Monday, October 9, 2017

Lottie Scotty Update No. 013 - 2017

Today we're going to take a look at the ceiling, vent fan, and roof... 
I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure if this idea would work the way I had it in my head – 
Also, notice the turquoise board there? 
That's part of the back splash from oldest son's kitchen - how cool is that?!
We just cut it to size and put it across the edging of the top bunk 
that we plan to use for storage...
 But before we could get started on the ceiling cover
Craig had to tear out some of the damaged ceiling 
and put in new braces – while there, he installed this fantastic fan 
 [it replaces the air in the camper three times a minute...] 
It's thermostatically controlled and reversible too!
I love that it lets a little light in from overhead as well!
He added insulation and then the new ceiling panels. 
That’s a lot of work. 
And with his [old] shoulder injury and my [neck] bone spurs 
it was NOT the most comfortable work. But we got ‘er done. Ha. 
Then it was just a matter of applying the ceiling cover VERY carefully while matching seams just like you’d do with wall paper. It's surprisingly easy [except for the holding it over your head, looking up for several hours part...] - and pretty forgiving too...
And let's just say it took a bigger toll on my ole body than those ceiling panels did - lol.
[Side note: throughout the photos of Lottie you will see that we tried a few different storage containers before settling on the ones we're using... lol]
And while you can't see it here, [because I've somehow neglected to get a photo of it,]
we used a piece of trim under the long windows up front because
1] I wanted to add a little texture to all the white we have going on 
and 2] I knew tiny bits of this wall covering would [more-than-likely] peel up 
before we finished out first trip, 
so, 3] I wanted the texture under the window – lol – 
[I'll share a photo soon!]
I really love everything about this ceiling. 
It just wraps Lottie up in a warm cozy feeling…  
And it was worth a week of pain in my neck [from bone spurs] 
that it caused from putting it up! [SERIOUSLY.]
I want the youngest to be sure and notice that we moved that first ceiling light to a different position and things work much better with the cabinet door now, lol... 
Then, of course, we saved the least favorite of all jobs for the end – 
We knew the roof / seams needed some work – 
She's 46 years old after all...
 And thank goodness there’s stuff you can buy in 2017
 that just wasn’t available in 1971. 
 Thank goodness for the internets too and that my sweetheart loves to research.
  So we got busy cleaning her up a bit before Craig applied eternabond tape 
to all the seams  - Doesn't it look SO MUCH better?
Then he applied flex seal spray to the windows. 
This should do the trick. 
In fact, we gave her a test run [without the tarp covering her] 
while [Hurricane] Nate passed through 
and it seems to be working pretty well!
We also have elastomeric, a plastic roof coating,
to coat the roof later on if it needs it…
But for now, we feel like she's staying dry! 
Next up will be the couch / bed area!

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