Saturday, January 13, 2018

We meet the second

Saturday of each month to share together and do some faith art or Bible Journaling.
I usually try to have an idea / inspiration to share...
 As you can see - I already had a bit of journaling on this page
so I had to adapt a bit to get it all on there - 
 I've LOVED Stephanie's doodle art for years
[that's one of her free printables on the scrapbook page of the angel boys -] 
and I so enjoy her take on documenting our faith! 
Here you can see that I traced a bit, 
and improvised a bit to get it to fit on my page -
Then I used colored pencils [prisma] 
to highlight the words and doodles.
Notice that I added the word 'because' to help it 
flow into the art that was already there - 
And lastly, I added pen to outline and shadow - 
Of course, I love her take on it best - 
But I'm happy with the way I could incorporate it onto my page - 
Let's purpose to delight in His Word this new year and 
let Him direct our paths!

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