Friday, October 12, 2018

Y'all know we tend

to pack a lot into any trip we take - 
and our recent trip to New England was no exception.
Craig had some work up that way and I tagged along...
 We zigged and zagged and hit the highlights since we had such a short amount of time...
we knew we could never see it all...
I'd originally planned on sharing just a couple of photos from each day...oops. 
There's so many to choose from [I love digital!] 
Here goes:
First up - Vermont and New Hampshire:
The BEST apple cider donuts!! 
LOTS of gorgeous colors on the trees!
And of course the witches' window, that we happened upon...
Look closely at the window in the back part of the house...
It's sideways - witches prefer to fly in a straight line - lol.
Now some favorites from Boston - 
We hit some highlights on the Freedom Trail - 
LOVED the memorial to veterans...
And of course, picking up Matt at the train station was THE HIGHLIGHT
since he's recently moved to NYC -
Cape Cod was cool - 
As with EVERY PLACE ,we wish we'd had a bit more time...
This seaweed is so weird...
And the beaches so different from our beautiful Gulf Coast...
 Clyde's Cider Mill in Connecticut gets ALL the press - 
And there WAS quite the crowd on the day we visited -  
 But, we preferred the apple cider donut 
from Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Vermont -
 I LOVED learning all about cranberries!
So fun to get into a bog together!
Who knew they use helicopters during harvest?
Plymouth was cool...
we searched out a lighthouse...
And, of course, saw Plymouth Rock...
I don't think the Pilgrims etched the date in it, though - 
Salem was BUSY because of all of the Halloween activities...
The parade [with Hocus Pocus theme] was the night we were there... 
Fun to see the Bewitched statue - lol...
And a farmer's Market in the middle of such OLD buildings...
And a QuaHog shell on the beach -
a giant clam -
[We ate one later in the week!]
And GREEN cornstalks put up for decoration - 
Maine was GORGEOUS.

That is all.
Even on this very rainy messy day - 
We had such a great time - 
And ate THE BEST clam chowdah EvAH. 
The Light House Ferry tour was COLD.
But so great! 
[I was happy to have the coat I purchased at the LL Bean Outlet!]
We saw 12 light houses...
All shapes and sizes...
Including the one from Moon Rise Kingdom.
We spent time in both big cities
 and small towns in Rhode Island... fun. 
And we finished up our time in New England visiting Walden Pond and 
the DeCordova Art Musem .
I loved it.
Art sculptures were all over the 35 acres!
I even created my own - ha.
I've got SO MANY photos that I love, so I'll do another post with foliage photos...
and maybe the houses I loved ---
And our hotels, Oh. My. 
Craig did such a wonderful job choosing some great ones!
And what about our favorite meals?!
I'll share those soon!

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