Sunday, December 31, 2017

Well, obviously,

I  didn't go into the detail I wanted to about those books in the last post. 
Let's just say I enjoyed them all!
I hope to give better [short] reviews in the future!
But for now - 
Onward - 
or backward, if you will...
A little yearly re-cap showed on my FB memories today
and I thought it might be fun to TRY and do it again...
Let's go - 2017
January -
 It's no surprise that we were still celebrating with family
 from far and near -  
February -
I shot a gun...
Maybe for the first time... maybe the second.
It was fun.
March - 
Cousins' Gathering!
April - 
 Love our family time!
May - 

Got to see one of my favorite angel carvings in Bay St. Louis, MS.
So beautiful.
June -
 Sister and I saw Micky Dolenz in concert 
and sat close enough to touch the stage.
Fun in so many ways - 
July - 
"Our" precious baby boy 
decided to join us a few weeks earlier than expected!
August - 
Spending time with our family to experience 
the eclipse together was awesome!
Thank you, Drew for making it happen!
And enjoying those crystal clear waters of 
Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St, John 
was pretty awesome too!
September - 
was ALL about getting #LottieScotty ready to go -
We probably spent 4-6 hours EVERY evening working on her - 
[Search the tag above, or hashtag to see what all we accomplished!]
October - 
A couple of trips  with Lottie...
November -
With #LottieScotty -- and friends!
December - 
Peaceful Christmas times...
KittyLou and I so enjoyed our little tree in the bedroom...
These are just a few pictures of the year - 
Make no mistake - it was year filled with joy, but also heartache...
A year with lots of traveling... and fishing... and yoga...
But also a year of LOTS of hard work, 
including a few changes around both of our work situations... 
But the job is what helps facilitate the fun...
This was also a year full of so many good everyday moments that aren't always captured on a camera or shared with the [social media] world... 
Look for the joy in the every-day moments.
Trust The One who has a plan for us -
He will always walk by our sides...
in the good... and in the bad that life throws at us...
Happy New Year!
May 2018 be awesome for you!

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