Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Lottie Scotty Update #004-2018

When we updated / restored Lottie Scotty
[ #LottieScotty ]
we took out the stove and propane -
I've never cooked on the stove inside a camper 
1 - it stinks it up real fast - and 
2 - it's just a safety issues I don't want to deal with ...
 So I'm embracing the electric skillet as we're camping more - 
And TRULY, there's so many meals you can pull together with it!
So I wanted to see if I could BAKE in it -
We picked up this little muffin tin at a thrift store - 
and it fits perfectly inside the electric skillet we have in Lottie - 
So I mixed up a little cornmeal, egg and milk...sprayed the pan good with cooking spray, and put the pan on a little rack [pout of my instant pot.]   I set the lid on securely and set the temperature at 350*. Then just cooked until done - 
Note - they will not be brown on top [or maybe I took them out too early - ha] 
Also - I should've added a little oil or butter, but alas I'd left that at home and we didn't run to the store to get any until breakfast the next morning. 
I LOVE that I now know I can bake - 
corn muffins - cupcakes -- what else? -
in the electric skillet!
How cool is that?!
This is fast becoming our 'first night' camping meal - 
rotisserie chicken, veggies, rice -- and now 
corn muffins or rolls!
 Let me know how you use the electric skillet in new 
[and exciting] ways!!

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