Monday, May 25, 2015

So the official 'unofficial' start of summer has begun....

Since we no longer have kids in school it seems to all blend together....
For 25 + years  our summer has started with 
The Alabama Jubilee!
And, since I've flooded FB already with photos from this year, 
I thought I'd pull out a few from years past...
Back in '93 or so ---
Matt and Josh on a tethered flight -
[They're both HAPPY - but remember, this was before the days 
of digital when you could take a gazillion photos
to get a perfect shot of every body - ]
Drew and Dad pulling out the [ReMax - ?] balloon...
circa 1998 -?
Matt and Michael
Tethered flight with Mike on the ReMax Balloon
circa 2004 - ?
Drew with Mike in the ReMax Balloon - 
Flying in for the Key Grab 
circa 2000 - ?
[They flew over the river = FUN.]
And one last one - 
Drew and Matt helping Jeff out during the Daiken Festival
These were [semi] easy to find since I'm still 
in the process of taking my scrapbooks apart 
and organizing by event / people instead of by year ----
Many of the hot air balloon photos [from past years] 
are all together in one album! 
I kind of love having it all together 
so I can see how we've grown and changed as time has gone by.
Sweet memories.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let's talk about

NOT putting 
every. single. photo. we. take. 
on our scrapbook pages.
 I don't think I've EVER had that need - and especially now that I have digital and take a gazillion photos of any event or thing that interests me -
 I think that's how people get overwhelmed with scrapbooking. 
[Honestly - I probably had fifty = photos of this one dinner ---]
Here's my plan - I download my photos weekly into folders of corresponding dates and delete the ones that are obviously BAD; at the end of the month I move all of these to a folder with the year / month on it [2015-05.]
Then I upload the ones I like best to Walgreens each month [I put them in a monthly folder there.] And then I choose which ones to print - usually the uploaded is scaled down enough that I print everything in the folder [or album, as Walgreens' calls them...]
[Again - LOTS of photos of fourth of July decor' last year - 
paired with a selfie when they brought popisces around our office - 
After they're printed I put them into photo packets, divided by scrapbook topic... 
as I complete the page I mark it off and call it done.
[I emptied three packets during my recent retreat.]
[Love this page where I used the patterned paper to journal on --]
 So - all that to say that I don't feel the need to print all 1500 photos I take at Disney 
or to scrapbook ten pages of Old Faithful 
like one scrapper I met at CK a few years back...
I mean, really.
A few photos of Old Faithful and I think we can all get the idea of it.
[I know these photos aren't great - but I REALLY DID LOVE my New Year's decor'--]
 I think there's a distinct difference between scrapbook albums and photo albums. 
And the pocket page scrapbook systems are kind of a mix for that, don't you think? 
I know I've used them to add in pages with tons of photos 
[like our California Trip or the Wonderland crop, here:

 and here, 
 and here, 
 and here,
You get the idea... 
 It's a great way to pull together a lot of photos and 
then I sometimes pull out just a few for a separate page -  
 For me, the scrapbook pages I like the best are ones where I pull together some favorite photos - in no chronological order - and scrapbook the memory. 
It could be a fun family event or it could be a photo or two pulled from that event to document the relationships / feelings that these photos evoke.
So, that said [and thanks for listening / reading this little rant - ha] 
I want to encourage you to grab a few photos and paper and glue 
and get some of your own memories down on paper... 
And, okay, if you want to add some stickers or fancy paper, that'll work too.
But remember - HAVE FUN with it.
[All layouts created this month - 
Photo cred for Wonderland Crop - Me & FRIENDS  ]

Monday, May 18, 2015

Another week has come and gone ---

Time really does seem to go by faster and faster as we age, doesn't it?

 So, how's your week been?
I've spent much of my "home" time this week either on the phone with ProvoCraft,
 working in the yard, or with Art -  
[Or in the bed with sinus medication - ha]
And I'm happy to report that I FINALLY got my [Cricut] machine to link cartridges...
Sad to report that at least one of mine was linked to someone else's gypsy.
Lesson learned: link all your cartridges before you share with others...
The good people at ProvoCraft have been excellent to work with and I sure appreciate their guidance - Now that I'm into the Craft Room - 
 Our peonies are beautiful again this year.
SO GLAD I moved them to a sunny spot!
[And I'll forever remember mama saying they bloomed the last of April 
because she always took Eulene some for her birthday -]
Love this big piece inspired by my on-line class with Mindy Lacefield.
It's not quite finished in this photo - had to add some light to here eyes, etc. 
I'm happy to learn how to do Mindy's graffiti / children's coloring techniques.
So fun!
Our oakleaf hydrangea appears to be thriving too!
We planted it late last summer - 
so I'm thrilled it survived the winter and has blooms, even!!
[I need to mulch that bed it's in, don't I?]
In other gardening news,
we've moved the wild sunflowers to the outside of the fence in the back, hoping to give the hydrangeas in my flower bed  a little more room to grow... put some delphinium in - it's a gorgeous blue / purple! and we planted a crape myrtle where the giant boxwood was [taken out due to foundation work.]
Craig's been wanting a crape myrtle there for at least ten years. 
I think our garden is always a work in progress...
[there's still more planned -]
I've also been gathering my art together for the upcoming Art Stroll downtown.
It's going to be fun! I'm not going to be there for every stroll so I'll be sharing my space with others, but I'm looking forward to seeing friends and selling off some of my stuff! 
There comes a time when it needs to go [to make room for new creations] -- 
Although, I'll admit, it's VERY hard to say goodbye to some of them...
It's going to be the 1st and 4th Friday nights 
June - July - August
- if you're local, plan to stop by!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Goodness - It's been a long time since my last Monday Musings Post

and I feel like I need a little 'catch-up' post --
So here goes - in no order at all - lol -
We camped up at Davey Crockett recently and went over to the Milky Way Farm - something I've wanted to do for a while now. It's beautiful - and the Manor house just might deserve a post all it's own! This photo is by the remnant of a sheep barn that is curved to match the countryside... I think it's so big that it's in the Ripley's Believe it or Not!
A few weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to see Priscilla Shirer Live 
right here in town. 
[Photo cred: BobiAnn on Instagram...]
- I've seen her in B'ham before - a couple of years ago -
and as always, she brings a powerful message.
 I went to The Scrapbook Playhouse for the weekend and 
my sweetie came over and cooked his delicious fish for us! 
[And the hush puppies were divine!]
We spent the weekend learning all about our cricut machines and how to use them. 
[Photo cred: A. Zimmer]
We finally buckled down and had the foundation worked on - 
[That's the top of a worker's head -]
They did a great job and really knew what they were doing and 
were in / out quickly and efficiently.
[I've got more to share about this as well -- ]
One of my favorite flowers of all is blooming right now - 
LOVE primroses so much!!
[I've got a giant patch of them now since they multiply each year!
In other news - I'm working on going grey - am not sure I'll love it... but I want to see what it looks like -- I had it lightened [foils] in January and again in February... this is what it looked like after two months of no touch ups..
And this is what it looks like after they put the blondest of blondes in with big chunky streaks.... It's the first in in ages that the hair underneath looks dark, instead of white / grey.... This is REALLY light - and I'm not sure I love it.  
I'll probably have light grey streaks put in next time...
We walked the Botanical Gardens one evening this week - 
Loving the Lego sculptures out there!
And lastly, I got to visit  and catch-up with a sweet friend during our Appreciation Luncheon that The Rock [Church] does for our office each year. 
SO FUN that they had a real photo booth!
[Which reminds me that we ate bacon and tomato sandwiches on Cinco de Mayo - ha]

Sunday, May 10, 2015


... sometimes I just need a hug from my mama --
so glad I have her roses growing in my yard....

Friday, May 8, 2015

From a note I wrote during a sermon

on a not so distant Mother's Day...
"Here's the deal --
I've never ONCE considered the opportunity / blessing of being a mother
to be a sacrifice in any way...."
I've enjoyed
Every. Single. Minute. 
[Well... maybe not the 26 + hours of labor with the one....]
And I kind of resent that a pastor would even dare to say those words.
But maybe some mothers feel like it's a sacrifice - 
Not me!
 They have brought me so much joy!
And we've learned to find joy on the journey together - 
seeking out fun family times during our otherwise chaotic & crazy life -
[Like being at the TOP of The Arch in St. Louis 
during the weekend when Drew played soccer in 105* temps - ha ]
I may have once said that I gave motherhood all I had to give - 
but the truth [for me] is that there's always more to give...
It just changes year after year...
There's nothing better for this mama's heart
than seeing these two guys enjoying life together!

I'm blessed to have them in my life - 
and blessed that they put up with my crazy photo shenanigans.
Of course, I've put up with theirs from time-to-time too.
But what can I say? 
We've taught them well - ha.
And, irregardless of what others might say --- 
It has always been a blessing to be the mother of these two guys.
-- And I'm so very happy to see the young men that they've grown up to be!

Friday, May 1, 2015


All One Little Word images are from pinterest -

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I've signed up for a couple of little art classes...

On-Line, of course.
 Y'all know I love Junelle - And this spring-time class is SO FUN.
I'm doing mostly sketching and water color -- 
on water color paper...
SO much fun to just play a bit!
I know I'll be using some of these same ideas 
on canvas / mixed media soon!
I LOVE sketching along with Junelle!
She makes you feel like you're sitting right in the room with her!
 And I've REALLY given myself permission to play with Tangie's
"A Walk in the Park Sketch Book Adventure."
[Who knew my basic water colors could look so vibrant
with just a little spritz of water before getting started?!
I LOVE the wonky - sketch-while-we're-'walking-through-the-park' feel of this class!
I'm using the little book I created for our trip to Disney last fall...
I'd signed up for Tangie's on-line class then and had started on some of the prompts -  
First trip to Disney, anyone?
And while she's walking through Disney LAND... 
I'm adapting her ideas a bit to cover DisneyWORLD...
This new [improved] class is wonderful - and it really does give you the feel of walking through the park with her during her in-real-life version of the class. 
So fun - and this just-for-me kind of art is so relaxing!