Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Back in the day

our Mama would make our birthdays special 
with a chocolate cake 
[I'm sure it was a mix, because the only cake 
I ever really knew her to bake from scratch was that coconut 
one with the syrup poured over it - oh my! But, I digress...]
with seven minute frosting
It always seems like A LOT OF TROUBLE. 
And it was only made for for special occasions, 
like our birthdays...
Somehow, a few months back we were all reminiscing and talking about childhood memories and the topic of our traditional birthday cake came up. 
 And I remembered that the frosting for Craig's favorite cake of all time [Tres Leches] 
was almost identical [and oh, so much easier to make!] 
So I whipped one up for my sweet sister in law's birthday back in January... 
[A chocolate cake from a mix 
and the delicious frosting I'm going to share with you today -]
Brother RAVED about how it took him right back to childhood...
And dare I share this? 
I got a photo [texted] of it before I could even get out of town 
and ALL the frosting had been eaten off the top. Ha. 
So, I knew I'd make one for his birthday as well -- 
Only the boys in my house had the grand idea to hollow out the middle of the cake and FILL it with this wonderful frosting. So I did. ha.
[And yes, I continue to use out-dated paper's not Thanksgiving y'all. 
Although - I am thankful for my brother.]  
So here's my 'Seven Minute' Frosting recipe 
[or marshmallow frosting as my boys call it - ] 
 Bring 1 cup sugar and 1/2 water to a boil in a saucepan.
 Meanwhile, beat three egg whites until stiff peaks form -
 Check the syrup, and boil to soft-ball stage - 
It's right there on the candy thermometer -
 When it's there, simply pour it into the egg whites while they continue to beat.
[I actually turned my egg whites off while waiting on the syrup to cook - 
Then turned them back on to beat it all together -] 
Continue beating until cool - 
Disclaimer: this is actually a double recipe so I'd have plenty for filling, 
your bowl may not be this full - and this recipe makes PLENTY for a regular two layer cake -
Then frost your cake.
I ended up having to cut a little 'lid' for the top because it all just kept sinking in...
I was able to meet brother for lunch on his big day 
[something we aren't' always able to do since we all live in differnet cities] 
He loved the cake....
But then saw the inside 
and realized he had a REAL treat.
And I've gotta say - it WAS delicious.
Good thing I sent it home with them to enjoy!
Have I started a new tradition?
Or brought back an old one?
Either way - it's fun to have a little bit of childhood on our birthdays, isn't it?
Oh, one other thing - don't make this on a rainy day - 
It just won't 'set' right, or might be grainy, etc.  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Yes. I finally had time to do some scrapbooking!

But I'll be honest and admit that MOST of my time was spent organizing photos - 
All my stuff was in a bin where I'd dumped it all sometime in October - 
Sad, isn't it?
I still enjoy pulling out pictures and paper...
But y'all know, I love a good messy time with Art too
Here's what I worked on [very quickly] last week 
when I got together with friends! 
Thought I'd put some snow photos  FROM LAST YEAR down on paper - 
This paper is from the $1 section of Target. 
I loved the foam Let it Snow border that I cut in half and used as a the title. 
[And yes - I went old-school with those cute penguin stickers - ] 
I saved a space for a photo I need to print - do y'all do this too?
Since the Food Truck 'season', as we call it here, is about to get started, I thought it was time to document some of the fun we had - again - last year. 
It really did make for a great little date night each month - and the food?
Y'all know I've already raved about the deliciousness of it all.
And this last one - - 
from our trip to Nashville to see Mindy Gledhill's show.
Her music is so fun!
We had a wonderful evening together.
And you'll notice that me and the nikon? 
- Well, we weren't the best of friends that night. 
But sometimes, you've just got to go with what you have.
[And what I HAVE is a photo from her instagram 
that will probably replace one of these - ha.]
Would love to see some fo the scrappy stuff you're up to these days!

Monday, March 16, 2015

So last week was a busy week  -

Full of training [we had a great group!]

Getting up early to be ready for each day...

The time-change about killed us –
 Prepping for my class at the end of the month – 
Art Journaling!

Stitching up a little something fun [and useful!] – 
deets coming soon, I promise!

and meeting up with a sweet on-line friend in real life.
So fun to meet someone for the first time 
and jump from topic-to-topic as we visited together!

[I was a total fan-girl! 

Yes. I asked her to sign my copy of her book]
PHOTO CREDIT - Elizabeth Dillow 
I was so tired when I got home Friday evening that I fell asleep on the couch and didn’t hear the phone ring the TWENTY times my sweetie called to check on me – 
the oldest had to come up to make sure I was alive –

And I was… groggy, – but breathing… 
I wonder if my iron is low again – or am I just old?!
On Saturday I took the time to be with some of my Scrappy Wacky Friend
[did I get that right? Wacky Scrappy?] 
It’s always a joy to get together and visit and share crafty fun. 
[And I got a few pages done too – 
but honestly, mostly because I knew I had a scrapbook blog post 
coming up Wednesday – ha.]

The youngest came into to town so I made a pot of chicken and dumplings for him – 
and, I’ve gotta say – it is
 SO MUCH BETTER if you boil a whole chicken and take it off the bone…

And then we had a wedding on Sunday that was held up on the mountain. 
It was such a beautiful day to be outside. 
[Shhh - I hope to give them a water-color of their cake - ]

Friday, March 13, 2015

Oops - I guess there's no denying

that I was a little messed up before lil' bro came along...
- Me and Sister with our sweet gr-parents 
celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
mmmm.... somewhere around 1963, maybe?
LOVE the 'L' on her blouse...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Are y'all like me?

With lots of little projects / ideas 
setting 'round the house
 just waiting [ever so patiently] to be completed?
Well, we finally got to one that's been waiting for a while...
 [not that we haven't gotten LOTS done 'round the house, because we've always got at least one project going on - but it's just that this one had been pushed to the side a bit...
Over and over and over again - lol.
I'm so very happy that we took the time to hang this cute mirror I've had for a while now.
{Be Yourself ... Live life with no regrets.}
And a little piece I picked up at HL and updated with paint to match our bedroom 
[and gold dots behind it!] to hang some of favorite jewelry on -
Topping it all off is a cute glass piece 
[Be still and know...]
I got last year during the silent auction at 
We're all getting together at the end of the month to scrapbook, and craft, 
and take classes [I'm teaching!] and just generally have a blast! 
But most importantly to raise money 
for this wonderful foundation 
that is working hard every day to find a cure for CF.
This year's them is Alice in Wonderland - 
I can't wait to see what everyone does with THAT.
[And yes, that's a project I've been working on as well!]
I'd love for you to join us!
[Just click the link above to find more info!]

Monday, March 9, 2015

Just a quick update of our week

... we went from this: 
 to this:
  in about 24 hours...
Just like many in the South...
And also this:
 [mostly ice, although it looks like snow -]
And then there was this:
 [but most of you have probably already seen that on facebook]
Me and the little super zoom [nikon] are best buds right now --
[Y'all know we have a love - hate relationship - but once it settled into the lighting...
well, it was the bomb diggity! 
- I hardly ever shoot manual so I was happy that it did the job for me!]
And of course there was this:
 - And honestly, it seems like 
National Pancake Day 
was just three months ago ---
[Kinda fun to be in the fracas!] 
And then there was this: 
-- 'melted streets' 
- and back to work for me for a half day on Friday --
 which I REALLY needed to do to be ready for next week....
And on Saturday morning there was this: 
And y'all, we still have a sold sheet of ice at least two inches thick 
over in the shade by our camper....
[And, yes. We love our gliders.]
I'll be the first to say that I was mighty sad to miss the BIG SNOW that happened while we were at The Gulf... but now, after this icy stuff... 
I'm ready for spring.
And I'm sure I'm not the only one....
 Oh, and happy birthday to this one... 
The one who took me from being 'the baby' 
to being 'the middle child'
... no need to wonder why I'm so messed up!
So glad he's in my life!
[Gotta love that camera on the towel next to us -]

Friday, March 6, 2015


All One Little Word images are from pinterest -

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sometimes I just need to spend time with Art...

And, while I'm not 'officially' doing any of the [wonderful] year-long
 classes / challenges out there... 
I am following along with a couple of groups that give me inspiration. 
[Inspired by those in the Journaling Bible Group  - FB]
Inspired by Stephanie Ackerman & The Documented Faith Group she has going on 
[with weekly inspiration - free]
Inspired by Donna Downy and her [free] Inspiration Wednesday Group on FB. 
Also a paid class with video lessons
[I'm not enrolled in that.]
Inspired by Mindy Lacefield
and for the class I'm teaching at the upcoming Wonderland Crop.
It's going to be fun, y'all!.
[This idea from pinterst...]
And, of course, inspired by Junelle Jacobson, 
the only class I've actually enrolled in this year.
She's SO FUN
- and such a great teacher!
[And we are LOVING the Gieco commercial that's on these days...]

Monday, March 2, 2015

A re-post --->

from 2012...
because we've been down to The Gulf - and while we had a good time, 
I just wasn't 'feeling it' since I just 
I might share more later... but for now, from 2012.....
I soooo love sunrise on the beach
- just ask our boys who endured 
[and hopefully have fond memories in looking back at] 
the many times we dragged them out of bed early to get out and have breakfast just as the sun peeped over The Gulf - oftentimes at the state park pavilion, and occasionally on the steps of those little bungalows The Lighthouse had sitting out on the beach 
[oh how I loved staying in those!] 
Sunrise on the beach is just a special time to [truly] feel God's goodness.
I really like this quote, from my 'Quote of the Day' a few days back:
Do not be too timid or squeamish about your actions. 
ALL life is an experiment. 
The more mistakes you make, the better. 
What if they're a little off course, and you may get your coat soiled or stained? 
What if you do fail and get fairly rolled in the dirt once or twice? 
Up again, you will never be so afraid of a tumble." 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
It's really the truth, isn't it? 
That it's through our little [or big] mistakes [or poor decisions, or bad choices] that we learn and become more resilient - And more confident in our choices. 
More confident in ourselves. 
This last year I've met so many people who are 
unsure of their choices; who are learning to trust their 'inner voice.'
Who are reaching out to God for forgiveness and guidance.
 As I've pondered this quote this week I've thought a lot about how some people believe they must be perfect to the point of it paralyzing them from truly living life - some people are too afraid to take a chance [on ANYTHING] for fear of making a mistake or taking a roll in the dirt... when in reality, all of life is a risk.
As we take those risks, small and large, we grow in confidence and trust. 
And the truth is - 
We're not perfect. 
Risk is a part of life.
We're going to make mistakes.
 As I was at the beach this week and
reminded again so vividly about the constancy of God, 
this song came to mind...
Great is thy faithfulness,
Great is thy faithfulness,
Morning by morning, new mercies I see...
All I have needed, they hand has provided...
Great is they faithfulness,
Lord unto me...
I am so blessed to have a Savior who knows my imperfections, knows that some of the risks of life and my choices around those, are going to result in a tumble now and then, and yet, He gives me a fresh start at the beginning of each new day.
Great is His faithfulness!!!