Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[an edited repeat from past years...]
How do you feel about Santa Claus?
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St. Nicholas
I was first introduced to St. Nicholas as a freshman in college when my dear friend Grace [whose grandparents on both sides of her family came to the US from the Netherlands] put a wooden shoe, filled with candy, outside my door on December 6th. [Still have that shoe, btw.]
I’ve loved the idea of St. Nicholas ever since!
There’s a lot of fact and folklore about him today, but most believe he was a real person and that the idea of Santa Claus came from the acts of goodwill that he did.
[Random Acts of Christmas Kindness, if you will - more on that later in the month.]
Here’s a link that tells his story briefly.
I’ve always wanted to have “Santa Claus” visit our boys on December 6th and keep Christmas sacred [or, practically --at least spread out the gift-receiving a little for them], but differed to C’s wishes. So instead, for the last 25 years, our boys have always received a chocolate Santa on December 6th. [Granted there were some years when I was out at 5 a.m. to get these Santas because of our crazy schedule! – but it was done!] This year we mailed a few to our college boys and sneakily placed one outside the oldest's new home, for him to find this a.m.
So, Happy St. Nicholas Day to you!
At our house Santa has always been pretend.
Our boys were never taught he was real, but more just a character of the secular celebration of Christmas [kind of like Mickey Mouse – celebration of magical place] who left gifts for them on Christmas morning. They’ve always known that Mom and Day were “Santa.” We’ve had a few Santa photos through the years [we have those Mickey ones too!] and we’ve had fun with it, but have always, always tried to help our boys see that
Jesus truly is the reason we have anything at all to celebrate in this life.
We hope that in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season you can take the time to see a tiny baby lying in a manger who died so we might live eternally.
What a hope we have because of Him!


Jean said...

What a cool idea to do the chocolate Santas. Dec 6th is my daughter's birthday so that was our celebration.

Carolyn McCravy said...

Jane...just found your blog..VERY interesting....you are a talented young lady and I'm so glad I met you! Hope to see you Saturday!!

Carolyn McCravy said...

Judy....so sorry I called you Jane...I was having a "senior moment".....I hate when that happens!! I still think you're awesome....whatever name I put on there!!! LOL

LindainNCtoo said...

Joseph, our son, knew at a very early age that Santa was not real, but pretend.

When he was under the age of 5, he believed in Santa. After that, no, he did not believe in Santa. {BUT} the idea of surprise gift giving was and still is present and fun because he likes to do " From: Santa " on gift tags, etc.

Since money has been tight the last few years, it has helped that he knew that there was no Santa.

We always celebrate Jesus and read from the Bible Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from the Gospels.

Just a simple gal said...

Jean - glad you can celebrate your daughter's bd separate from Christmas - my sister's is the 14th and we always put our tree up on her birthday - kinda sad for her..
Carolyn - NOT a problem - you should've heard my mom and me trying to remember things this past weekend - lol
Linda - you're comment made me think of how the concept of Santa is a little unfair for the kids who get nothing [I know you're son isn't one of them]and see others getting BIG things from Santa when Christmas should be more about The One who loves us all - regardless of circumstance or need or talent or sins...aren't we blessed to KNOW HIM --