Friday, September 14, 2018

So many books I’ve read recently reiterate that we should not

get caught up in letting social media define who we are. 
 Tim Tebow gives us practical ways to focus on who God says we are – 
“ Although pursuing my dream and giving everything I’ve got is important, life is more than crushing every game. It’s about  meaning and purpose. 
It’s about believing in whatever you do, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent changing diapers, an executive running meetings, or a college student turning in papers … 
God can do something significant in whatever your hands do.”
This is the Day – encourages us to stop putting off our lives, our dreams, our goals, our enjoyment of being present; instead, Tim encourages us to embrace each day and live the life God intends for us to live. This book is easy to read and, while filled with lots of sports references [duh - ] that I didn’t quite understand, I found it to be very encouraging.
I love that he shared Bible verses to remind us of what God says about us and that He has a plan, a purpose for our lives. Honestly, I know very little about Tim Tebow the sports personality, but this book helped me see how he tries to live his days with the intention of showing God’s love to others. And while his jet-setting lifestyle is so very different from my own I was also able to apply these same principles to my day-to-day life.
“I promise you this: if you open your eyes to actually see people, you’ll begin to uniquely see certain people... Ask God to take the blinders of distraction off your eyes and show you people who need you. Then use the opportunity to help out, 
lift up their spirits, or guide them where they need to go.”
The book concludes with this thought - "Each day tugs us in different directions..
It’s easy to get to lose perspective. It’s easy to get lost. It’s easy to get wrapped up in whatever we’re trying to do or whatever we’re struggling with. 
Without constantly reminding ourselves of what God says is most important, 
we’ll stumble around, void of purpose, never leaving a mark on this world. 
Each day requires us to go back to the well. 
That’s where we find truth. That’s where we find comfort. That’s where we find hope. That’s where we will always be reminded that as believers in Jesus we serve a God who is always working behind the scenes, all over the world. “
  I want to be a part of that don’t you?
This is the day to look at what God has for you. 
Right now. Right here.
 – Be present – Be real – 
Trust His timing and guidance. 
Note: I recieved a copyof this book for review purposes. 
ALL opinions are my own.

Monday, September 10, 2018

I love getting together with friends

to get creative while we dig into The Word!
Just look at what a great group!
I trrrrrryyyy to have an idea to share each time I'm with them - 
And I always LOVE to see how each person puts their own spin on it!
Here's the idea I shared - with a list of verses on the back - 
And here's some of the wonderful ways this group chose to put it in their Bible:
 Some trace, some use it as a guide...
Some stay in the column of their Bible... and some fill the entire page -
I love it!
It's been a joy getting together and learning from them as I've watched some of them embrace their creativity while focusing on God's goodness.
 Looking forward to next time ladies! 
2nd Saturday 8:30 a.m @ Atlanta Bread on university, 
we'd love to have you join us if  you're local!

Monday, September 3, 2018

I can admit that I've never been very interested in historical fiction

- but Melanie Dobson may have changed that for me. 
Hidden Among the Stars is a wonderful book!
I so enjoyed how she wove the stories of Max, Annika, Herrman, and Luzia from the Nazi invasion 80 years ago with Callie's and her dear friend and mentor, Charlotte. This is a story of the horror of the Nazi invasion of Austria and the  endearing friendships that hold love and trust sacred regardless of how the world around is telling us how we should feel. 
 It was frightening to see how those who were held in high esteem were suddenly treated as worthless only because of their ethnicity. It's scary to me to see  how quickly minds could be shifted to destroy those who were perceived as different. 
And it concerns me that this is possible in this 'us against them' world that we live in today. We can learn much from history, and the characters Melanie Dobson created help it come to life for me.
I was given a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes.
All opinions are my own - 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

SO FUN to get this book in the mail!

 I've followed Jessica Turner since her BK [before kids] days 
--- she was on our Design Team for a short time for our 
monthly faith based [scrapbooking] kit company back in the day ---
I've loved watching her grow into the mom she is today! 
I've also enjoyed seeing her work really hard to carve out her niche on social media as she encourages other working moms to be their best selves - 
And is available for speaking engagements too!
She would be such an encouragement to the women at your event!
 This is her second book and I know you'll love it as much as I do!
She gives practical tips on how working moms can be there for their kids and family, carve out times for themselves, and still get it all done without going completely crazy!
I received the audio version a few weeks back - and also a couple of copies from Jessica's team and the publisher. 
If you'd like to have a copy just comment on this post / fb post
and I'll choose someone to send it too - 
US residents only [sorry.]

Lotty Scotty Update #007-2018

We had such a fantastic time in the North Georgia Mountains 
with 30 + vintage campers! 
We were at Riverbend Campground in Hiawassee Georgia.
A family owned campground that is just wonderful!
 [Still loving our little table and mix-matched chairs!]
Craig was the camp host for this little gathering 
and he did a great job planning things so everyone was welcomed and well informed -
I made these little pennants to serve as a banner on the camper - 
We plan to make one for each vintage camper 
that attends the spring and fall rally events we host -   
Question: should they be a different color each time?
So. This may be a little picture heavy - but here goes -
We got up early to travel - and y'all know I LOVE to see a pretty sunrise! 
This photo does not do it justice - 
the sun was HUGE Thursday morning!
We were set up by mid afternoon - and I know I posted on fb and Insta already - 
Our previous awning was a 1961 model and while it was truly vintage it has some wear and tear on it. I think this one is gorgeous. It's striped on top [just like the other one] with scallops of print and solid colors. - Just so [so] pretty!
See those windows up top?
It's just so neat to wake up in the middle of the night 
and see the moon shine through them.
And we did wake up because it got COLD y'all. 
Wonderfully cold.
Like a preview of fall cold...
But. So. Nice.
And the moon was ALSO HUGE each night we were camping - 
Just a beautiful weekend to be outdoors!
It was also so cool to see the light bounce off the water in the little creek 
and flicker along the leaves behind our campsite. 
Contrary to popular belief - 
we do take time to relax now and then...
We went into Helen, GA one afternoon and enjoyed driving out to Unicoi State Park - 
so beautiful [but always full, I think...] 
We enjoyed some good German food,
and crossed the Appalachian Trail, so of course stopped and "hiked" a moment...
Love the steps for easier hiking...
One of our fellow campers saw a bear along side the road...
alas, we did not...
Another afternoon we went to a local vineyard for live music - which was supposed to be bluegrass, but much to Craig's disappointment, was not. 
Still, it was fun to see the rows of grapes ready for harvest...
And we had time to visit with other camping friends who were also there - 
We also REALLY enjoyed having our bikes with us on this trip.
They're just plain fun, y'all. 
I can pedal and zip around with the battery when I get tired. 
[It's the best!!]
 We rode all over the campground, but also enjoyed the little trail along the creek and around the hay field that bordered the camp sites. 
We found the little waterfall - 
and yes, it was very peaceful to be out there with 'country' smells and the sounds of rushing water. It took me right back to my Honda50 field riding days - lol
I still love how we have Lottie decorated inside - 
I'm going to have to re-visit the ceiling this winter.. and am contemplating just painting it so it looks like wood... or maybe getting REAL wallpaper that looks like wood...
This re-positional wallpaper has shrunk and pulled apart at the seams... 
But I love the look of it still.
Our Mickey / Minnie tags help us know which bin has each of our clothes in it - lol.
The other bins hold towels and the coffee pot, etc. ha.
As we were leaving town we stopped to get a photo of Lottie with a few of the mountains behind her - She's traveled a few miles in the year we have had her!
Side note: THIS is how we carry our bikes - 
Craig found a bike rack that goes into the extended trailer hitch. 
It's perfect!
So it was a full and wonderful weekend - 
Our only regret is that we didn't have enough time to really visit 
with some of out camping friends! 
Hopefully next time we can have a little more time to just hang out together!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Not the Boss of Us

I was intrigued by this title since that is something I say all the time 
when I give suggestions or opinions or whatever - 
I'm not the boss of you --
Kay Wills Wyma does a fantastic job breaking down 
all the things in life that can overwhelm us - 
Not the Boss of Us
She lists the thing that overwhelms and offers a replacement as she takes us along on conversations with her children.
For example - instead of being overwhelmed with appearance - be overwhelmed by the beauty that is in us [and all around us!] Instead of being overwhelmed by bitterness - be overwhelmed by forgiveness [one of my favorite chapters!]
She states that while Truth and hope can be hard to see in the midst of being overwhelmed - we can find them... and she gives us ways to do just that!
 I'll admit that underlined so [so] many things - but one of the most important is, "
You don't have to wake up every morning and perform in order to be loved..." and, 
" Not everything about any of us is perfect. That really is the beauty of it." 
And this - "Real life is better. Always." 
She helps us realize that all the pressure put upon us 
[by others, by technology, by social media, BY US]
 are really not the boss of us - 
"they don't get to crowd out today. Today has merit and can lived and enjoyed." 
She shows us how to find sacred in the ordinary and live our lives within God's truth. 
Get your copy today - you will be glad you did!
Note this book was received from Revell Publishing Company for review purposes --
ALL opinions stated are mine - 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Lottie Scotty Update #006-2018

THIS is the event I've been looking forward to for over a year now!
I mean, there's not much better than vintage campers + Christmas!
Am I right?!
Jingle In July
- a gathering of almost 30 campers [more?!] all decorated for Christmas and open to the public as a fundraiser to help kids with cancer in the hospital during the holidays enjoy Christmas too!
These guys do SUCH A GREAT JOB organizing and gathering everyone together!
And look! 
Santa and Mrs. Claus joined us too!***
It was a really fun weekend - and while it was 
setting Lottie up and getting her all spruced up for Christmas, the temps cooled down enough to really enjoy being out and about -- **
It was 62* when we got up on Sunday morning!
Warning - this is a VERY photo heavy post -
But I couldn't help myself, I just thought she was so stinkin' cute!
That. AND, I want to remember how we decorated so I can set it all up again - 
I've got some friends who have asked for a photo-op for themselves and gr-kids  before Christmas - so we're hoping to have her set up for that sometime in November...

Love this peek into our little Christmas Open House!
Come on in!
Here's some details - 
Snowball garland + yarn garland across the front, with a vintage look snowman welcome sign... wonky tinsel trees, scotty cookie jar, metal basket and jingle all the way sign on the table outside the door... oh, and of course, the vintage look lights around the awning!
Inside shelf under the upper window: Scotty print [THAT I LOVE!] Adventure begins print, succulent in glass dome, baskets for storage -- and I added a little "Merry Everything, Happy Always"  art piece too! 
 The camper banner was made by Leslee - SO CUTE!
We had Lottie all cleaned up for open house, but kept our tomatoes and bananas out on a reindeer plate, as well as a jingle all the way coffee cup...
We had another tinsel tree on the dining table - with flamingo lights and Pluto in his Christmas sweater. I brought a couple of our Corelle Christmas plates and set them on the PW placements we use all the time... and added in a couple of new scotty mugs I picked up at Michael's [on-sale, of course] a few weeks ago.
 I tied a red plaid ribbon around our silverware and napkins.
Love this shot*** that shows our windows up high!
Oh. and how our tables slides too!
I'm still loving this old oil can - turned light that we set on the table - 
I added a spring of pine cones and holly to make it festive. 
Love the 'tablecloth' - a shower curtain I picked up at a thrift store!
We loved seeing all the decorations at night!
Look at the lights shining through our windows up front!
Our bed was made up nicely into the couch - 
I covered one pillow in some scotty fabric and another in a new pillow cover we got a while back - thanks to a friend sharing a great deal with us!
Craig set up the extended table top that is extra handy when preparing meals inside -
I added in the plaid throw... 
and had our vintage camping devotional book out - oh, and my kindle 
[just keepin' it real - ha]  
Note two things: how we designate our storage bins [lol] and the blue border across the top bunk [that we use as a shelf] is the back splash from Drew's kitchen when he bought his house... Oh and our TV that is the perfect size! - Okay that's three...
[And yes, I still love our color scheme!]
I love my furry little [not!] Frosty that I got at Big Lots last year!!
And we have a gaggle of flamingos all dressed up in Santa hats that I picked up at 80% off after Christmas last year. I refused to pay full price.  
[I added some curtains from a thrift store for 'snow' -- and to cover up the wood that is weighting him down - lol.]
I added a boxwood wreath with plaid bow to each of our lamps with flame bulbs that look a bit like tiki torches or candles during Christmas. - I picked these up [on sale] at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks before the event - not Christmas, so I can use all year long!
 We also took along one of our lighted trees and set it up with another flamingo and our sign that we've taken camping for [more than a] few years now.
We visited with friends we'd met at previous vintage camps 
and met new friends as well!
We enjoyed the potluck gathering 
- We've settled on meatballs [with chili sauce and grape jelly] as our go-to pot luck offering... 
I forgot the crockpot this time and found that they worked better in the electric skillet!
 We also enjoyed the Dirty Santa gift exchange -
So many gifts!
And the random number drawing was fun!
 Such a fun group to get to know!
Here's a bit of the news article about the event -  
Held at the KOA in Pigeon Forge -
We had a great site with a creek view, but man - were we all packed in there tight and close together! [Kinda glad it will be at a different campground next year!]
Our table with red chairs had a vintage look snowman table cloth [again, a shower curtain, I think] that I picked up at Walmart last year...
[Pay no attention to the shoes and coffee cups -- 
we were headed out to Clingman's Dome** early that morning...]
We had a wreath on our door that had ribbon and smaller vintage look [battery] lights on it... and the camp kitchen [which I didn't use all weekend - it was HOT y'all!] had a vintage look reindeer dish towel...
 This really was such a fun weekend - 
with a great balance of group stuff and time to go explore on our own.
 ** I"ll share more about our time in the mountains in another post -
***Thank you to everyone who shared photos on facebook!
I may have a grabbed one or two, or more --- 
If you've got a vintage camper 
[or not, bc there were others there decorated as well!] 
come join us next year -  
Audrey's Jungle in July!