Thursday, November 16, 2017

Trying something different today...

and I hope to make this a blogging habit - 
because I love the idea of documenting the routine, 
the daily parts of everyday life -
So, I present:
Ten on Thursday**, or 
A couple of days a week I get out of the house by 6 a.m. for an hour of yoga downtown .
I've been going for a year now and can see how it's made a difference in my flexibility 
as well as stress / anxiety... 
Love that the trees are being put up for the Tinsel Trail - 
They smell SO GOOD.
So fun to find a few little tomatoes on the vine 
earlier in the morning - 
They were my breakfast - ha.
After yoga I headed to the office and got started on emails, etc. 
I'm still playing catch-up from being gone all last week -
Took a break to make some Thanksgiving plans 
And during lunch I had a quick appointment - 
Just regular yearly stuff - 
Y'all know how that is --
I love my little city - 
And always enjoy seeing The Rocket
when I'm out and about - 
And look what I found when I let Em out for a little run!
It's my first camellia! 
Two of the three bushes I got last year have survived, and have even grown a little ha - 
So I'm VERY happy to see a flower! 
I hope to have more in the next few weeks!
[I'm also loving that 'cat-eye' nail gel I have this month -]
Had leftover pizza for dinner, bc, when we ordered this box I had no idea we were getting two MEDIUM pizzas with it - It just looks much smaller in that photo, doesn't it? 
And I finished the evening up sorting through photos 
and trying to gather my head around some plans for Bible journaling - 
This is from some sermon notes a while back and I still have a few more I need to get in there - I think it's cool to have so many artsy note in Jeremiah 
since our pastor has been preaching through the entire book - 
** So that's it.
Ten photos on Thursday - only, they'll probably be posted on a Friday, 
[Favorite Photo Friday, anyone?]
and honestly, may not always be taken on a Thursday - 
But I am going to try and pick a day every now and then 
and take ten photos of my everyday life to share.
And I'm going to commit to linking up with these young chicks if I can figure out how - ha.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Here's a quick little

bit of art I put in my Bible this month - 
 You know we all have anxiety to some degree - 
Some more than others, 
and I just thought - 
I refuse to let anxiety shrink my world.
Love this verse...

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I'm pretty sure

I've shared this easy technique for chalkboard painting in the past-
but it's always fun to do - so I'll share my latest project in case you missed the others -

I started by printing my lettering on the computer - 
I actually used Rhonna's App to create my sign, bc I love her fonts so much!
I cut it out and covered the back with white chalk before I  taped it down to the chalkboard I was using. [Do it like you'd do a crayon or pencil rubbing - so that you have a nice layer of chalk ALL OVER the back -] This is a real chalkboard I got at a thrift store, but you can paint any board black and put it in a frame the size you want / need. 
Once you have the letters where you want them [and secured down with tape - I used some washi I had on my table-]  you'll use a ball point pen to draw over every. single. line.
I lifted mine up every now and then to be sure it was tracing what I wanted -
After it's all traced you can remove the paper - 
It will look pretty dusty and will rub off easily so be very careful not to smudge it!
Next you can use white paint [and a fine tip brush]  
or a sharpie paint pen and go over every line that you traced.
Of course you want it to look nice, but it doesn't have to be perfect - 
If someone was doing this free-hand on a chalkboard 
there would surely be imperfections, so don't be too hard on yourself!
Once it's dry, you can tale a damp cloth and wipe off all the calk residue - 
Then you have a chalkboard sign that will never smudge or get wiped off. 
Ours is perfect for Lottie!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Lottie Scotty Update No, 017 - 2017

Lottie's Maiden Voyage
[ -- That's what the vintage camper people call it when you're taking 
your little renovated camper out on it's first trip -- ]
So after looking forward to this event for over a year, we felt like we were ready to go -
We got her all hooked up and were on our way....
I'm loving the AC Cover that Craig created with travel stickers from places we've been. 
[We will add more to it in the coming years - ]
 We met  up with some others and did a caravan in to Pine Mountain - 
that was kind of fun - 
There were over 150 vintage campers there!
 The Gathering of the Times is one of the first vintage camping groups Craig found so it was nice to meet some of these folks in real life - 
There were several times to meet and greet - including an outdoor concert that we chose to enjoy by the campfire at our site - and it was nice to have others stop by and visit a bit -
We got to the RV Park and had her set up in less than two hours - 
Love the double rugs under the awning - 
The campground had VERY little shade since it was an RV park - 
and even less toilet / shower facilities - hmmm....
 We had an open house one afternoon and it was so fun seeing how other's fixed their campers up - and to hear their comments as they peeked into ours... 
Notice- I learned that you can hang a shower curtain from your awning to create a little shade from that brutal south Georgia sun - lol
 They even had a dress your decade night 
[does this look 70-s to you?] 
that was a fun way to get to know other campers -

Friday, November 3, 2017

I've been considering this

for about a year now -- 
I even used some 'Halloween' hair paint last year to see how it might go -  
 So this week I just said, 
Let's go for it - 
And I kinda love it -  
I like that from the front you barely see it - 
And really, I'm not sure most people notice it from the back...
It's going to be interesting to see how it grows out [or fades...] 
Right here. Right now. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We gathered for our annual

Halloween Scrapbook Retreat 
this past weekend - 
 It's always fun to be together 
and enjoying a little Halloween fun is always nice too!
 This year we had a wreath contest 

[in the past we've done hats, pumpkins, etc.] 
This is mine - 
Everything came from the Dollar Tree - even the netting which is child's tutu that I pulled apart - ha.
And this is the winner - 
Isn't is fantastic!
I LOOOOOOVE to see the creativity in this group!
We had GREAT food - 
and this Frankie cake was as DEElicious as it was bootiful!! 
It was cold and rainy part of the weekend - but that's okay becasue we spent some time counting the deer at the back of the property -
We played a few games 
and had fun with some tiny masks -
And to top it off - I got quite a few scrapbook pages completed too!
I worked on a little book for Lottie. 
Then got started on the pocket pages for our trip to Puerto Rico,
 St. Thomas, and St. John in August - 
And still had some time to work through a couple of envelopes 
of photos from 2015 and 2016! 
Y'all know  I'm not one to worry about using photos chronologically or  being 'caught up;'
 I just create with whatever strikes my fancy. And honestly, I've always felt like giving a little time between the photos being taken and being scrapped gives me a little better perspective on what I want to put on the page. Because, remember, nobody [and I mean NOBODY] wants to see 50 pictures of that gorgeous lone evergreen on top of the mountain in Colorado... 
or Old Faithful, or  whatever...
But who could get tired of looking at that beautiful turquoise water of the Caribbean?
I did put most every photo on the page - that's the glory of pocket pages!
But i'll spare you from having to look at them - lol.
I scrapbook less at home these days so having a designated weekend to work on things is a treat  - no tricks - ha.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Lottie Scotty Update No. 016 - 2017

Many of you know that Craig signed us up for a 
Vintage Camper Rally over a year ago... 
It gave us something to look forward to, 
but also kept us on track to get her finished up by a deadline...
Then somewhere in the whirlwind of the 90 days we were working on Lottie I decided that we needed to to do a 'dry-run,' if you will, prior to the rally 
- Just to test her out and see what needed tweaking, repairing, etc.  
So we set her up over at the Space and Rocket Center RV Campground 
the weekend before the rally...  [It was kind of neat to see all the space-campers come through to shoot their rockets while we were cooking breakfast one morning...]
We had our long-time camping buddies come out for chili 
that I made ahead of time and put in the crock pot as soon as we got set up.
 [Side note - we were all set up in about an hour and half, so that 's good to know...]
 and of course we had to have  s'mores.. as well. 
Love our s'mores basket with several choices of cookies and chocolates... 
[We had plenty left-over to take on the next few camping trips - lol.] 
We tried out a few different sets of lights to determine what works best 
- loved having our friends' input on that! 
I'll share a close-up of the ones we decided to keep soon!
The next morning we had our traditional camping breakfast 
of pancakes, fried apples [sugar free] and whipped cream. 
ALWAYS good.
And we learned that the bed slept surprisingly well, and that we did, in fact, have an issue with the water connection, and that a double rug will work so much better...
and that those little red stools are mighty handy to have around.
We successfully 'baked' the hot ham sandwiches in the electric skillet...
[I read that I needed a 'stand' of some kind to keep them from burning on the bottom.]
And enjoyed our lunch  at our little dining table inside. ..
Plenty of room for both of us!
[And look! that towel bar has turned into a handy key / flash light holder!]
We also had Lottie set up nice and pretty the next day for an 'open house' 
for any friends who wanted to stop by and see her. 
All in all - a good little weekend away, but here in town...
It rained all night Saturday night - and that was good too - 
'Cause now we know that she's pretty much leak-proof.
[Side note - look at the nifty fire pit Craig made!
I'll share more on  that later, as well!]