Friday, February 2, 2018

Right here, right now...

I've swapped out my make-up bag again.
I know y'all are just dying to know - ha 
I used to have a bag much like this [a bit smaller, free from Estee' Lauder years ago]
and then changed to one of my fav' train cases with a little mirror in it.
That was fun - 
But waaaaaay too big -
And difficult to travel with once I started packing a cpap machine - 
+ the WEIGHT [when flying...]
So I've been looking for a replacement - and also started carrying a smaller hanging 
[think LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, etc.] toiletry bag - 
But I really don't like having to keep up with two separate bags...
When I found this little lunch bag [ON SALE!] [AND PURPLE!]  I was thrilled.
It's traveled with me already and I'm loving it.
So right now [right here] I'm dis-assembling the second bag and going back to one that I can just zip up quickly and hit the road. Because y'all know I'm on the road a lot... but apparently not as much as some...I'm just sayin'

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