Wednesday, May 2, 2018

So - I didn't even realize I'd

read four books this month - 
But yay! 
I'm glad I met my [personal] goal!
Here you go -- 
These are the reviews I left onGoodreads 
[and maybe some other places too - ]
 The Cafe at Seashell Cove - Karen Clarke
 A great quick read with a sweet ending [of course!] One of the best parts of the book for me was the way old friends picked up right where they were when they last saw each other - and that enduring friendship cares enough to speak frankly with those they love -
How to Get Unstuck - Matt Perman 
This is a good book with strategies and tips on how to move forward 
in many, if not all, areas in your life. 
I particularly liked what Matt Perman says about the ethic of a true professional – His five points [Passion – Joyfully Doing Hard Things – Remarkability – Recognizing Centrality of Good Design – and Generosity]  will be helpful to me as I train policy to new professionals. He shares about how we should care about our work and not do it half-heartedly… and about how we should balance the enjoyable tasks with the difficult ones, as well show how a professional strives to provide services that stand out above the rest. 
I love that he shares that professionals need to have a caring attitude from start to finish and that a true professional is uplifting and encouraging to others so that we can all work as a team in serving those around us -  
I was on the launch team for this book and received a free copy - and honestly, it was a difficult book for me to get into - it was like reading a doctoral thesis or college course on moving forward in our lives.
 Hurricane Season - Linda K Denton
I loved her first book and this second one is equally as good -  Maybe it's because I KNOW the landscape that she writes in, but there's a wonderful familiarity of her characters as they grow, and reminisce, and share together. It's an easy read that will keep you intrigued as you maneuver through family ties of two sisters who appear very different, 
but maybe aren't so much after all.
The Light of the Fireflies - Paul Pen
Spanish author - recenlty translated to English
"For his whole life, the boy has lived underground, in a basement with his parents, grandmother, sister, and brother. Before he was born, his family was disfigured by a fire. "  
This family has more dysfunction than the Royal Tenenbaums - 
They twist and pull you through all kinds of attachments as you read through the book...
 As a social worker [who has SEEN dysfunction] it kept me guessing all the way through - such great writing as it shows how we all live with masks, both literally and figuratively, as we navigate through life as we know it - and how we all [hopefully] get to the point that our "desire to know is greater than the fear of the unknown,"
Happy reading, friends!

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