Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Daily Dime Disney Style...

 Y'all know I've got some catching up to do...
I've posted very little since taking #LottieScottie to Disney World!
So here's the Daily Dime from the day we attended the
 first Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party of the season
(and our first one ever!)
By now y'all know we're crazy....
And like Craig's shirt says... we don't ever plan to truly grow up. Ha.
So we were decked out and ready for our adventure. 
Our tickets allowed us in the parks at 4:00
 even though the party didn't start until seven...
So Craig had planned fast passes to our favorites ... . 
We were through Pirates and Haunted Mansion by 4:30.
Then it was on to other favorites, like Buzz, of course...
Loved that they had some crowd control measures in place... 
I think a cast member said there is usually 75,000 in the Magic Kingdom each day
and only 25,000 tickets were sold to the party...
after seven p.m. only those with the party bands were allowed
 in the hubs of the park (and on the rides.)
This made it all SO MUCH more manageable than the last Halloween party we attended...
We really could ride our favorites over and over!
As a special treat they offered free cookies and hot Chocolate
(and other treats) at lots of places through out the park.
And those lines were crazy!
We ate a couple and gathered up some for friends to have on the trip
Oh! And it snowed on Main Street!!
That was fun!
Waiting on the parade, I couldn't resist taking photos of these balloons!
Outside and
Loved the colors!
The snow was, shall I say it?
Especially since we'd been enjoying record breaking heat 
for November throughout our stay.
And of course the Christmas Parade
at (almost) midnight was a fun way to end the day ....
 and get us in the holiday spirit!
Goodbye Mickey!
See you real soon!
(Maybe.... maybe not....Ha)
It was fun!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Well. It looks like I

have some catching up to do! 
I want to share some Thanksgiving  and some recipes...
 May add those in and post-date them...  
TODAY I want to share a bit of my daily December album... yes. I decided to do it.
[I love the ones I've done in the past!]
And, as in past years... the photos may or may not have been taken on the date they're posted... 
This year  I'm using an unused calendar I bought a few years back... I used gesso to stick two pages together, tore out the pages I won't use, and gesso'd the rest for a mixed media whit background.
I plan to keep it VERY simple this year...
Just a photo, or two, as you'll see in a minute,  a quick note, and some washi.
I'll also be adding in programs, etc. as I go through the month...
I'll be stacking photos, using regular old clear tape, throughout the month ...
This stack actually has all the photos from our afternoon yard work... flip up style [taped back to back and along the top.]
No tape on this page bc I plan to replace with a photo that shows the 
stars on the trees. Ha. 
[Got the Christmas Pluto at Disney last month.]
I always document St. Nick's Day.
This is the first year I've missed giving Santa's in 25 years....whaaaaa?!?!
Love the little bag a purchase from a craft show came in! Added in these photos of Santa that were taken late last month...
And flipped it up to show more.
Thought it was fun to 
line up his shoulder a bit. Ha.
So far it's easy enough for me to keep up.
Onward to next week!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Goodbye fall...

Although your colors are still so beautiful outside my window - 
It's time to move on...

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Let's talk leftovers...

We had great fun at our family gatherings...
And of course had some
pumpkin pie left over...
Sooooo I decided to re-purpose it as pumpkin creme' brulee'...
HOW is that spelled?
 I divided it into ramekins
And covered in brown sugar...
 Then my sweetheart started
I don't think it's supposed to be set on fire.
Don't be like us.
In retrospect,  this would have been better if 
1 - I had added a little whipped cream to the pumpkin pie and 
2 - I'd used white sugar.  
Still, it was okay...
Next up [and so much better!] 
I created a little stir-fry with the leftovers from our family fondue meal...
 I had chicken, broccoli,  mushrooms,  and shrimp... 
So I tossed the first three in a pan with a little olive oil and minced garlic 
and gave it a good cook...
I stirred in some of the garden cream cheese 
and then added the shrimp in last and let them pink up 
before serving with some pasta.
So, so good.
[I may go buy these again just to make this!]
Tell me your new ideas for serving leftovers! 

Sunday, November 26, 2017


was such a good weekend.
I was tired afterwards,  
but my heart was happy!
These photos are in random order...
On Thanksgiving Day we gathered at brother's house 
and it was so nice to have Aunt Chris and her girls with us!
 [John,  you were surely missed!!]
Joey got Grandpa's hat out for us to see 
and she had a little fun trying it on... 
Let me just pause here and say 
that this is the strongest woman I have ever known. 
Those who know and love her know it's true -
 Joey's friend, Dana, joined us ...
And cooked the best fried turkey I've had!
 We were a crowd!
[Including the animals - ha]
 And it was nice to just visit together!
 The girl cousins...
 Craig, all set for the family photo...
Alas, we were in the other room...
[I'll admit the light was better in this one.]
 We loved visiting with this little man...
And his sister too!
 That evening we went up / over to see Craig's mother!
We enjoyed turkey and dressing with her... 
and the boys joined us for Craig's birthday lunch downtown the next day...
[I love how pretty the trees turned out after such a slow start to changing colors.]
[And I love being in the old refurbished buildings in the town my daddy grew up in - ]
 THEN,  the next day we did fondue at our house. 
Something we started a few years ago... and enjoy it still...
[WHAT is that purple looking thing?!?
- Did I buy fancy potatoes this year?!?]]
 I love this family of mine!
Always willing to go along with my crazy 
spur of the moment photo needs - 
A busy weekend.
But, oh, so good.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Here's a quick recap of

our trip to Disney...
I'm not sure what spurred this trip on...
Craig worked out all the details 
and I just enjoyed it all - lol.
 And yes.
We took #LottieScotty along...
 These photos are random...
and in random order...
We had dinner at Animal Kingdom Lodge 
[Jiko, and gotta say, we're not a fan...
 I know. I KNOW. Everyone loves it....]
and it was so fun to see the animals out the windows...
 MGM. Oops. Hollywood Studios.
The Storm Troopers are taking over!
 As many times as we've been...
I've never seen the dino opened for service...
And decorated for Christmas, no less!
Tip: We learned to use the pre-order for counter-service meals - 
 Animal Kingdom - 
Pandora was beautiful
AND delicious!!
 Animal Kingdom at night is a whole different park. 
VERY cool.
 And fun to share with friends!
Although, we were all a little tired on this bus ride back to camp - 
 Y'all know I love Timon.
So the Lion King show is ways a must-see!
 Seeing the tree come alive at.night was sooooo neat too!!
Next time I'll need to plan to get a video of it.
Loved it.
 Pandora at night is just enchanting! 
I could hang out there for a while...
and might have done just that - lol
 We always take a little time away from the parks 
so we enjoyed a quick dip in the pool at the campground... 
it was refreshing since the temps were in the 90s the entire week!
 We found a new place to view the fireworks!!
Also REALLY enjoyed our meal at The Wave.
-- Probably the best food we've had at Disney in a while! 
Although... The Mexican place at Disney Springs was mighty good too!
 [So fun walking under monorails...
--- I know. I'm weird.]
 We saw  fireworks here... at the boat docks, 
outside the Coronado Resort [all three parks!] 
and of course the Christmas fireworks at the 
Very Merry Christmas Party.... 
those were SO BEAUTIFUL.
 But we took time to enjoy some quiet moments too...
The full moon was gorgeous over the lagoon.
 Loved the water parade and it will always remind us 
of how it woke us up the first time we camped 
[We were exhausted with a five and eight year old.] 
And also makes us think of seeing it with MK too!
 We ate our.way around the world at Epcot's food and wine festival... 
Had mighty good shrimp and crab cakes...
we've enjoyed Disney with these friends for over twenty years!
Lottie made the trip down just fine... 
we did scrape her bumper a bit at one point... but she's good.
We had people follow us 
as we were going into the campground, 
just to ask questions...
It was a great trip.
I enjoy being at Disney - 
It's the happiest place on earth, after all...
 I'm pretty sure he loves Disney a little 
more than me...
And that's okay.
I love our adventures together!