Sunday, December 31, 2017

I've almost completed

my December daily!
Here's the deal - I go through the entire month - 
It is a December DAILY, after all...
Not a December 25... 
And, also - we tend to stretch our Christmas celebration out between at least three gatherings and sometimes those happen after the 25th...
Side note: I love having our tree in this bucket this year!
Let's see if I can share these in a bit more order this time - lol -
We both traveled some for work so I included photos of the trees at my office - 
Altho- I don't think I took a photo of that page to share - ha
I came home and got busy with the Christmas baking / candy making 
[and will say, that these little goodies were not the hit I expected them to be - we mostly ate the tried and true family fudge recipe and chocolate cookies and favorite peanut butter cookies - more than enough goodies for us - ] 
We also pulled Lottie out and decorated her for Christmas.
Two reasons: I wanted a Christmas card photo - and
we're going to Jingle in July so I wanted to 'test' everything out to see what works best for her - Gotta admit - I love Frosty with her!
Then our washing machine took its last spin-ny breath, 
so, wheee... a new machine for us - 
So thankful to be in a place where we can just go and get one - It's not always been that way for us, so we don't take it for granted  -
And yes, 
There's the card - going out a little late, after digging up addresses for a few days since they were all lost in the great computer crash of '16.
And then it was time for our family Christmas - 
Notice I added flip ups on both pages, because...
while I committed to one photo per day, I just couldn't help myself - ha.
Love my family!
Such a great day of being together!
Christmas Eve was filled with church and more family time...
Then Christmas Day we were off to Tennessee for extended family time!
Enjoyed time with that part of the family 
and missed those who couldn't be with us!
But! We had to stop at the ER on the way back into town for my sweetheart to have his back checked out -  nothing too serious, but it's taking him some time to get back to 'normal.'
Then I included the photos of the icicles we saw while on the road - becasue, baby, it's cold outside, but the heater in my office WILL NOT TURN OFF so it's 84* inside, 
and I'm not even kidding. 
 We're dressing like it's July - lol.
I'm ending my shares with a couple of pages from the last week of the month - 
And yes - I broke the mold and put two pages on a page - lol
We had one last gathering on the 30th [and I took plenty of photos then..].
And our traditional gathering of friends is on the 31st -
Both of those pages will be filled with flip-ups, I'm sure. 
So that's my take on the Daily December photo album -  
I know I'll be doing some 'regular scrapbook pages to tell the stories of the year - but I love these quick little albums that give me a nice re-cap of what was happening in our lives...

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