Monday, February 12, 2024

Looking back, I realized

 that I missed the way I've art journaled in the past...
So I'm getting back to that a bit this year - 
Some I've already shared with you....
Some I'll probably never share 
HA - but it's the TRUTH because I think an art journal can be a place to work through all the feels - ups and downs - that this old world throws at us. 
When I'm playing in my art journal I almost always 
end up talking with God as I process things...
So here's some from this month - 
Maybe it'll inspire you to use art to connect with your own feelings a bit...
Maybe you'll see that art can be a way to connect with God... 
My work is nothing special - just a little paint and bits and bobs from the art desk...
 but it's relaxing to me...
and helps me slow down and feel God's peace...

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

There's no doubt there was terrible sadness


 surrounding the war... yet there were many who had hope 
[and found love] in the midst of it all. 
Sara Sundin 's story of Aleida and Hugh's unlikely meeting and subsequent friendship made London in 1940 come alive for me. 
Aleida's plan to escape to England with her son was upended when her husband suddenly decided it was time for the whole family to flee the Netherlands.
In the process of their escape, she is separated from her son
and her husband is killed by Nazi bombers...
yet she continues on to her relative's home in the English countryside. 
Aleida meets Hugh [a young nobleman who prefers broadcasting news on the radio]  soon after she settled in London. As they formed a bond to look for Aleida's son who was lost she learned to trust again... and she helped Hugh stand firm for what he wanted in life, despite how others might feel. 
Add in a few murders and their curiosity to solve them and it's spectacular book. 
It kept me guessing until the VERY end.
Honestly - I don't usually read historical novels - but I loved this book and could not put it down. I kept contrasting Aleida's life with some of my older aunts who were young adults during that time and were living a very different life here in the USA.
Makes it all seem more real to me...
This book comes out this week, so go ahead and
 NOTE: I was given a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes.
ALL opinions are my own.
ALSO - all graphics were found on the internet.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Y'all know that I still

 enjoy scrapbooking - 
and I'm going to try and share a bit more with you 
throughout this coming year -
[Heads UP: many of my pages are about camping - ha.]
I am SO FORTUNATE to have Nicole in my life - 
She's the sweetest friend [yes!]

Last month she coordinated a layout a day challenge -
And y'all - I love a good sketch -- 
AND the challenge to get it done within 24 hours.
So I printed up some photos at the end of December and 
I used supplies I already had a home...
It was fun - challenging - and most of all, do-able.
I'm happy to say that 2022 is COMPLETED
and I've got a good start on 2023...
[I don't know about you - but I almost always work a year behind - it gives me better perspective on what I truly want included...]
Fingers crossed that the video works!

Friday, February 2, 2024


Thursday Three

1. A 'busy' week with an outing almost every day: tea time with friends, scrapbooking weekend, medical, dental, and beauty appointments. Whew - how did I EVER work? lol
2. Very good news from Craig's latest medical appointment - I'm encouraged and hopeful, and oh, so thankful that God gives knowledge to the many medical people who help those in need!
3. I seriously need some help figuring out this BE REAL app - I want to be a part, but I'm having issues with it on my android 🙃...

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Thursday Three


1. We are now in the 'rainy season' and I'm thankful for a good raincoat that kept me nice and dry while I went to Bible Study, a ministry opportunity, and my facial appointment.

2. We're heading int he right direction with Craig's hand [but I'm still anxious, y'all.]

3. I sorted pens today. Ha. Every now and then I do a re-set on the craft space and discard what's not working for me anymore...

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Thurdsay THree


1. We were so excited and looking forward to 5+ inches of SNOW - but instead got 2+ inches of solid ice - that's STILL not melted - I've eaten WAAAAAYYYY too many carbs and am very thankful for zoom gatherings...

2. I've read 5 books this week. Not even kidding - Craig has enjoyed watching the Australian Open.

3. And we watched someone ICE SKATE down our street.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Mid Month Memes - January 2024

Just a quick re-cap of some things that spoke to me this month - 

... a spot to gather thoughts I might want to re-visist easily ...

Maybe they speak to you, maybe not...




Sunday, January 14, 2024

Aishling the Airstream Update No. 001

So we did a thing - lol - 
Please say hello to Aishling the Airstream
 Our new [to us] 2006 Airstream International
[whatever that means - I seriously don't know all the different airstream makes and models, 
and I'm okay with that -]
I'm pretty sure we're going to LOVE her.
What does the name Aishling mean?
dream or vision 
 Aishling is of Irish origin.This name translates to “dream” or “vision” and is derived from the traditional Irish name Aisling - more often spelt 'Aisling' is prounouned two ways:
1. 'Ash-leen' and
2. 'Ash-ling'
She really is a dream to us  - 
We had to have milkshakes to celebrate!
Ha - mostly becasue it took MUCH longer than we'd anticipated to pick her up from the seller and we were starving and ready to head home - lol -
So - what do we like best?
I may have a love - not-so-love relationship with them because I love how much light they let in... but also feel a bit 'on-display' when they're open... but have to remind myself that they have a tint and one cannot see in easily during the day...
It feels like you're OUTSIDE with nature - but not the bugs or the heat. So there's that -
Love conquers all.
The dinette.
It's so great to have a meal at a real table!
And be able to work on crafty things 
[or medical things] without pulling out TV trays...
And how cool is it that Aishling is big enough to entertain guests? LOL We've had a few different nights with different visitors stepping in out of the cold to visit...
The convection oven.
I'll admit - I'm still learning.. but I'm so enjoying baking a few biscuits 
or cookies whenever we want some...
The couch across the front - 
White counters -
And silver everywhere - 
Offset with some black and pops of green and other bight colors - 
Oh and The Lights -
It's crazy the amount of lights are in this thing!
We also love the 
extra width
and queen bed.
[ - walk around, and Dobby approved...]
Since getting her in December, we've camped with her four places:
Gunter Hill 
On our way back from picking her up -
Ditto Landing
for fireworks and hot cocoa
Top Sail Hill
for Can Opener
[a cool time in Flroida with 140+ other airstreams...
and Wind Creek State Park
where we stopped to avoid some weather 
on the way home...
Craig says she pulls like a dream too. 
[See what I did there?]
So, to answer the question asked most often -
Yes. Our Annie Lee the Argosy is FOR SALE.
We've not had time to 'get it out there' - 
but feel free to contact Craig if you're interested in her.
She's a beauty!

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Thursday Three


1. We're both a little disappointed that we had to cancel our week at Gulf State Park but know it's for the best because a] Craig has a follow-up appointment and b] STORMS -

2. Picked up some fancy fat-tire e-bikes on the way home... and I think we're going to really enjoy them. Two things: They are MUCH lighter than our scooters and - they take up about half the room in the truck [YAY for both of these things!]

3. Craig had a good follow-up appointment today - he'll continue on the IV antibiotics for a few more weeks. Please continue to pray that it WIPES OUT all traces of infection.

Another wonderful book

 from Lynette Eason!! !
 Lainie and James have known each other their whole lives but begin to see each other in a different light as the work together to find the person trying to kill her! 
Loving these reviews that describe my thoughts so perfectly!
A race against a twisted mind!
This book  kept me guessing until the very end!! 
I love a good suspense / thriller 
with a plot that pulls me right in from the first paragraph!
And a suspense story that has a little love story included - 
That adds up to a great evening of reading!
As always, Lynette Eason creates characters that pull you into their lives quickly... characters that are flawed and relatable... and who love the Lord - and don't shy away from talking about Him. 
I couldn't put this book down and read it in one day!!
I think you'll love it too - 
Note: I was given a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes. 
All opinions are mine. 
[Photos / reviews are from Lynette's FB page - ]