - so when he found this one and it was affordable and I saw THAT DOOR, I was all about going to see it before someone else grabbed it up -- 
 And then I saw THESE WINDOWS up front - oh. my.
 She needs a little work - but NOTHING like her cousin!
I'll be documenting how we're coming along with it all if you want to follow along! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Soooo -- this also happened in July...

Joseph Brandt Bolton decided he would surprise us all 
and come into the world a little early - 
I was so happy I could be a part of their big day!
I told Kelly she should hold off for 12 more hours or so -- 
[so he could be born on MY birthday - lol]
she didn't go for that - ha.
 Needless to say The Sister [as she says she wants to be called] is THRILLED.
And while she may call him William, I'm thinking the aunts are going to have a hard time not calling him Brandt... but Joseph he is! 
Tiny and wonderful!
A gift from God, right on time -

Friday, August 4, 2017

Right here -

Right now - 
KittyLou is wanting to go outside every time the door is opened - 
only to want back in five minutes later...
Also - try as I might to remember to take a hat with me when I'm going to be outside it always seems to be hanging right by the door when I get back home. 
 I've resorted to keeping one in the car!
Hope your summer days are sunny and bright!
[We've had our share of rain 'round these parts!]

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hey! Did I share

with you that I finally got most of my scrapbook pages seperated 
and in albums so that I can find my photos easier? They're all on their proper shelf again and I love the way ti looks and the organization of it all!! 
[There's not rhyme or reason for the colors, though - ha.]
Here's a recent page from the class with CZ - her designs are always classic and timeless! [And no, I'm not above grabbing photos off the internets. ha.]
And here's one I did I with photos from our lazy river afternoon late last summer - I really hope we can get a trip in again this year, but August is looking pretty full right about now.

I did a sweet little book for our Division Director's Retirement. 
But I didn't take even one photo of it.
It was full of photos through the years and sweet notes from friends.
Just what a scrapbook should be!
What are you scrap booking these days?

Monday, July 31, 2017

Well. Goodness.

Do I go forward or do I go backwards?
It's been a while since I've posted... 
And try as I might to have some things pre-posted and ready to go, 
Life sometimes gets in the way - lol.

So let's see if this can be a little 'catch-up post - 
The day after we got home from Gatlinburg I headed to Montgomery for a week of work and mock-training for a course we hope to get out later in the fall. It was a productive week and I think we got a lot accomplished... and one afternoon I HAD to take the drive out to a sunflower field I'd heard about - turns out I found two gorgeous fields of flowers - so worth the drive to see acres and acres of these big beautiful flowers in full bloom!
 July has been a little over-the-top with artsy stuff for me - I've been involved with ReSet Camp with Cori - a fun little on-line camp where we've focused on getting ourselves back on track to take care of US. It was fun to see all the prompts and give some things a try - but I think what I learned most is that, try as I might, I'm just not a planner girl.
I mean, sure I use my calendar [planner] to track my life - but not to the the extent that these gals do. I just don't have that kind of extra time right now...
But I DID commit to completing the July Lister's Gotta List Challenge - and that's been fun! 
 I've also signed up for a ten week on-line class, Art Journal Summer School
 with Marieke Blokland -- in the Netherlands - 

And I can't tell you how much I'm loving this class!!
I'm re-purposing a little Bible Study book I did back at the beginning of summer and I'm loving the smaller format and weekly techniques.
And I couldn't resist taking another class from the talented Cathy Zielske!
She's my all-time favorite designer in the scrapbook world! So while I'm a little 'behind' with this on-line class - I know it will be there ready for me when I get back to it - 

And of course, I'm still plugging along [always a few weeks "behind"] with the J-52, Year Long art journal prompts with Effy Wild. I've committed to doing these in my inter-leaved Bible - 
and I have to admit that I love this one so, so much. It's inspired by a dream catcher I saw in google images - and I don't know... maybe I'm finally getting better at adding 'light' in the right places... I could just look at this all day long. . . [well, not really... but maybe... ha.] It stays open on my desk so I see it every time I walk by --
You should check out all of these artists - each wonderful and unique in their own way!!
And then, of course we [and by 'we' i mean mostly my sweetheart] have been busy planning and scheming and WORKING on this little jewel. Our first excursion is scheduled for October and y'all know, time flies - and we've got quite the list to accomplish!
But we already know we're going to love it!
So - that's the catch-up for July - mostly.
I'll do my best to plan ahead and stay on a schedule for August -