Friday, June 24, 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I’ve had a box of ‘wooden’ slats

 [from blinds a neighbor tossed out] in a box for a few years now…
They were originally used to make crafty wall hangings at a family reunion a few years back… 
I was getting ready to toss them myself and then decided we could make a mini version of the pallet flags that are so 
trendy these days. 
 So I used the ever-trusty E-6000 glue to secure 
a couple of slates to the back 
[ you can see how, above]
and some of us joined together to make our own version. 
LOVE that I decided masking tape would be the simplest way to add some color 
[with WAY less mess.] 
LOVE that everyone put their own spin on their project. 
[Love the shower curtain from Khols that I bought to use as a square table cloth - lol.]
LOVE our group photo that shows our creativity. 
[LOVE this little family of mine.]

Monday, June 20, 2016

OMGoodness. I love my family

 – love that we can just be ourselves together
 and love that we soooo enjoy being together….

At one point during our recent gathering we had two in the kitchen visiting, two in the den catching up together with a little fishing show thrown in, one asleep on the couch, one dancing around the living room feeling the beat with a cell phone pressed to her bottom 
[it wasn’t me!] 
a couple sitting outside enjoying the day, 
And the rest immersed in a super fun reality game where you can 
walk in space and throw planets around. Cool.
 I think the ones watching others on the screen had almost as much as fun as those 'in' the game! [And you got it - there's no problem with moving the furniture around to enjoy our time.]
 Seriously it was a wonderful day of just BEING together. We don’t do it often enough.
And you know what, I could doctor these photos up 
[and probably will a bit before I print them - ha] 
so that you don’t see the REAL LIFE that was happening all around us – the full garbage can – gotta love it – workman’s crap – umm, STUFF all over the yard – shutters on the ground and leaned against the house, dog toys piled on top of the crate, breakfast dishes in the sink, ladders, ladders, EVERYWHERE…etc. etc. etc.
No one lives in a Pinterest Perfect world, y’all.
  Sure, we cleaned and tidied up, and I got my summer d├ęcor out… 
But the day was more about the people than the things…
Well… maybe it was a little bit about the food too – 
My sweetheart cooked his delicious fish and fixins! 
Others brought ‘sides’ to share together… 
and we ended with a little make-your-own ice cream sundaes!
  So much fun - and we don't do it often enough, so we?
I'm thinking Mama's beef stew and a big ole pot of chicken stew 
for our next gathering... what say ye?
We ended our day with just us at local Mexican meal with plenty to share.
Does my heart good to have us all together!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Gotta wonder

 what happened in here

while I was out of the office for a week...
Right here. Right now. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Remember a few years ago

when I was intentional about eating fresh during the summer?
Well.... I'm baaaaaacccccckkkk.
 At least I'm going to make an effort - lol.
We love the fresh veggies of summer!
This week we bought beets, squash, lettuce, 
new potatoes and sweet potatoes.
So here's what I did:
Cubed everything up and roasted in the oven -
That's the squash on one side and chicken and onions on the other...
I drizzled a little olive oil over it all....
I also added the new potatoes and sweet potatoes to the mix after getting them 
started in the microwave first....
While the chicken and veggies were in the oven, I made the salad.
Y'all know this is a favorite of mine - 

 Fresh roasted beets [wrap in foil to bake and use plastic gloves [[or a grocery sack in this instance]] to peel, using a spoon - ha] then slice over greens and add some goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. Oh. My.
So. Good.
So here it is before we served it up - 
It didn't take much time to make it look yummy.
 The result - delicious. 
And one could argue - why go to the trouble to put it ON the skewer 
if you're just going to take it OFF to eat it -- 
Presentation, it makes food look yummy!
2nd meal: white beans and cornbread with fried squash -
Always a favorite. 
And I still have a few squash left to grill up and serve with the extra chicken I cooked while the oven was going.  It's really not so hard to cook a good meal at home...

Friday, June 10, 2016

My Bible Study group

is going through Kay Arthur's book on the names of God, 
and I decided it would be nice to have the names large 
in the margins of my Bible so I could find the verses easily. 
 [Side note - I often put the topics on the side of pages like this
 in our training manuals so they can be easily found.]
So here's a few pages to share with you today - 
Note that I'm trying to keep it uniform with the same style lettering [hand drawn]
and colors throughout... 
Had to pull out the full water color set for that -- 
[Second side note: I love to study The Word and create while out in nature...] 
There's a problem with these vibrant colors though --  
They tend to show on the back - not really a bleed through, but messy, just the same. 
I've tried a couple of ways to cover it:
white paint [still shows thorugh]
gesso and tissue [ TOO wrinkley]
I think I'll have stick with plain white paper and mod podge... 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

So – I’m late to the party,

--- as usual…
[said in my best Eeyore voice…]
But it seems like EVERYONE is using take-offs of the 
midori traveler’s notebooks  these days ---
[not an endorsement of this seller - 
just a link to show what I'm talking about -
I know nothing about this specific cite. ]
I know you’ve seen them – even if you’re not aware of the origin…
AND they are really cute, and handy, and easily transportable. 
Ha. [Is that a word?]
 Somehow, I seemed to have started collecting them – lol – 
Mostly from the Illustrated Faith Kits – but from some other sources too…. 
And I remembered Debby Schuh sharing 
a little tutorial back in the day 
[now a class she teaches around THE WORLD] 
about a fun way to corral them, and also 
Christy Jordan sharing how she just made her own…
And I thought to myself – It’s a wonderful life.
Truly – isn’t it wonderful that we have ALL OF THESE RESOURCES right at our fingertips?
But I really thought to myself, Hey - I can do that too!
That’s when I starting googling, or binging, or yahooing… 
and realized that the whole take-off began about two years ago. 
[Seriously – lots and lots of blog posts from 2014 about how people are using them!]
 So this is my take of it – ha.
I’ve had a couple of children’s books tucked away for this use since 
Debby’s original post – so I decided to GET BUSY. 
 First I had to gut the book – It’s easily done with scissors 
[An exacto knife would make quick work of it also!] 
Using a thumb tack to make the holes on the spine, and a giant embroidery needle to hold the elastic, I threaded and tied until I had five bands down the middle of the book.

I also added a little charm to the binding… Then I just tucked the book[let]s inside. 
The elastic you see sticking out is from a piece I used to tie it shut - I rarely use it now, as it mostly stays closed on its own...
 I have five little notebooks in mine – 
 1] a travel highlights / diary / planner [Enjoy the Little Things – Together] – 
I'm using a couple of pages each month to highlight our little trips [to jog my memory for when I scrapbook them later - ]
 I made this one – So easy – just measure and cut patterned paper for the outside and plain paper for the inside – You could easily use grid paper, or lined paper as well.
 2] An Illustrated Faith Devotional [right now it’s “Blessings or Lessons.”] 
You can see I added tabs to each book...

 3] My daily food counter [– Looking Good -]  I made this one too!
[I need to make peace with this whole healthy body thing - ha]
  It’s not all professional looking – but I love having a place to track the foods I need to be putting into my body [hello oatmeal and tuna and milk – lol] 
Eat to live, not live to eat
and all that, you know -- 
 I also track my exercise by putting a little yoga / walking icon 
on those days that I get going.
  4] Is blank right now – but I plan to use it for Daily Pages .
 [- Right Now –] where I just spend a few moments letting the words flow out… 
[Is that from The Artist’s Way?]
Or to track the blog posts I plan... It’s one I got from Amy Tangerine.
 And 5] Another one from Illustrated Faith that I use for – Prayer – 
[Amen – Amen – Amen] where I do a little ‘prayer mapping’ 
[my term, I think – ha] 
to stay focused during my conversations with God…
So that’s it – and I love that my book is titled- Angel in Charge It made me think of the verse, “For He will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.” 
- Psalm 91:11, New Living Translation – 
In fact, I’ll probably do a little printable with that verse and put it on the inside cover… 
Other people add pockets, pen holders, photo pages, etc. 
There are lots and lots of ways to make it your own. 
And I love that you can swap the notebooks out at any time!
[The most important thing is to choose a book that is the right size to cover your notebooks.]
Let me know – 
Have you been using these for a while now? 
How do use them – daily? Weekly? For Travel or journaling?
I’d love to hear your ideas!