Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Well... I have very little photos to share

with you today ...
But I do want to share a few things happenin' 'round the house this past month - 
First of all - I got ALL the Christmas stuff in the attic.
Go me.
Craig has replaced our faucet in the upstairs bath [SO not his thing] and it's amazing how much difference the little things make.  
Oh. And my shower head
It's a joy to shower again - my old one would barley dribble any hot water at all - so odd, because it would let the cold run - lol...
Who knows?!
He's also cleaned out his office a bit, and in my effort to live simply this year, I've cleaned out a couple of cupboards in the kitchen, have another stack of clothes ready to go to Goodwill, and have pulled out some crafty tools to put on an on-line yard sale.
[I didn't get much interest, so watch them here and there soon!]
I've also cleaned up my crafty space, although if you looked at it you'd think it still needed a good cleaning...ha.
Oh. And we changed the light in the stairway
We did.
 And we also changed the bulbs in the light over the kitchen table 
[but to be fair, it has like five bulbs, so it was still giving us some light...] 
I love this light. It was originally over the dining area - very mid-century modern jetson-like. And I knew I could never throw it out so we [and in 'we' I mean Craig] moved it over the kitchen table.
It feels good to mark some things off the list!

What are y'all up to?
 [Do you have an on-going house list too?]
With a house, there's always something...

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Pam S said...

We have been working on cutting down our Christmas stuff. Going through every box and trying to cut down. And yes, we always have an ongoing house list and I always have a huge to do list!