Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We gathered for our annual

Halloween Scrapbook Retreat 
this past weekend - 
 It's always fun to be together 
and enjoying a little Halloween fun is always nice too!
 This year we had a wreath contest 

[in the past we've done hats, pumpkins, etc.] 
This is mine - 
Everything came from the Dollar Tree - even the netting which is child's tutu that I pulled apart - ha.
And this is the winner - 
Isn't is fantastic!
I LOOOOOOVE to see the creativity in this group!
We had GREAT food - 
and this Frankie cake was as DEElicious as it was bootiful!! 
It was cold and rainy part of the weekend - but that's okay becasue we spent some time counting the deer at the back of the property -
We played a few games 
and had fun with some tiny masks -
And to top it off - I got quite a few scrapbook pages completed too!
I worked on a little book for Lottie. 
Then got started on the pocket pages for our trip to Puerto Rico,
 St. Thomas, and St. John in August - 
And still had some time to work through a couple of envelopes 
of photos from 2015 and 2016! 
Y'all know  I'm not one to worry about using photos chronologically or  being 'caught up;'
 I just create with whatever strikes my fancy. And honestly, I've always felt like giving a little time between the photos being taken and being scrapped gives me a little better perspective on what I want to put on the page. Because, remember, nobody [and I mean NOBODY] wants to see 50 pictures of that gorgeous lone evergreen on top of the mountain in Colorado... 
or Old Faithful, or  whatever...
But who could get tired of looking at that beautiful turquoise water of the Caribbean?
I did put most every photo on the page - that's the glory of pocket pages!
But i'll spare you from having to look at them - lol.
I scrapbook less at home these days so having a designated weekend to work on things is a treat  - no tricks - ha.

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