Monday, February 27, 2017

“God showed up and showed OUT.”

I’ve heard that phrase bandied about pretty often in my Bible Study / Worship Circles – almost routinely in a meeting or two… or three…
or twenty… 
And, I don’t know; it kind of bothered me – 
Because isn’t God ALWAYS with us? 
Doesn’t the Bible say that when two or three are gathered together 
in His name He is in the midst of us? 
He will hear our call? 
Have I become so complacent in my reliance on Him 
that I’m not looking for Him in great and mighty ways in my routine day-to-day life? 
I don’t know…
[Photo Cred: my sweetheart -]
But I DO know this – 
God showed up and SHOWED OUT in my life recently – 
I won’t go into details because it involves people I love – 
[I've got more than a few people in my life going through some tough stuff.]
But I can say that the way things worked out – 
– Things that should have taken a week or more to fall into place 
as my sweetheart said – 
It was a GOD-THING. 
  Oh how I love that He loves us even when we may not even be turning to Him for help – 
What a privilege to intercede in prayer for someone I love dearly!! 
And oh what peace He gives when we take it to the Lord in prayer!
Yep. HE showed UP and showed OUT.
In a such a mighty way that there is no doubt in our minds that HE’S GOT THIS – 
and holds our sweet loved ones in the palm of His Hand.
I know you are like me and have more than a couple of people in your life 
who need to feel God’s peace as well – 
because this ole world we live in is a harsh place - 
So I encourage you to interceded on their behalf – 

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Susan said...

Hi Judy, I have never heard for the expression, but I have experienced it!
God is always there. I just need to stop and listen. I am starting a study on Lent online and will be jouraling along with it. Have a great week!