Friday, May 4, 2018

I am LOVING the 100 Day Challenge!

Google it if you want to know more - 
Basically a challenge to CREATE something 
-- ANYTHING -- for 100 days - 
[Above inspired by Deb Weirs Art
- I may end up having one every few weeks - ]
 Y'all know I'm working in  a little art journal - 
and much of what I'm putting in there represents
what is going on in my life at the time - 

[This is actually a computer print-out of a picture Home Depot sells - 
it kept popping up in my feed and I LOVED it - 
so I used it. 
Google Home Depot prints nad you'll find it if you'd like to have it for your home.]

A lot of what I'm sharing today is a reflection of my time at the 

Becoming Conference in North Caroline last month -  
Prior to going to #BecomingConf I searched out some quotes on becoming
and printed my favorites for this page - 
[You'll see that I like to include maps if I'm travelin']
Then after I got home I wanted to remember some of the things that Christy Jordan [@SouthernPlate[ shared with us; so I did this page - 
Just some of my notes from one of her sessions -
And one to reflect the beautiful mountains I saw - 
Remember! this is MY interpretation - lol
[And my art journal is MY place to PLAY - 
I don't worry about imperfections -]
This is also a print available at Home Depot - but it reminded me of the flower decorations on the walls of one of the session rooms so I knew I wanted to include it in my art journal - 
Again, with a quote from KariAnn of Thistlewood Farms...
And this last one? 
Well, I'm feeling a little piggy since I've gained some weight and while I think this one is adorable - it's really in there to remind me to eat right and take better care of myself - 
There you have it. 
I'm continuing to number them to 
old myself accountable to the one hundred days ...
And I'll admit to working ahead sometimes... 
or maybe catching up...
But what's important is that I'm intnetinally taking the tim
to be creative in some way most every day - 
I encourage you to give it a go!

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