Monday, January 8, 2018

Every now and then

we talk about how social media has changed the way 
family and friends share things -
continuously... and
sometimes overwhelmingly.
And I always say that if social media 
was around when our boys were younger 
I'd be an over-sharer too - 

 Because I sure thought they were adorable. 
As it was, the best I could do was order double prints from York [or K-Mart] and stick those extra copies in the mail to gr-parents and family and friends. 
and I'm sure some of them got a little tired of that too... 
This week, while I was doing some cleaning-out I decided to sort through our video tape selection - with the hopes of using our VHS player that copies to DVD...
We found  some that had no labels on them so my sweetheart wisely said we needed to scan through them to be sure not to lose any precious footage...
We found video of Drew's first [hot air] balloon ride at age 5 1/2 - 
[I'll share more on that soon] 
And also this video of their Christmas program at Hillwood in,In 1997.
So if I was sharing real-time, it would go something like this:
December 1997
The boys were so excited to be a part of the Christmas music at Hillwood [our church]. 
It was so fun to be with them as they were getting their angel costumes on backstage.
Matt was bouncing around and could hardly stand still - but when he got on stage 
he stood right where he was supposed to and 
sang all of the songs perfectly. 
[He was placed right in front of a mic, 
does that  mean they think he is as talented as we do?
Drew started out center stage with his speaking part 
and had to move from his singing position to his speaking position several times
 throughout the performance. 
He did such a  great job with his timing and remembering the words!!
We got a little video in the dressing room at the end and Matt gave dad a high-five and went straight to the camera and said, 
"See you at the next musical!" 
We're so glad they enjoy the music program at church - 
David and Donna do such a great job working with kids!
And of course, I made a scrapbook page to remember how precious they were - 
[But, honestly - I'd forgotten all about having it on video.]

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