Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Lotty Scotty Update #007-2018

We had such a fantastic time in the North Georgia Mountains 
with 30 + vintage campers! 
We were at Riverbend Campground in Hiawassee Georgia.
A family owned campground that is just wonderful!
 [Still loving our little table and mix-matched chairs!]
Craig was the camp host for this little gathering 
and he did a great job planning things so everyone was welcomed and well informed -
I made these little pennants to serve as a banner on the camper - 
We plan to make one for each vintage camper 
that attends the spring and fall rally events we host -   
Question: should they be a different color each time?
So. This may be a little picture heavy - but here goes -
We got up early to travel - and y'all know I LOVE to see a pretty sunrise! 
This photo does not do it justice - 
the sun was HUGE Thursday morning!
We were set up by mid afternoon - and I know I posted on fb and Insta already - 
Our previous awning was a 1961 model and while it was truly vintage it has some wear and tear on it. I think this one is gorgeous. It's striped on top [just like the other one] with scallops of print and solid colors. - Just so [so] pretty!
See those windows up top?
It's just so neat to wake up in the middle of the night 
and see the moon shine through them.
And we did wake up because it got COLD y'all. 
Wonderfully cold.
Like a preview of fall cold...
But. So. Nice.
And the moon was ALSO HUGE each night we were camping - 
Just a beautiful weekend to be outdoors!
It was also so cool to see the light bounce off the water in the little creek 
and flicker along the leaves behind our campsite. 
Contrary to popular belief - 
we do take time to relax now and then...
We went into Helen, GA one afternoon and enjoyed driving out to Unicoi State Park - 
so beautiful [but always full, I think...] 
We enjoyed some good German food,
and crossed the Appalachian Trail, so of course stopped and "hiked" a moment...
Love the steps for easier hiking...
One of our fellow campers saw a bear along side the road...
alas, we did not...
Another afternoon we went to a local vineyard for live music - which was supposed to be bluegrass, but much to Craig's disappointment, was not. 
Still, it was fun to see the rows of grapes ready for harvest...
And we had time to visit with other camping friends who were also there - 
We also REALLY enjoyed having our bikes with us on this trip.
They're just plain fun, y'all. 
I can pedal and zip around with the battery when I get tired. 
[It's the best!!]
 We rode all over the campground, but also enjoyed the little trail along the creek and around the hay field that bordered the camp sites. 
We found the little waterfall - 
and yes, it was very peaceful to be out there with 'country' smells and the sounds of rushing water. It took me right back to my Honda50 field riding days - lol
I still love how we have Lottie decorated inside - 
I'm going to have to re-visit the ceiling this winter.. and am contemplating just painting it so it looks like wood... or maybe getting REAL wallpaper that looks like wood...
This re-positional wallpaper has shrunk and pulled apart at the seams... 
But I love the look of it still.
Our Mickey / Minnie tags help us know which bin has each of our clothes in it - lol.
The other bins hold towels and the coffee pot, etc. ha.
As we were leaving town we stopped to get a photo of Lottie with a few of the mountains behind her - She's traveled a few miles in the year we have had her!
Side note: THIS is how we carry our bikes - 
Craig found a bike rack that goes into the extended trailer hitch. 
It's perfect!
So it was a full and wonderful weekend - 
Our only regret is that we didn't have enough time to really visit 
with some of out camping friends! 
Hopefully next time we can have a little more time to just hang out together!

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