Class - Catching Fireflies

Catching Fireflies – Teaching Your Heart to See God’s Light Everywhere
by Patsy Clairmont [Best-Selling Author and Women of Faith Speaker]
In the book, Patsy writes, “I hope this book will offer you new understanding and thoughts that kindle your desire to seek God in fresh ways. Together we will explore different kinds of illumination that help us find that path…. I believe just as surely as God had a place assigned for the sun, moon, and stars, He has a place for us as His light holders. A place where we get to shine.”  
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The book is not required for this class, but it’s an EXCELLENT read 
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and can be purchased at the link above, as well as at most bookstores 
[I picked mine up at Barnes & Noble.] 
I love the different kinds of light that Patsy uses to illustrate God’s goodness. It was so hard to pick only 5 for us to focus on together, but I plan to share some of my favorites [and the ones that touched my heart] with you during the time we spend together. 
I'm changing things up a little for this class - all ‘classes’ will be posted on the blog,  
Anyone can participate for one or more weeks. 

Dig in and be inspired by Patsy's writings! 

 Excerpts from the book will be posted on Mondays with Faithbooking Prompts and a sketch for your use. My take will be posted on Wednesdays. I’d love to see your work! If you’re participating, please join the FaithBasedPagesClasses Yahoo Group [link on the blog] where we will share discussion as well as our faith based pages. A participation prize will be randomly drawn from those who complete all five lessons [layouts must be posted on the Yahoo group above to be entered. ]


Patsy Clairmont: “A Chinese saying suggests, ‘It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.’ That truth is worth pausing over and caught my attention because I’m given to highlighting the negative before I discover the positive. I’m not sure why that is…At the Relay For Life for cancer survivors, they place luminaries along the high school track in memory of those who have died fighting cancer. .. Instead of being depressed over their losses, they are celebrating their loved ones’ lives. Instead of forgetting the problem, those left behind are helping to find a cure for others… [I love the word instead; it reminds us that we have a choice.] … For many years when I heard of other people’s bad news, I moaned, ‘I could never bear that.’ Since those years I’ve gone through some crushing blows, much more than I thought I could bear, only to find that in my weakness I discovered new levels of Christ’s strength. The candelabra-truth that our God rises up mighty in our weakness blazes throughout scripture, as God’s people repeatedly fell on their faces in fear and rose up in courage…

There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle. – Robert Alden

Make a list of times when you have knelt down weak and risen up strong. Rehearse them until you have them securely fixed in your heart to reference the next time you find it hard to be courageous or the next time you get to share your flame to light someone else’s candle.”

My take:
I’ve struggled with anxiety for many, many years of my life. Sometimes it’s like a knife stabbing me in my gut and other times I have the freedom of knowing my Lord is in control.   I guess we all struggle with a sense of control over our lives and surroundings… it’s during those times of anxiety that I know I underestimate my Lord. Because I know [I have seen it time and time again] that He will always provide the peace I need whatever the situation. He is faithful.

Flash Light

Patsy Clairmont: “If you live in my house, you will receive a flashlight for Christmas. It’s a rule – unwritten – but you can count on it. Every year whether you need one or not, a flashlight will be either in your stocking. In a gift box, or a part of the decoration on top of a package. If it isn’t presented to  you by one of those methods, when you return to your bedroom, it will be blinking on your pillow bedecked with ribbons...for me it has taken flashes of light from God’s Word to replace the old, dark messages and behavior…I still struggle with bouts of shame when I don’t live up to the impossible standards I’ve placed on myself. But I’m grateful that I continue to make progress, as I give myself permission to make mistakes and even at times to disappoint others when I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.”

Deuteronomy 32:4, 10 -14
“God’s Works are perfect and He is fair in all of his dealings. He finds us – even in our wasting places. Scripture goes on to say that Father God encircles us, cares for us, and guards us. What a protective picture. Allow that kind of care to saturate your thoughts. Pause and meditate on it.”

Faithbooking Prompts [Questions from the book]:
  • What about God is hard for you to believe?
  • What flashes of light from God’s Word address your struggles?
  • Who is your circle of accountability?

My take:
When the boys were younger my dad always, always bought them a flashlight for Christmas [‘Every little boy needs a light  to guide his way.”]  How wonderful it is that our God is always willing to guide us – to go before us and prepare our way. I do love that His Word is lamp unto our feet and gives us fresh wisdom that is needed in whatever circumstance we might be in at the time.

Morning Light

Patsy Clairmont: “Have you ever noticed how invigorating dawn light skipping across wooden floors is?...Morning births opportunities. I like that. Because some days become sullied, and I find it encouraging to know that within hours, a new day will unfold with a potential fresh start…God’s mercies [compassion] are new every morning. I think we don’t begin to ‘catch’ His mercies because it’s so easy, at least for me, to be focused on what’s not working. This is a broken planet; we don’t have to look far for troubles…may God remind us of His mercy toward us, which is bestowed anew every day, just as sure as the sun rises and shines its light on us.

‘The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, 
shining ever brighter till the full light of day.’ Proverbs 4:18

Tomorrow is a new day, fresh with God’s mercies. May we purpose to catch a basketful of compassion and extend it to others.”

Faithbooking Prompts [Questions from the book]::
  • When was the last time your morning went askew?
  • Who are the intercessors in your life?
  • Who holds the keys to your freedom? List some new mercies in your life.

This is the prompt or Bible Journaling - I hope it inspires you.
[Feel free to print it full size and trace.]

My take:

I suggest taking a photo of ourselves enjoying the morning light our God has created… I love the scene in “Angels…” where all the angels gather to face the sun [and worship The Son] every morning. I’m so thankful that my God holds the keys to my freedom – to my life – and promises to never leave me or forsake me no matter how many times I ask the same things over and over again. He shows me new mercies each and every day – but I see it most often in His patience with me as I, a mere mortal, struggle to understand his ways…

Catching Fireflies

Patsy Clairmont: “I can still feel the same tummy-giggle at the sight of lightening bugs that dotted the landscape with magic. Those pinpoint flashes sent us kids dashing down the hill to capture them in our glass jars. Then we would line up the jars on the picnic table, creating a row of luminous lanterns. Oh, how they glowed!” Patsy goes on to talk about going to sleep with the fireflies next to her bed and having ‘firefly’ dreams…then she talks about how God uses dreams to speak to us  - like the one given to a lady who had never even heard of Patsy Clairmont – to tell her that “God has Not forgotten Her.”  Patsy goes on,   “My friend, God has not forgotten you. He knows your sorrow, your troubles, your finances, your fears, and your dreams – and He has not forgotten you. He promises to redeem our hardships for good. Sometimes we think that if God doesn’t fix or change our struggles, then He must have forgotten us. Nothing could be further from the truth. … A life of faith involves seeing past what’s happening today and believing in God’s redemptive care in our tomorrows.

This is the prompt or Bible Journaling - I hope it inspires you.
[Feel free to print it full size and trace.]
‘I Know that You can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.’
– Job 42:2

Five Luminous Lanterns to help us during our night to know that God hasn’t forgotten us:

1. Be Still       2. Listen         3. Believe      4. Discern     5. Accept

Be attentive when it’s the darkest, for that’s when lightening bugs do their best work…and nothing fans faith’s imagination like the dance of a firefly!
Faithbooking Prompts [Questions from the book]:
  • Did your childhood sparkle with fireflies?
  • What important dreams have you had?
  • What do you tend to do when you don’t know what to do?
  • When have the heavens seemed silent to you?
My take:
I LOVE fireflies! Love them. Really, every March I wait expectantly for the first little blink of light in the trees around our house – and by midsummer our yard is practically aglow with them! Love them. They’re just a little joy in life. A little bit of light in the darkness that reminds me of simpler times when any dream I had might come true. I was saved when I was 7 yeas old and as my relationship with the Lord grew I turned to Him to guide my dreams – to learn the choices He wanted me to make as I travel through this world. And I’ve found that in those times when I might be a little confused [or obstinate -?]  about what He wants me to do if I’ll just be still and listen…believe that He has great plans for me, discern where He’s leading and accept this – even when I don’t understand – then things will always work out best.

This was the faithbooking prompt for a scrapbook page / layout....

And here is what I did... 


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