Friday, October 27, 2017

Lottie Scotty Update No. 016 - 2017

Many of you know that Craig signed us up for a 
Vintage Camper Rally over a year ago... 
It gave us something to look forward to, 
but also kept us on track to get her finished up by a deadline...
Then somewhere in the whirlwind of the 90 days we were working on Lottie I decided that we needed to to do a 'dry-run,' if you will, prior to the rally 
- Just to test her out and see what needed tweaking, repairing, etc.  
So we set her up over at the Space and Rocket Center RV Campground 
the weekend before the rally...  [It was kind of neat to see all the space-campers come through to shoot their rockets while we were cooking breakfast one morning...]
We had our long-time camping buddies come out for chili 
that I made ahead of time and put in the crock pot as soon as we got set up.
 [Side note - we were all set up in about an hour and half, so that 's good to know...]
 and of course we had to have  s'mores.. as well. 
Love our s'mores basket with several choices of cookies and chocolates... 
[We had plenty left-over to take on the next few camping trips - lol.] 
We tried out a few different sets of lights to determine what works best 
- loved having our friends' input on that! 
I'll share a close-up of the ones we decided to keep soon!
The next morning we had our traditional camping breakfast 
of pancakes, fried apples [sugar free] and whipped cream. 
ALWAYS good.
And we learned that the bed slept surprisingly well, and that we did, in fact, have an issue with the water connection, and that a double rug will work so much better...
and that those little red stools are mighty handy to have around.
We successfully 'baked' the hot ham sandwiches in the electric skillet...
[I read that I needed a 'stand' of some kind to keep them from burning on the bottom.]
And enjoyed our lunch  at our little dining table inside. ..
Plenty of room for both of us!
[And look! that towel bar has turned into a handy key / flash light holder!]
We also had Lottie set up nice and pretty the next day for an 'open house' 
for any friends who wanted to stop by and see her. 
All in all - a good little weekend away, but here in town...
It rained all night Saturday night - and that was good too - 
'Cause now we know that she's pretty much leak-proof.
[Side note - look at the nifty fire pit Craig made!
I'll share more on  that later, as well!]

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