Monday, March 2, 2015

A re-post --->

from 2012...
because we've been down to The Gulf - and while we had a good time, 
I just wasn't 'feeling it' since I just 
I might share more later... but for now, from 2012.....
I soooo love sunrise on the beach
- just ask our boys who endured 
[and hopefully have fond memories in looking back at] 
the many times we dragged them out of bed early to get out and have breakfast just as the sun peeped over The Gulf - oftentimes at the state park pavilion, and occasionally on the steps of those little bungalows The Lighthouse had sitting out on the beach 
[oh how I loved staying in those!] 
Sunrise on the beach is just a special time to [truly] feel God's goodness.
I really like this quote, from my 'Quote of the Day' a few days back:
Do not be too timid or squeamish about your actions. 
ALL life is an experiment. 
The more mistakes you make, the better. 
What if they're a little off course, and you may get your coat soiled or stained? 
What if you do fail and get fairly rolled in the dirt once or twice? 
Up again, you will never be so afraid of a tumble." 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
It's really the truth, isn't it? 
That it's through our little [or big] mistakes [or poor decisions, or bad choices] that we learn and become more resilient - And more confident in our choices. 
More confident in ourselves. 
This last year I've met so many people who are 
unsure of their choices; who are learning to trust their 'inner voice.'
Who are reaching out to God for forgiveness and guidance.
 As I've pondered this quote this week I've thought a lot about how some people believe they must be perfect to the point of it paralyzing them from truly living life - some people are too afraid to take a chance [on ANYTHING] for fear of making a mistake or taking a roll in the dirt... when in reality, all of life is a risk.
As we take those risks, small and large, we grow in confidence and trust. 
And the truth is - 
We're not perfect. 
Risk is a part of life.
We're going to make mistakes.
 As I was at the beach this week and
reminded again so vividly about the constancy of God, 
this song came to mind...
Great is thy faithfulness,
Great is thy faithfulness,
Morning by morning, new mercies I see...
All I have needed, they hand has provided...
Great is they faithfulness,
Lord unto me...
I am so blessed to have a Savior who knows my imperfections, knows that some of the risks of life and my choices around those, are going to result in a tumble now and then, and yet, He gives me a fresh start at the beginning of each new day.
Great is His faithfulness!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In an effort to not reveal too much information on social media…

I may or may not be at the beach this week – ha.
Well... it could've been last week....

It’s our annual Social Work Convention!

[and yes, the oldest is checking on the house, and EmmaLou, and Pawley…]
I love this social work con [trying to be all-hipster, there] for a few reasons - 
The Gulf - hello?!?
LOTS of Continuing Ed!!
And LOTS of different topics within the SW realm...
Truly - a great little get-a-way for lots of reasons...
- I’m so glad that my sweetheart can come along to The Gulf with me.

It’s one of our most favorite places to be together… 

So – This post is supposed to be about Recipes! Healthy Eating! Etc.!

And I thought I’d share a favorite with you –

Shrimp and Grits
 This really such a simple recipe to make – 
and y’all know I’m such a detailed cook -ha - 
So, this is what I do [feel free to make it more complicated, if you want -]
First, I get out my bag of frozen shrimp [already cooked, usually] and break the tails off - 
I might saute them quickly in a little olive oil [or water] 
but usually just throw them in the grits once they're done...
I put some chicken broth in a pot to boil and then add instant grits
[When I've been without grits, I've been known to make the very specialized polenta with good ole southern [white] cornmeal instead...]
As this cooks to the consistency I desire, I stir in some shredded cheddar cheese [or really any cheese I have that I want to use - smokey Gouda is SO DELISH.]
Next is a little chopped up [cooked] bacon, from the bag of pre-cooked bacon slices we keep in the fridge...
Then, I either stir in the shrimp and heat until warmed, 
or serve in bowls and top with the shrimp - 
whatever seems right at the time...
You can see my 'go-to' recipe is really THAT simple 
and can be on the table in less than thirty minutes...
 Now, I have been known to get a little fancier, especially if I have some fresh onion and bell pepper on hand --  in that case, I saute' the veggies in olive oil until they're nice and tender, and add the shrimp with a little creole spice before popping them on top of the grits. 
Still, a pretty simple meal. It's one of our favorites... Right up there with calling Publix to boil us up some shrimp and picking up a baked potato from Steak-Out. 
Y'all know I'm THAT kinda cook. Ha.
BTW - both the pics are from Google Images...

Friday, February 20, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Okay - so I've planned to share

a few scrapbook pages that I've recently completed each month...
The problem? 
I cannot EVEN remember the last time I completed a scrapbook page --
[Other than the December Album I did - ]
I know it was at the Scrapbook Playhouse, but when was I last there?!?
 Since I apparently HAVE NO BRAIN 
[and may need to start playing those mind-strengthening games the oldest has told me about - although, I prefer to blame a little absent-mindfulness on an overly busy schedule] 
I found a photo of a favorite page that I completed early last year...
This is a favorite -
I think we sometimes struggle with just how to scrapbook a non-people photo... 
Well, y'all know I like to bunch up a lot of tags to the side... so I did that, and then added a favorite quote on top - dots under the photo anchor it to the page and coordinate with the borders to the left. 
It's a favorite of mine!
And yes... I've now looked in my October folder 
and found a few I took photos of layouts completed during the Halloween Retreat - 
Love this one [completed for a challenge - ] and thought I'd share it since it's still sweetheart month -- just random photos gathered together with a cute title.
And the last one for this month -- 
a favorite instagram photo. 
Printed at Costco 8x8 ----
I have a smaller [4x4] hanging in my office 
as a reminder to start each day with a grateful heart...
[Ronna Designs for Instagram -]
Apologies if some of these are repeats! 
Hopefully, this monthly post will motivate me to 
get scrappin'!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Here's a little

Throw Back Thursday - 
only, it's Friday - 
... photos of me and my Valentine -
This one taken in Gatlinburg... maybe 1981?
While we were tag-a-longs with a friend's 
youth group during New Year's - 
And this one taken outside his home in 1982
[I'm pretty sure my sweet friend Grace took this photo 
while she was visiting from California -]
SO GLAD - I've had him to do live with!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Y'all know I like to upcycle things...

Well, over the holidays the youngest ordered 
some new computer things and one box had a 
neat little styrofoam square in it --
And I immediately thought that it would make a cute wreath for the door if it was covered in burlap - 
And I have a TON of burlap that I've saved from using on our camping tables before everyone started carrying the [much more] easy to use 'runners' you can get now --
I was especially glad to see that I had a whole roll of wide burlap ribbon [I guess that's what you'd call this - it's finished on each side so you don't have deal with all the fray that 
raw edges of burlap tends to have - ]
So I wrapped it, and wrapped it, twisting it along the way so that it bulked up a bit and covered the square completely. 
I just tucked the end into one of the folds, 
so there's no glue involved.
 I kinda love it - 
And plan to use it for lots of different seasons --
I added a few things I had leftover 
to make it a Mardi Gras Wreath...
But I love it as a cute Easter Wreath with this bunny 
that's been hanging out on our door 
for more than a few years now... 
It'll go up on Wednesday - 
and then after that I have an initial [H] that I'll put on it 
so that I can  put my own twist on the trendy initials
we're seeing on everyone's doors these days... 
Then I'll probably put on flags,
and add a little red-white-and-blue for the summer... 
ooooo, or maybe sunflowers, wouldn't that be cute?!
But for now, it's waiting for Easter 
since I already have a wreath  for Mardi Gras -
-- Don't eat too many moon pies, y'all!

Monday, February 9, 2015

So - there's not much happening

'round these parts...
I finally went to the doctor and got some meds for my sinus infection. 
And I'm feeling ever-so-much better...
[That's our quilt and sweater throw that I picked up at Dirt Cheap - 
DIRT CHEAP -- like $5 each! Love them for the winter!]
I've not done much this week other than show up at work... 
[How I organize my follow-up stuff for work - 
Yep --> we plan ahead a bit.]
Y'all know how a sinus infection can zap the energy right out of you ~
and apparently out of your mind too - ha.
EmmaLou does her best to help me -- 
[This picture was taken during the Holidays - notice her Christmas dress - 
Yes, I've turned into THAT person...]
I've "lost" three things this week 
[some gift certificates, my water colors {{yes!!}} 
& banana bread IN THE FREEZER- ha]
Craig took one look around for each one and found them for me - 
On different days -- 
Glad I have him!
He's started fishing this week
[the crappie are definitely biting!]
And they taste SO GOOD
any way you fix them!
 A bonus for fishing during this time of year is seeing the eagles! 
[Taken with his cell phone -]
While Craig's been fishing, EmmaLou and I 
have been hanging out a bit [and playing with Art]
She rarely has the opportunity to be upstairs and 
this is one of her toys that stays up there.
Yesterday we had the opportunity to hear Henry Blackaby speak [Experiencing God]
at Whitesburg [where we've been going these last few weeks - loving it, btw.]
He was very interesting! And it was a treat to hear him in real life.
[That's a photo of one of projects from Junelle's class - 
didn't take one of Dr. Blackaby, thought it'd be kind of weird... ]
Oh, I also [finally] got my craft room cleaned up a bit...
Here's to a better week for us all!

Friday, February 6, 2015


All One Little Word images are from pinterest -

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I am so happy

to be back 'in class' with Junelle!
 Saturday was the 'open house' 
and she gave everyone a quick [free] 
preview of what we can look forward to 
these next few weeks---
 I LOVE sketching with Junelle!
[She really does make me feel like we're 
sitting next to each other, just talking it through -- ] 
So today, I wanted to give you a little look into my process --
 After talking through the sketches 
we work in whatever medium we choose 
[art journal - wooden blocks - canvas, etc.] 
Then it's time to pull out the paint -- 
Note - she doesn't walk you through this part in the 'Open House' -- but she'll take you step-by-step in class --
I just couldn't wait to get started!
 And before you know it, you've got finished project -- 
[I may go back and add a couple of balls of yarn and knitting needles to the one at the top, like this one has...]

They remind me of the tree next to the youngest's apartment 
[there's an art center next door 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Okay, so I’m sharing this photo

to show you that we did, in fact, eat at home this week – 
more than once, actually. Ha. 
This is a quick and easy Shepherd’s Pie that put together after Christmas 
[I couldn’t let those delicious Paula Dean Mashed potatoes go to waste!] 
And, to clarify – it’s been wrapped up tightly in the freezer since then --

It’s so easy to make – 
I browned a pound of ground chuck and stirred in a can of cream of mushroom soup, a bag of frozen green beans, about a half cup of frozen green peas, and a cup or so of cooked carrots 
[mostly left overs – ha]
 After I put all of that in the casserole dish 
[LOVE my crazy daisy Pyrex, by the way --
oh, and the matching corelle!] 
and spooned the leftover mashed potatoes on top,
I sprinkled [heaped?!] grated cheddar cheese on top,
wrapped it tightly and stuck it in the freezer – 
I pulled it out and let it thaw a  bit 
and then put it in a 250* oven for a couple of hours until it was warm and bubbly…
 To be honest, it’s not an ‘oh, I want to have this every week’ kind of meal – 
But it was warm and satisfying on these cold wintery days…
 and a terrific use for left-overs!