Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Y'all know I've had a scrapbook of some kind

forever - 
Seriously - I still have one I made back in middle school - 
Waaaay before the trendy 'new' scrapbook hobby came into popularity 
waaaay back in the late 90s. ha.
Yes' - It's been around THAT long...
and stood the test of time, I think, because there really is something nice about having our photos and stories recorded in some way. 
I've shared before how much I've always loved my my
mama's scrapbook from high school... 
I love the 'old' way of combining prints from magazines with a story from my life...
Like the one above that came from an advertisement for Avon and reminded me of my Mama M. - I used this silly photo of me because that's just who I was at that age... 
when I was so intrigued by her little pots lotion...
And I loved the poem from this one [I can't even remember what it was advertising...]
So I used it with a sweet photo of MK...
 And of course - this is a favorite - I 'copied' the photo from one in the newspaper and saved it so I could print it larger... and the drawing of the buildings around our courthouse square on the bottom also came from the newspaper -
Just a little tribute to our city. 
[And I know y'all are SICK of hearing me say it - 
But I really do miss my office]

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