Monday, February 5, 2018

I was thrilled to find out

were doing a one day faith planning/ scrap booking/ journaling retreat in the Nashville area last month! I signed up almost immediately and made plans to go - 
I mentioned it to friends near me, but didn't post anything on social media...
So I was even MORE thrilled to find my sweet friend Janet there! 
And while we're both southern gals, we first met in Wisconsin...
We've kept in touch since then, but it was wonderful to have a whole day to visit!
Cori taught us how to set up a planner to keep up with / track / motivate us in our spiritual journey. I love her ideas for organizing!
I took a class with her at She Loves Color a couple of years ago
and always find her inspirational - 
Plus, her products are just FUN.
Tracie [queen of lettering] 
[and chili-making!]
helped us put together a little junk journal to use in journaling any kind of faith based things -
We even hand-sewed the spine! [a first for me -]
I actually made mine a bit bigger [TN size] so I can keep it with my other notebooks - 
and I'm using it to write out the scriptures from Bible Studies or devotionals, etc. 
[I'll share some of it soon!]
You can see that we had a crowd!
And it was lots of fun.
I'm so glad I 'found' Tracie and The Scrap Gals group over on FaceBook!
They really have re-newed my interest in scrap booking!
Click on the links and check them out!

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