Monday, November 24, 2014

There are so many things

 I could say -

But I'll keep it short and say that 
I am so glad Craig has been my partner through life!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart - 
You'll always be the love of my life 
and my best friend.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Back in the day

[when we had our on-line kit company] 
I started a Yahoo Group - 
and we had a core group that was pretty active -
We shared together, not only our scrapbook pages, 
but bits and pieces of our lives as well...
and then, as groups do - 
people began to move on - 
[the average life a group, therapeutic, or otherwise is about five years --]
putting their time and talents into other pursuits 
So we moved the group to Facebook 
as many of us were migrating our social activities that direction -- 
But maybe FB has more distractions - or it was the time / group growth facter, we've just had the same closeness as we had before...
All that to say - I miss the interaction of that group - 
I miss hearing how my friends far and wide are doing ---
and I miss the scrapbook challenges we used to have - 
Old-School Challenges that start out like this:
with a list of [random] things to be included on each layout -- 
 and morph into our own sketches and then into layouts --
[well, it's possible that not everyone does a sketch - ha 
-- and my disclainer -- my layouts don't always end up like my sketch, 
look around this post and you can see what I'm talking about -  ]
So a few months back I dug deep into my psyche [ha] and put together a crop for us --
And when, I'm saying 'old-school' 
I mean being challenged to use EYELETS and staples [oh my!] 
and other scrapbook embellishments on our pages.
We only had a couple participate in the challenge -
 but I sure enjoyed it - 
and completed TEN layouts last week - FUN.
- These are some of the ones I did -
And yes...
I ***may*** be getting on the
 project life / pocket page 
scrapbook band-wagon.
Time will tell --
It's really not so different from the two-up albums 
I've created through the yeas for vacation albums...

Monday, November 17, 2014

I know I lead a full and wonderful {to me} life

... but it's been CrAzY busy these last few months -
Sometimes I look at the calendar and wonder - 
And mid-November at that!
Any of you feel that way too?
So - in the midst of the craziness, 
I am determined to be intentional about enjoying each day 
throughout the holiday season -- 
I don't want to rush through Thanksgiving ... 
or Christmas....
despite my accelerated work travel -
I want to breathe...
and enjoy every moment -

Friday, November 14, 2014

Here's another favorite photo

from our recent camping trip -- 
 I've loved those colored acorns I see every year for a while now... 
But they're either too expensive, or just not in the right colors...
So when I saw a little packet of orange-toned ones
[ON SALE at Stein-Mart]
a few weeks back
I picked them up, knowing I could add a little paint 
and make them work for me.
I painted them one afternoon while Craig was watching ballgames 
[yes, we truly rough it - dontcha know - ha]
I painted a third of them purple... and a third green... 
leaving the orange ones to blend it all together...
[I admit it - my house is mardi gras colors --]
Note: These are NOT real acorns, 
though, I suppose you could do this with them 
[if you hot glue the caps on!] 
These are little bits of wood SHAPED like a acorn 
with real acorn caps glued on - 
I'm thinking they will last longer this way...
I  plan to put them in a little hanging vase 
I have  over my sink so I can enjoy the goodness of fall, 
even inside my house!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I loved the rustic look of this wreath

from the first time I saw it over on
SO I knew I wanted to make one of my own.
My sweetie cut the ZERO out for me from wood left-over from another project -- 
[I think they used heavy-duty cardbaord --[
Then I gathered sticks from the yard - 
AND made about 24 little pompoms with a large meat fork -
All of this was setting at the house waiting for me for a couple of weeks 
So -- I knew it would be a great project to take camping with us -
I packed up the trusty high-powered glue gun, 
along with extra yarn [and the fork] in case I needed more 
and put it all in the RV with the ZERO and the gathered sticks...
Then late one afternoon I set to work on the table just outside our door - 
I started with the bigger sticks  on the four right angles and 
added shorter and smaller sticks to fill in...
I had to gather more twigs from around our campsite
Then I glued on the pom poms to cover the ends - 
I think it looks kind of like cotton, do you?
This is it - hanging near the RV door - 
[OF COURSE we took it down before we traveled - ha.]
And this is theirs - 
You can find complete instructions at the link at the top of this post --
I love how mine turned out - 
even if it doesn't look just like theirs -
It's a fun, easy to do, wreath for the fall!

Monday, November 10, 2014

We had a little get-a-way

this weekend - and oh! 
How I needed it!
My work life has been CrAzY - 
... with travel plans made and cancelled and made again...
And again and again --
And again...
It was so nice to get away from all of that and 
be outside to enjoy God's glorious fall paintings!
I know that everyone doesn't love fall -  
But oh, my! 
I sure do!!
I love the woodsy smell of decaying leaves going to sleep for the winter...
I love the colors that God paints wide and 
wild and wonderful for us to enjoy!!!
And I love having the time to slow down 
and 'just be' with the love of my life
 with no agenda, 
exploring the area around us...
I mean, really - who wouldn't love a man 
who takes care of the tiny dog?
[Can you see her?
She has on her leopard print coat,
so she may be camouflaged just a bit - ha]
We went over to Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia 
and it was gorgeous! - 
We were concerned that we might have 
missed 'the color' by a couple of weeks - 
But really, I think we hit it at just the right time - 
The dropping temps this week will surely make the leaves drop as well -- 

We walked the paved walking trails one afternoon...
and enjoyed the hiking trails the next...
Our theory - a walk is on a paved trail and a hike is not...
a walk has guard rails...
and a hike might not - 
[All straight-out-of-the-camera shots --]

Friday, November 7, 2014

Favorite Photo Friday --

Here's a little photo from childhood --
 I always did love that little black printed dress.
I'm sure my Mama made the entire outfit -
She was an excellent seamstress!
[re-vamped at PicMonkey - free on-line!]

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Y'all know I gave up perfectionism

a while back,
1986, to be exact. Ha.
Here's a little art journal page I did last month.
[Inspired by Mindy Lacefield.]
I kind of love it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Last month we took a few days

to meet up with family and friends at the Happiest Place on Earth.

We LOVE Disney.
Of course, we had a date with the Main Mouse too!
We did the traditional 
ride-the -monorail-the-night before-going-into-the-parks
And while the Magic Kingdom was closed 
due to capacity crowds that day - 
The monorail was strangely empty...
And Craig timed it EXACTLY right so that we 
could see the fireworks as we went around Epcot.

And we had a great time being with our boys and their gals.

It is a great joy in life to see your children happy.
It's fun to have girls in my life! 
And they're always sweet to join in on my photo-op shenanigans!
[Craig picked up the Minnie Ears at Unclaimed before our trip -]

We also enjoyed meeting up with our sweet friends 
whom we’ve gone to Disney with MANY times throughout the years. 
 – odd to be there together and not have boys to herd. 
But still fun in a new way.

There was LOTS of fun things about this trip 
– free rooms [due to all my points from work travel – yay!] 
– valet parking [YES.] 
and lots of good food: 
Artist Pointe, food & wine festival – Liberty Tree – France – 
and breakfast at the Polynesian 
[and I wonder why I’d not lost a pound despite all the walking?!?]   

A trip to Disney is just not complete until you've gone through 
It's a Small World [afterall] 
with one of your best friends - 
And taken a whirl in the teacups, of course!
[my favorite ride]
I'll admit Matt gave me a spin I won't soon forget ---
But the problem with Disney this year was 
Oh. My.

Even at the Not So Very Scary Halloween Party 
there seemed to be wall-to-wall people. 
[AND mosquitoes - truly.
I've been to Disney MANY MANY times 
and have NEVER come away 
with mosquito bites, 
even when we camped.]

Don’t get me wrong – 
we had a blast,
 as we always do, 
but, gracious… times have changed. 

Even the boys noticed it.

Still, we had such a good time - 
the Halloween Party was awesome, despite the crowds.
- I'd hoped for a group photo, 
but these two were stuck on Pirates 
[almost had to walk off, how cool is that?!]
So I'll probably be 'shopping' the two together
 before I print it for the scrapbook - ha.
All in all, it was a great trip 
- and I'm sure we'll be back in a few years -
 in January, when the kids are all in school [no fall-breakers] 
and the weather is cool.
We can never stay away for more than a few years... 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Tonight I pulled together

 some of my favorite witches.
[Who am I kidding? 
We got together to scrapbook all weekend 
and they agreed to this for our Halloween Crop Dinner!]
Y’all know I love a party – 
AND my new doughnut pan –
 AND sprinkles!
[Although, I **DO** need to work on this icing thing – 
it keeps soaking into the donuts, still delicious though!]
I was able to arrive a little early to set a proper welcome 
with some bats and broom parking spots -- 
[the pumpkin was already there- so cute!]
And I love to set a pretty table 
– something I always enjoyed seeing my Mama do –
Everything here was pulled from my house 
or bought at a deep discount store 
– I picked up the bowls at Walmart and added a cute sticker…
The witch is from Kohls [on sale], 
and pumpkin lights are from a flea market in south Georgia [2 bucks -] – lol.
On the menu – white chicken chili
[easy to do ahead and keep warm in the crockpot],
 pumpkin cheese ball [made with salsa – NOT pumpkin, ha,] 
calico muffins [basically cornbread 
with some chopped red and green pepper mixed in,] 
and the donuts. Yum!
Place settings / Take-A-Ways:
I decided early on to have a couple of party favors 
and when I saw these little pumpkins at The Dollar Tree 
I knew I could use the cricut to monogram them 
just like the big versions we’re seeing all over the internet. 
And, since everyone doesn’t love Halloween 
quite as much as me, these were perfect for a little autumn decoration!
 I also wanted to make this fall chex mix [SO GOOD!] so I put it in these little bags I found and tied a skeleton on each one with a poem that I remember from EARLY childhood. Mama would always say it in a spooky scary voice… in a fun way, of course. 
Have you seen the ghost,
the ghost of John?
Long white bones
the rest all gone...
Wouldn't it be chilly
with no skin on?
– Was it in one of my sister’s school books? 
[I’ve had these skellies forever and never used them…]
 I also printed some free printables for our drink labels.
Note: Since this event was held at the Scrapbook Play House 
I used command hooks with my decorations!
[I think they are my new best friend! Ha.]
Except for the lollies - the command hooks don't work on popcorn ceilings so I had to find a stick to tie them to - then I taped it to the bannister with masking tape - 
gotta be innovative, people! 
 We had a prize for the best hat and Julie won!! 
Isn't it gorgeous?!?
I think everyone had a good time –
 we plan to stay up late crafting the night away…
Hmmm… now that we don’t have little ones to do Halloween with,
I wonder if this could become a yearly tradition?
Oops - should have cropped a little better 
so you couldn't see the masking tape 
holding the stick with the lollies - ha.
-- Real life, people -  
[I'll crop it before it goes in the scrapbook - ha.]