Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I may have mentioned

that I committed to completing each and every one of the
in my interleaved Bible last year - 
and ---
I'm loving the 52 tabs across the top of my Bible for each word.
This is a fun art journal group that Effy Wild pulls together each year, and while the group is not really faith based, there are more than a few in there that put a faith spin on their art...
The interleaved Bible has a 2-sided blank page on every other page, 
so there's plenty of journaling space.
[inspired by google images - I tried to search the original artist on this 
and just couldn't find it...
Let me know if you know! ]
This was a fun year-long project that kept me on my toes
and searching scripture for just the right verses to use - 
I'll admit that I didn't always have time to work on the prompt 
during the week it was given, But! I did get them all done. 
And like with all of my art journal art, 
you can see that I'm all over the place with what I create...
 I did especially enjoy this one, because, let's admit...
how many times have we skipped over that first chapter in Matthew ?
Is it only me?
This little project helped some of those names come alive for me
- if that makes any sense at all... 
 And I know I've shared this one before - because
But I don't love all of them...
Still, I let them be, because it's where I was at the time
[if that makes any sense]
And I know everyone creates things they love more than other things... 
 Some ideas came straight out of this crazy head of mine 
And others were inspired by google images - 
[I search the verse {or word} + Bible Journaling an click on images] 
And I'm not ashamed to admit that I may have traced a time or two...
or three... or ...
I loved this clip art image and, try as I might, I just
could - not- draw - it... 
All in all, though, it was fun to get into the scriptures in
 a new and different way -
And it was fun to do some true art journal-y kinds of things in this Bible.
I know I'll continue working in it as the days go by.
What kinds of art projects did you complete last year?
What's in store for you this year?
I've got a few things I'm looking forward to sharing with you - 
Stay tuned!

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