Monday, May 2, 2016

I can’t remember if I shared the story

 of my mama’s roses with you before…
But I want to be sure that I write it down for all prosperity. HA. 
So here’s the deal – [way] back in the sixties our mama played on a little softball team – 
I have no idea the name or how the league worked… 
But she played most - [some] - [all] of the games at Robbins Field in Tuscumbia… 
Sister and I would play in the stands during the game / practice. 
Sometimes we played alone… sometimes with the Reiner kids or the Rhoden boys… 
I remember concrete stands – but were they just aluminum ones? 
 [Ha < -- THAT would make more sense, right?]
I will have to have sister clarify t hese memories for me...
 ANYWAY --- on the drive over we’d go down this REALLY long road called King Avenue 
[don’t you love how our perspective changes as we grow up?] 
and as we were getting close to the field, we’d pass a house 
with roses full of blooms just pouring over the back fence. 
So beautiful… I think we drove that way, instead of the quicker way down 6th street, 
just to enjoy the beauty of these flowers…
So… fast forward ten or so years… I’m in high school, 
sister is out of the house, and brother is 3 or so… 
And our parents go for their dream of building a home OUT IN THE COUNTRY. 
Now, that’s a story for another time – 
I will share that we moved once to a house across from a sweet aunt due to our house selling before the other was completed – then moved to the dream home – 
 where we lived , maybe two months --? 
[We learned that we are definitely NOT country folk after all. LOL] 
Then back to town we went – and the parents found THIS home at a great price 
[some neighborhood things going on at the time -] 
and we moved the third time within about six months. 
I remember our father saying the only way he would move again was on a stretcher – 
and they did live there for the next 30 years… 
Now, I’m pretty sure they were sold on this house not only for the price, but also because it had a double concrete storm shelter underneath the added master bedroom…
[Y’all know how afraid our mama was of storms, don’t you?] 
But a part of me wonders if the roses might have had 
a little something - something to do with it. 
They were just as beautiful as I’d remembered them as a kid. 
And, oh the fragrance each spring when they bloomed – so wonderful!
 Through the years the roses became diseased and they lost all but one beautiful bush --- 
and I’m so happy that I took cuttings from it – 
 [What's up with this little renegade double beauty?]
I had these roses at the house we lived in for 13 years 
and now at this home, where – yes, we’ve been 13 years also! 
[Where does the time go , y’all?] 
And I’ve got to say that now that our parents are gone they grow sweeter each spring… 

It's like I said on this FB post a couple of years ago...
Just one sweet smell and I'm right back
at 1436 Circle Drive. . .

Friday, April 29, 2016

I enjoyed meeting some new

friends at a local church to share and work on our Bible Journaling recently. 
I love being with others and seeing how they use their creativity to 
help reinforce The Word in their heart... 
I hope it can become a regular thing...
  So, here are some of my recent pages...
This is a verse that stuck with me during the recent Bible Study 
we did in the group I attend.
It's really my theme for the year, right?
[Notice the little quote at the first of each month...]
And another from the same Bible Study...
I went back through the book at the end of the study and 
pulled out the things I'd written notes about...
This idea came from pinterest...
I love the swirling stars in the heavens.
This is old sermon notes that I went back and 
added larger words [and water color]
 to give it a bit of a title.
The smaller print in the middle of this page is 
from a sermon some years back... 
This idea came from pinterest...
So... looking at the pages I've shared so far...
Can you tell what some of my favorite colors are?
Well, it's not this - lol.
I thought it was time to branch out a bit... 
and I'll be honest and say - 
I'm not loving the look of this - 
And I almost didn't share it, but sometimes, 
we just have to go with it, don't we?
It is such a favorite verse of mine,
I'm glad I illustrated it.
I like the orange a little better.
This is a giant foam stamp I got at CKU back in the day... 
But I know the majority of my pages will be 
filled with the softer colors of blue and yellow water colors... lol.
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Here's another easy recipe

that is surprisingly good -- 
 Now, let me just say that it's got to be good ole southern cornbread 
[white cornmeal] -- 
None of that yellow stuff - 
Or the sweet cornbread you get up north. 
So, with that out of the way, here's what you do ---
Layer in no particular order:
Pinto Beans - cooked, ha
Tomatoes - diced
Green Peppers - diced
Corn [frozen or canned]
Ranch Dressing - a little
[a little] dehydrated onion
[Use fresh if you prefer -]
Cheddar Cheese - grated
Bacon - crumbled
Then repeat it all again, only this time completely cover the top with a layer of the dressing - 
 Put the cheese and bacon on top. Wrap it tightly and refrigerate for several hours 
[or overnight] before serving. 
I know it sounds WEIRD....
But it is GOOD.
[And I didn't make it up - 
You can search for other recipe variations. - ha.]

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Happy Happy Day

to this one!
The years have flown by!
Love you sweetie!

Monday, April 25, 2016

As always, we had a blast

this past weekend crafting with friends at
Scrapping for a Cure
Cystic Fibrosis!
I'll share more later [when we have totals for donations -
But today I just wanted to share a photo from one of the classes I taught - 
Mixed Media 101
I had the backgrounds completed 
and let them choose from three patterns to complete their project.
I always LOVE to see how each person does their own thing to 
complete a bit of art that is all theirs!
And it was extra sweet to hear one of the gals 
teaching a friend how to do it afterwards!!
Enjoyed it girlies -- 
See you in Neverland....

Friday, April 22, 2016

Okay, here's something different

that I wanted to share with you...
Y'all know that in my Bible Journaling I don't like to cover the scriptures 
- Nothing wrong with that - 
It's just not for me... 
I'm journaling in the Bible I use daily, and I want to be able to read it...
With that said, I do like the mixed media look of the 
words peeking out from beneath the paint - 
So --- >
Transparencies to the rescue!
 I copied my art on a transparency and put in my Bible with tape.
Washi tape for this one, 
and this one.
 And clear tape for these last two...... 
These are called tip-ins in the Bible Journaling / Planner world - 
They are secured on only one side so they can be lifted up to see underneath... 
It's a neat way to include some of my more complex art in my Bible....
But there's lots of free printables out there that you could use also!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Love Spring in the South

I'll always remember what a welcome site it was when 
I returned that April, way back in the day, 
after a year full of snow covered mountains - 
Don't get me wrong - 
I sure do love those mountains too! 
But springtime in the South is gloriously filled with colors and fragrance 
[and, yes,] 
that makes my little southern heart sing.
So it's around this time of year that I begin plotting and planning and planting. 
The weather people say there's still a possibility of frost, so I don't want to go overboard .... Still, I couldn't resist these flowers that were marked half off... 
They were healthy and blooming again before I could get them in the ground! 
It will be fun to watch them fill out as they grow.
I got some for a hanging basket too. 
I'll probably also get a trailing flower or two to make it extra pretty -  
I've got lots of ideas about how to fill in the back flowerbed, but I have to remember that once the elephant ears and lantana comes in there's not much room for other things...
 I've got to give the patio furniture a good cleaning since Pawley has made it his home base through the winter [and he sheds a ridiculous amount.] We've also been feeding him and KittyLou out there in the mornings in an effort to NOT feed the possums and racoons so much - ha.
But I've got to get it spruced up a bit so we can sit out in the evenings and watch the rabbits in the yard. [But more importantly, the lightening bugs!!] 
Sitting under our little patio cover is a favorite thing to do - 
When I can breathe, of course.
For now, I'll be enjoying it all from the inside... 
until the trees stop blooming anyway.
[My #1 allergy. - whew...]

Monday, April 18, 2016


Do y’all remember me mentioning this book a few weeks back?
 Well, you know I love EVERYTHING Courtney’s written 
[starting with her scrapbook books – and the Sweet Haven Series] 
- and this sequel to Paper Hearts did not disappoint. 
 – It’s always so fun to have familiar characters when you’re getting to know new ones.  Courtney’s books deal with real-life situations from a believer’s perspective – and I love how she gives life to the struggles that many of us face in this ‘ole sinful world we live in. 
I love her writing style too, 
so I wanted to share some of my favorite parts / quotes from the book --
p. 139: "Outfit by outfit she went through her closet wondering where the real Evelyn had gone, wondering if she was so far away that she would never find herself again.
“I’m not strong enough for this,” she said aloud. “God, I can’t do this on my own.”
….struggling with thoughts of divorce – leaving or staying, husband not willing to change… p. 140: “Somehow she knew it wasn’t just Christopher’s choices 
that had led them to this point. It was hers too.”
Love the struggle our sweet Evelyn went through as she struggled with the end of her marriage – and, ultimately accepted some responsibility in her choices.
And that she couldn't do it on her own....
p. 163: Ursula: "I want you to know that you don’t have to stay with a man who cheats… 
you honored it, he didn’t. 
That makes him the failure. Not you."
Ursula: "You’ve got a choice, kid. 
Stay in the house, mope around, and become the crazy person the media says you are… [or] put on your big-girl panties and make some hard decisions."
I love Ursula – she’s strong, bold, & helpful. 
[Described as a big woman, she kind of reminds me of my Aunt Quida… 
or maybe myself?] 
LOVE how she speaks truth to a situation
 and I would love to have the resources to help like she does – 
But, you know what? I can in my own small ways 
Lord, open my eyes to see where I can help others in all different ways -
p. 164: "She’d done the right thing filing for divorce, even though it wasn’t something what happened to good Christians…She wondered if God would ever forgive her if she chose to walk away… And if He did, would she ever forgive herself?"
In the book, Evelyn’s friends show kindness – not judgement. 
And I kind of love that. 
There are so many times we can just be kind
I also see the struggle to forgive oneself as something 
that many of us deal with, even when we know a loving and forgiving God.
p. 184: "Silence hung between them. Since her life had started unraveling, Evelyn had started to realize all the ways she’d lost herself. She used to be a person with ambitions and dreams. She used to have convictions to stand by. She used to know who she was. But she’d spent so many years trying to please everyone else, she’d lost her way."
p. 185: "You don’t have to be embarrassed about who you are."
p. 186: "You can stay mad too… 
Or you can figure out what you want your next chapter to look like.
It’s time to dust yourself off and remember what you wanted to do in the first place.
He only wanted her to be her best self."
p.199: "I think you need to figure out who you are, 
not who everyone else wants you to be. 
And that has to be enough. 
It’s enough for The One who made you – why isn’t it enough for you?"
That last statement is one of my favorites –
And something I know people around the world need to hear over and over – 
You are who you are – 
It’s enough for The One who created us –
Let’s just rest in that and look to Him to be the best we can be!
p. 359: "Giving it over [to God] means letting it go.  
You found a way to hold on to it all this time. 
You never really gave this thing to God. 
[Retort:  – But no one even knew…] -
But you knew … and that’s the point.
… It might be time to surrender… 
Truly and completely surrender. 
You may’ve thought you did that, but unless you were willing to accept the answer 
might be no, you didn’t… 
You held on. You tried to stay in control. 
If you’d really surrendered, you would’ve accepted that the answer was no 
and moved on. 
It’s time to surrender now… Lay it down. 
Once and for all.
This last little bit is probably my very favorite part of the book – Courtney’s characters do such a great job talking about surrender. So many times we say we are surrendering our all to God, when we’re really holding on [sometimes in the tiniest ways] and trying to control things so that it goes our way… I can remember being in a Bible Study with women I trusted my heart with more than a few years ago [I STILL MISS THAT GROUP!!] and admitting that I didn'tt want to surrender 100% to God… my everything…  my boys’ lives… my health…. etc. It was a scary thought, because, omgoodness… WHAT MIGHT GOD ASK OF ME? But, you know what? We worked through it, God and I… and I think that’s when I finally kicked my bad friend, anxiety, to the curb. [Not that he doesn’t still try to visit on occasion…] 
What freedom there is in surrendering it all! 
So easy, yet so hard… 
Gotta love Ursula and how she ties it up nicely:
And then Ursula – 
"It’s not weak, you know. 
Takes a whole lot of strength to give the thing you want most over to God, 
not knowing whether He will give it back to you. 
And it takes a lot of faith to mean it.
And I hope I haven't shared so much to spoil the story for you!
It's such a great book - 
Go -- > read the book. It’s available here, and here, and here.
Thanks so much, Courtney for letting God use you books to speak His truth in my life!
Oh, and here's another fun teaser about the book -
The whole family is pretty talented!

Friday, April 15, 2016

We all make mistakes from

time to time, don't we?
Y'all know that I've just started using stamps in my Bible Journaling - 
and I'm so NOT a stamper - 
But for some reason, I'm loving the bit of imperfection that stamped words add...
But it's been a learning process...
Mainly which inks to use - or not use [Staz-On!]
More on that in a moment...
 Before I get started on 
- let me share a couple of pages, one using stamps, that I'm happy with -  
Y'all know that songs often end up on my Bible pages - 
And this one is perfect for Philippians 3:10.
Since I'm 'new' to stamping I pulled out several little stamp sets to play with...
My favorite [on this page] is the little lower case set 
that came from the $1 section at Michael's a while back...
and the companion page - 
This is sermon notes with color added 
from water colors + a little [arrow] washi tape.
Now for the mistake
- and how I fixed it -
Here's a page that I've shown you  before -  
One I did early last year, actually -- 
Well look at it here -  
with the bleed-through from stamping with too much ink...
Not. Good.
Here's the culprit - 
This is sermon notes from back in the day that I wanted to add a bit of art to...
So I did the banner... and added the washi - 
at my little Birmingham meet-up [thanks Jessica!] 
And then the song lyrics came to mind 
so I added them, partially with stamps...
But, oops.
Staz-on is definitely NOT the ink to use on thin Bible pages.
Here's what I did to fix it
I took a photo of the page before gluing down [mod podge] a piece of white paper.
Then I just re-created it with water colors and colored pencils.
Pretty close to the original, don't you think?
AND - the extra paper adds very little 'weight' to the page - 
something I'm particular about because I don't want to 'bulk-up' this Bible with a ton of inserts since it's the BIble I carry to church these days.
NOTE - I put wax paper underneath the page before gluing 
to prevent it from sticking to other pages -