Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Not the Boss of Us

I was intrigued by this title since that is something I say all the time 
when I give suggestions or opinions or whatever - 
I'm not the boss of you --
Kay Wills Wyma does a fantastic job breaking down 
all the things in life that can overwhelm us - 
Not the Boss of Us
She lists the thing that overwhelms and offers a replacement as she takes us along on conversations with her children.
For example - instead of being overwhelmed with appearance - be overwhelmed by the beauty that is in us [and all around us!] Instead of being overwhelmed by bitterness - be overwhelmed by forgiveness [one of my favorite chapters!]
She states that while Truth and hope can be hard to see in the midst of being overwhelmed - we can find them... and she gives us ways to do just that!
 I'll admit that underlined so [so] many things - but one of the most important is, "
You don't have to wake up every morning and perform in order to be loved..." and, 
" Not everything about any of us is perfect. That really is the beauty of it." 
And this - "Real life is better. Always." 
She helps us realize that all the pressure put upon us 
[by others, by technology, by social media, BY US]
 are really not the boss of us - 
"they don't get to crowd out today. Today has merit and can lived and enjoyed." 
She shows us how to find sacred in the ordinary and live our lives within God's truth. 
Get your copy today - you will be glad you did!
Note this book was received from Revell Publishing Company for review purposes --
ALL opinions stated are mine - 

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