Friday, October 6, 2017

Lottie Scotty Update No. 012 - 2017

OMGoodness y’all. 
We did SO MUCH to the "kitchen" in Lottie. 
Remember we planned from the beginning to use this vintage table top 
that I picked up at the Nashville Flea Market for $20 a year ago 
[and that’s really what brought red into the whole color scheme - ] 
But before we could get started with that we wanted to find a place for a microwave. 
We bought and returned several before finding just the right one – lol – 
 Then Craig set to work cutting and framing the space where it would be. 
Once that was done we realized we had some space left that could be used for storage,
so he made a shelf above the microwave for the trays we use while camping – 
and created a door for the space behind the microwave
 so we could access what would have been wasted space.

I’ve always known he was a handy-man, 
but he’s gone above and beyond with these projects!
We painted the top cabinet and I lined it with some coordinating contact paper. 
[Craig re-enforced a couple of places with new wood trim -]
 Next we added a little tin tile back splash 
[this is one piece cut in half -from Lowe's or Home Depot]. 
Then it was time to cut a spot for the sink. 
I’ll admit I was so paranoid that we might miss-cut so I was constantly saying, 
“Don’t [you dare] cut it without me being there…” 
[LOOK at the dated brown that was there before we painted!]
So he was sweet to cut out a template from wood to assure me we were on track… 
even measuring to be sure the faucet would not interfere with the overhead cabinet. 
Then he was off to the races cutting through that enamel and steel...
using a special blade...
I love how it all looks now that it is completed! 
Look to the left and you can see the little fold down counter extension that is original to Lottie - Craig painted to match the rest of the red 
and re-installed it with the original hook / eye holder – 

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