Monday, May 7, 2018

So, we both had

some work things to do down in South Alabama last week - 
 And y'all know if I'm that close to The Gulf
I can't resist sticking my toes in the sand, if only for a couple of hours...
We took the time to go to Dauphin Island late one afternoon - 
Since we lived out that way, this is probably the first beach 
we really shared together as young marrieds...
Love the walk out to the beach...
[We always think about our little dog getting tons of sand burs  on this walk...]
And of course we love that there's never a crowd on this part of the island - 
Our car is parked on the other side of those buildings, there...
Can you see them? 
And y'all know I love the seagull welcome we get each time we're at The Gulf - 
But alas, we didn't bring them a thing to eat this time 'round -  
[We're pretty sure they found someone's bag of potato chips though - ]
And of course - we love the seafood we enjoy when we're down in that part of the state - 
Our new favorite place is Neighbors in Tillman's Corner -  
Some of the best sefood EVAH - 
And we make a point to stop by whenever we're in that neck of the woods...
One afternoon as I was driving back across the bay thought - 
Mobile, I love you - 
But I'm glad I didn't raise my kids there -  
[no offense, really - 
I'm just glad they were closer to family up this way - ] 
It's ALWAYS good to visit though!!

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