Tuesday, January 16, 2018

FINALLY. We have a

little snow 'round these parts - 
Here in Alabama it's just very hard to predict 
what might REALLY happen when snow is in the forecast... 
And y'all know I'd much rather be safe than sorry -- 
or stuck on the road somewhere...
 But I also kinda hate to use my leave if it's not going to get bad... 
So for the past couple of work days I've been in the office,
watching the flurries out someone else's window...
Until - finally...
It was announced that our office was closing - yippee! 
It was pretty icy on the windows!
 Our mandatory snowy photo before heading in where it's warm!
Of course my sweetheart had to gather some up for a bowl of snowcream! 
[Always makes me think of my mama -] 
I'm good to enjoy it from the windows...
But am hoping for more as the day goes on...
Stay warm my friends!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

We meet the second

Saturday of each month to share together and do some faith art or Bible Journaling.
I usually try to have an idea / inspiration to share...
 As you can see - I already had a bit of journaling on this page
so I had to adapt a bit to get it all on there - 
 I've LOVED Stephanie's doodle art for years
[that's one of her free printables on the scrapbook page of the angel boys -] 
and I so enjoy her take on documenting our faith! 
Here you can see that I traced a bit, 
and improvised a bit to get it to fit on my page -
Then I used colored pencils [prisma] 
to highlight the words and doodles.
Notice that I added the word 'because' to help it 
flow into the art that was already there - 
And lastly, I added pen to outline and shadow - 
Of course, I love her take on it best - 
But I'm happy with the way I could incorporate it onto my page - 
Let's purpose to delight in His Word this new year and 
let Him direct our paths!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I may have mentioned

that I committed to completing each and every one of the
in my interleaved Bible last year - 
and ---
I'm loving the 52 tabs across the top of my Bible for each word.
This is a fun art journal group that Effy Wild pulls together each year, and while the group is not really faith based, there are more than a few in there that put a faith spin on their art...
The interleaved Bible has a 2-sided blank page on every other page, 
so there's plenty of journaling space.
[inspired by google images - I tried to search the original artist on this 
and just couldn't find it...
Let me know if you know! ]
This was a fun year-long project that kept me on my toes
and searching scripture for just the right verses to use - 
I'll admit that I didn't always have time to work on the prompt 
during the week it was given, But! I did get them all done. 
And like with all of my art journal art, 
you can see that I'm all over the place with what I create...
 I did especially enjoy this one, because, let's admit...
how many times have we skipped over that first chapter in Matthew ?
Is it only me?
This little project helped some of those names come alive for me
- if that makes any sense at all... 
 And I know I've shared this one before - because
But I don't love all of them...
Still, I let them be, because it's where I was at the time
[if that makes any sense]
And I know everyone creates things they love more than other things... 
 Some ideas came straight out of this crazy head of mine 
And others were inspired by google images - 
[I search the verse {or word} + Bible Journaling an click on images] 
And I'm not ashamed to admit that I may have traced a time or two...
or three... or ...
I loved this clip art image and, try as I might, I just
could - not- draw - it... 
All in all, though, it was fun to get into the scriptures in
 a new and different way -
And it was fun to do some true art journal-y kinds of things in this Bible.
I know I'll continue working in it as the days go by.
What kinds of art projects did you complete last year?
What's in store for you this year?
I've got a few things I'm looking forward to sharing with you - 
Stay tuned!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Every now and then

we talk about how social media has changed the way 
family and friends share things -
continuously... and
sometimes overwhelmingly.
And I always say that if social media 
was around when our boys were younger 
I'd be an over-sharer too - 

 Because I sure thought they were adorable. 
As it was, the best I could do was order double prints from York [or K-Mart] and stick those extra copies in the mail to gr-parents and family and friends. 
and I'm sure some of them got a little tired of that too... 
This week, while I was doing some cleaning-out I decided to sort through our video tape selection - with the hopes of using our VHS player that copies to DVD...
We found  some that had no labels on them so my sweetheart wisely said we needed to scan through them to be sure not to lose any precious footage...
We found video of Drew's first [hot air] balloon ride at age 5 1/2 - 
[I'll share more on that soon] 
And also this video of their Christmas program at Hillwood in,In 1997.
So if I was sharing real-time, it would go something like this:
December 1997
The boys were so excited to be a part of the Christmas music at Hillwood [our church]. 
It was so fun to be with them as they were getting their angel costumes on backstage.
Matt was bouncing around and could hardly stand still - but when he got on stage 
he stood right where he was supposed to and 
sang all of the songs perfectly. 
[He was placed right in front of a mic, 
does that  mean they think he is as talented as we do?
Drew started out center stage with his speaking part 
and had to move from his singing position to his speaking position several times
 throughout the performance. 
He did such a  great job with his timing and remembering the words!!
We got a little video in the dressing room at the end and Matt gave dad a high-five and went straight to the camera and said, 
"See you at the next musical!" 
We're so glad they enjoy the music program at church - 
David and Donna do such a great job working with kids!
And of course, I made a scrapbook page to remember how precious they were - 
[But, honestly - I'd forgotten all about having it on video.]

Friday, January 5, 2018

Right Here

Right now - 
We're both still not well 
[Craig with his "ridiculous" back, 
and me with a sinus infection
that I'm blaming on the 80 + temps in my office all week.] 
But I had an eye appointment that was long overdue 
so I made myself get up and go.
[Dilation, anyone?]
And while not much has changed... 
we may have hit on a solution for my tired computer eyes - 
I'm looking forward to giving it a go - 
Have a great weekend, y'all!
[And STAY WARM - it's still below freezing
 in the middle of the day 'round these parts - ]

Monday, January 1, 2018

Many of you know that

I've been choosing a word, or thought, or scripture 
to focus on each year for the last few years... 
Well... ten years now, I guess...
Skipping one when I was still in the process of processing grief...
[because  it's always a process, isn't it?]
 Sooo.... this year my word is Trust - 
God has shown me over and over that He has a plan -
And I hold to that thought so much that a variation is my password at work so that I type it over and over in some form or fashion each day...
And lately, it just seems that some of the things I've been praying about 
are about to be answered... 
and then they're not... 
so I have to TRUST that His ways [and timing] are better than mine... 
I know He has a plan. 
And I'm looking forward to seeing how He works things out for  His glory -
 As in past years, I plan to share a thought about my one little word here on the blog wach month - 
These images will most likely come from the world wide web...
And I've also joined up with my friend, Bernice, and a couple of her friends to [art] journal my way through the year with my word. 
Sharing that here so that I will be held accountable to some degree - lol.
Happy New Year, y'all. 
[The art above was actually created a few years back - 
one of my favorite verses!]

Sunday, December 31, 2017

I've almost completed

my December daily!
Here's the deal - I go through the entire month - 
It is a December DAILY, after all...
Not a December 25... 
And, also - we tend to stretch our Christmas celebration out between at least three gatherings and sometimes those happen after the 25th...
Side note: I love having our tree in this bucket this year!
Let's see if I can share these in a bit more order this time - lol -
We both traveled some for work so I included photos of the trees at my office - 
Altho- I don't think I took a photo of that page to share - ha
I came home and got busy with the Christmas baking / candy making 
[and will say, that these little goodies were not the hit I expected them to be - we mostly ate the tried and true family fudge recipe and chocolate cookies and favorite peanut butter cookies - more than enough goodies for us - ] 
We also pulled Lottie out and decorated her for Christmas.
Two reasons: I wanted a Christmas card photo - and
we're going to Jingle in July so I wanted to 'test' everything out to see what works best for her - Gotta admit - I love Frosty with her!
Then our washing machine took its last spin-ny breath, 
so, wheee... a new machine for us - 
So thankful to be in a place where we can just go and get one - It's not always been that way for us, so we don't take it for granted  -
And yes, 
There's the card - going out a little late, after digging up addresses for a few days since they were all lost in the great computer crash of '16.
And then it was time for our family Christmas - 
Notice I added flip ups on both pages, because...
while I committed to one photo per day, I just couldn't help myself - ha.
Love my family!
Such a great day of being together!
Christmas Eve was filled with church and more family time...
Then Christmas Day we were off to Tennessee for extended family time!
Enjoyed time with that part of the family 
and missed those who couldn't be with us!
But! We had to stop at the ER on the way back into town for my sweetheart to have his back checked out -  nothing too serious, but it's taking him some time to get back to 'normal.'
Then I included the photos of the icicles we saw while on the road - becasue, baby, it's cold outside, but the heater in my office WILL NOT TURN OFF so it's 84* inside, 
and I'm not even kidding. 
 We're dressing like it's July - lol.
I'm ending my shares with a couple of pages from the last week of the month - 
And yes - I broke the mold and put two pages on a page - lol
We had one last gathering on the 30th [and I took plenty of photos then..].
And our traditional gathering of friends is on the 31st -
Both of those pages will be filled with flip-ups, I'm sure. 
So that's my take on the Daily December photo album -  
I know I'll be doing some 'regular scrapbook pages to tell the stories of the year - but I love these quick little albums that give me a nice re-cap of what was happening in our lives...

Well, obviously,

I  didn't go into the detail I wanted to about those books in the last post. 
Let's just say I enjoyed them all!
I hope to give better [short] reviews in the future!
But for now - 
Onward - 
or backward, if you will...
A little yearly re-cap showed on my FB memories today
and I thought it might be fun to TRY and do it again...
Let's go - 2017
January -
 It's no surprise that we were still celebrating with family
 from far and near -  
February -
I shot a gun...
Maybe for the first time... maybe the second.
It was fun.
March - 
Cousins' Gathering!
April - 
 Love our family time!
May - 

Got to see one of my favorite angel carvings in Bay St. Louis, MS.
So beautiful.
June -
 Sister and I saw Micky Dolenz in concert 
and sat close enough to touch the stage.
Fun in so many ways - 
July - 
"Our" precious baby boy 
decided to join us a few weeks earlier than expected!
August - 
Spending time with our family to experience 
the eclipse together was awesome!
Thank you, Drew for making it happen!
And enjoying those crystal clear waters of 
Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St, John 
was pretty awesome too!
September - 
was ALL about getting #LottieScotty ready to go -
We probably spent 4-6 hours EVERY evening working on her - 
[Search the tag above, or hashtag to see what all we accomplished!]
October - 
A couple of trips  with Lottie...
November -
With #LottieScotty -- and friends!
December - 
Peaceful Christmas times...
KittyLou and I so enjoyed our little tree in the bedroom...
These are just a few pictures of the year - 
Make no mistake - it was year filled with joy, but also heartache...
A year with lots of traveling... and fishing... and yoga...
But also a year of LOTS of hard work, 
including a few changes around both of our work situations... 
But the job is what helps facilitate the fun...
This was also a year full of so many good everyday moments that aren't always captured on a camera or shared with the [social media] world... 
Look for the joy in the every-day moments.
Trust The One who has a plan for us -
He will always walk by our sides...
in the good... and in the bad that life throws at us...
Happy New Year!
May 2018 be awesome for you!