Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Let's do the June re-cap -

 This is the easiest way to get it all out there in one place –
Move along if #HardwickAdventures is not for you...
  LOVED spending my June [state] holiday with sweet MK, Joseph and family 
at the Space and Rocket Center –
And omgoodness, it’s been YEARS since I’ve been there and things have changed a bit—it was a  much more ‘kids science museum’ type experience this go ‘round. Still FUN. And honestly, it was hard to do it all in one day. 
 Craig was sweet to bring lunch to us [no holiday for him] 
and meet up with us at Rosie’s afterwards.
  We enjoyed a couple of worship services with our first church family in Huntsville – Southside Baptist – 
They’re merging with another church, which will be a good thing in the end, but it’s sad to see some of the things we were a part of come to an end.
 This guy worshiping in front of us reminded us of my father so much, and while Joe never attended church with us I know without a doubt [conversations together, y’all] that he is worshiping our Lord freely in heaven as I type this.
 Stopped by Trowbridges, a Florence AL icon for a quick bite of their orange-pineapple ice-cream while I was in town for a meeting. It ALWAYS reminds me of my Mama and her birthday is in June so it was treat in honor of  her.
 We're getting back to the bathroom re-do... and  I've got some decisions to make!
Floor tile:
Which do you like better?
This - 
Or this? 
It's a hard decision to make...
But I think I already know which one I'm going go with --

LOVING my little flower baskets on the patio – 
This wicker swan was picked up from my neighbors trash.
 Lil used it for year and years, and Yes, it has seen better days – 
but I love the vintage look it brings!
 We took a little day trip up to Lawrenceburg to have lunch 
with out of state relatives one Saturday – 
so fun to visit for a bit while they were in the area! 
This is one of Craig’s sister’s sons and we’d not seen them since New Year’s –
And we had a wonderful evening with our Life Group from church 
[oh how I wanted to type Sunday School!] 
So much fun that I didn't get one photo!
 Loved having some time to visit with my precious aunt and cousin!
when I spent a week in Montgomery where the 
78* heat hits you as soon as you walk out the door at 7:00.
 [Reminds me of living in Mobile -]
And I sure enjoyed seeing Craig catch-up with high school classmates, 
some of whom he hadn’t seen in 40 years – 
As a part of the weekend we joined in a tour of Muscle Shoals Sound and FAME studios – both really great tours, but I felt a little sorry for the guides since those on the tour had LIVED the hey-dey of it all and kept interrupting to share their own stories. 
I remember everyone checking out of school ‘sick’ in high school 
when we heard Rod Stewart was in town… lol… 
I’m not sure if any of my friends actually ‘found’ him. Ha.
 I also vividly remember riding my bike round and round FAME
 when the Osmonds were recording –
I was in 6th grade y’all.
Here in  Huntsville we’re gearing up for all things Apollo 11 – Moon Landing! 
It's the 50th anniversary in case you've not heard!
So. Of course we had to try to out-of-this-world doughnut! 
The chocolate filled one is DEElicious.
That same weekend we had a front yard fish fry for our neighbors. 
And it was so fun to share together. 
I especially enjoyed seeing some of the younger neighbors 
engaging with our older neighbors… 
When we moved here over 15 years ago we were the youngest on the block
 [with 8th and 11th graders] 
so we love having younger folk move in 
[and renovate their houses!] 
We’ll probably plan something again – but when it’s cooler, please.
 Even Pawley came ‘round to say hello –
We always enjoy the Monday night Concerts in the Park – 
and usually get a few of them during the summer. 
 But honestly – we sit out far enough so the music doesn’t interfere with our visiting… 
 Craig took his little s’more making paraphernalia and we all enjoyed a treat 
[without the open flame of a camp fire – ha.]
 Y’all already know this – but he’s a sweetheart and 
made some for the women sitting behind us as well. 
Some of them had never had a s’more. I declare!

The fireworks were what got us out and about that night. 
It was surprisingly SO MUCH COOLER than the fish fry the night before.
Loving my iced coffee  – and looking forward to seeing Wicked again later this year. 
A cousin and I nailed down details of our 60th birthday trip. 
Yes. I love technology – we were able to look at seating charts 
and book tickets to a couple of different shows while being in different cities. OMGOODNESS. How did we buy tickets before the internet?
We finished   up the month with a great trip with friends to The Caverns
to hear a couple of Bluegrass bands –
It was a really fun day that started with a breakfast at Western Sizzlin’ in Scottsboro 
[If you LOVE breakfast and are in the area – GO.] 
and ended with dinner at a local Italian place [Papa Ron’s] in Monteagle, TN.
 And yes, to answer a questions someone recently asked - 
We do take time to rest. Yes. Yes we do – but I’m so thankful I’m married to my best friend who believes in living life fully and is always willing to adventure with me!
June was a busy month y'all.
Buy you ain't seen nothing yet. Ha.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I'm sure I've shared

this before...
My favorite summer drink.
Iced Coffee.
[Disclaimer: I drink 
milo's splenda tea year 'round.]
So easy to make that I took it along while I was out / town training last week!
Just brew a cup of your favorite coffee in the evening and put it in the fridge overnight. 
The next morning add some crushed ice, a bit of cream, and sweetener of your choice.
A cool way to start your day!
And, yes....
I enjoy using my souvenir cup to remind me of good times traveling...

Monday, June 24, 2019

I wanted to share

a fun summer book with you!

Karen Barnett gave us a great book that gave me a little history about the CCC in one of our greatest National Parks while taking me along on Elsie's summer at the park in the 1930s. 
There's love interests, suspicious fires - that kept me guessing til the very end - and time for good life choices as they listen to God's guidance. 
Speaking of fires, here's a quote I love,
"The fire doesn't kill seeds? -
"It sets them free," the ranger said. "Most of us ask God for an easy life.
We even ask for it for our children.
 But sometimes it takes a little heat to break loose the seeds He's planted deep inside us.
Seeds we probably didn't even know were there."
Love it.
Now I've got to find the other two books in the series and catch up! 
And, yep, I read it in one evening. It's that good -

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Well. I'm nearing the end

of my 100 Day Project...
[You can google it - just a commitment to do 
something creative for 100 days straight.] 
The last couple of years it's overlapped with Art Journal Summer School, 
so I started a little earlier than most this year...
And y'all heard me say before that while I strive to be creative DAILY,
 sometimes that's just not going to happen 
so I give myself permission to catch up a bit when needed. 

Time with Art is always relaxing for me...
In the 100 Day Project I commit to art journaling for 100 days - 
Others might do something with stitches, or weaving, or scrapbooking...
 And my  journaling style is all over the place depending on time, things happening in my life, or inspiring things I see around me...
These are random pages to share with you today - 
Some I love, others just express the feelings of the day...
 As [mostly] always,with my art journals,
I used a notebook I had hanging out in my art room...
 And I use whatever supplies [and stuff]
 I have nearby to create... 
That might be anything on my art desk...
or in my little traveling art bag..
or just colored pencils I've tucked into a day bag... 
And lots of times it might include a favorite quote, scripture, or song... 
It's fun to me... 
I'm looking forward to Art Journal Summer School
and am actually contemplating purchasing a book with water color papers for it...
But it has a lot of mixed media teachers... so I'm not sure...lol...

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Today is

our Mama’s 85th birthday…
 I'm re-posting this post from a previous year --- 
Just to share and reminisce a bit....
Maybe some things you know, or didn’t know – or have forgotten…
Just for us - or me - you can skip, if you want...
 Mama was #9 of ten girls
[bless her mama's and daddy’s hearts…]
She had a niece that is the same age as her…
thus, I have second cousins my age...
She was a junior high cheerleader, 
in the homecoming court,
and salutatorian of her Senior Class
She grew up in the country and picked cotton to earn spending money…
They would ride in the back of a truck to go the North Alabama Fair each year…
Mama worked as a telephone operator before meeting and marrying our father…
She was blessed to be home with us…
 She enjoyed creating beautifully wrapped gifts,
and loved setting a pretty table...

She also loved to talk on the phone...
[but I'm sure we ALL knew that - ]
 She canned everything from jelly, to tomatoes, to beans, 
apples, peaches, and peas
-- for us to eat all winter long… 
And she made the best biscuits and blackberry jam I’ve ever eaten.
She enjoyed gardening and cooking fresh veggies, 
Southern Style – fried or with lots of bacon. Yum.
She loved having flowers in her yard and in her home.

Mama miscarried a couple of years after I was born and
her life was complete when she finally had her baby boy 10 years later…
[This photo is not 'shopped' - it's soc 
with slide film from one of our dad's old cameras -]
 She was terrified of storms and we somehow [ha] always ended up
out at my gr-mother’s house [and in her storm cellar]
whenever a storm was brewing- lol.
She played softball at Robbins’ Field when we were kids –

And apparently wasn’t afraid to swing from the rafters on occasion – ha.
She loved to read and could easily devour a few 400 page books a week –
Some of my earliest memories are of our weekly trips to the library in Sheffield…
[Tough Enough was one of my favorite series...]
She also loved studying her Bible
and reading commentaries for theological insights
[I think she owned at least two different sets – of the BIG ONES – ha.]
She had the [spiritual] gift of teaching
and taught Sunday School most of her life –
She so enjoyed seeing her Sunday School members grow in the Lord…
She wasn’t perfect – but was perfectly forgiven, and
taught us that this forgiveness was available to all of us as well.
She loved butter pecan ice cream, or was it peach? 
Or strawberry? Or orange-pineapple? Ha.
She also loved visiting and taking little gifties to ‘her shut-ins’ [as she called them]
and I really believe that’s where my love for the elderly and disabled first started…
I can remember weekly visits to Ms. Gas’ house
and also to people in nursing homes when I was a kid…
She loved her grandsons --  
 Oh how she loved them -  
and was generous to the point of Lorna and I having to
tell them that they couldn’t give them money 
every time they walked in the door – lol.
She was an excellent seamstress too - 
and made us many, many beautiful outfits - 
and fun things like ET, bugs bunny, clowns,
and ninja turtle outfits for Halloween costumes...
But she was overcome with joy when little MK was born!
There hadn’t been a baby girl in our family since I was born…
So she was beyond thrilled!!! 
[I can't imagine how thrilled she'd be with Baby B!]
And oh how she loved her sisters and many nieces and nephews
and she had the ability to make everyone who knew her feel special and loved.
[Is that Ruby or Lorna peeping out of the back bedroom?]
Each one of us believed that we were her ‘favorite’ –
And truly, we were –
because she could see something special and wonderful in each of us
and would encourage us in just the way we needed it. Always.