Friday, January 27, 2017

We said goodbye

to this one this month. 
My mama's youngest sister...
The youngest of ten girls.
Can you imagine living in that house?
Aunt Gail has always been a constant in my life...
She and my mom were the youngest sisters 
and her daughter and I have birthdays just ten days a part...
It's funny the things you remember when you grieve...
She was the person who told me I needed to wash my face better 
when I was a young teenager because I had blackheads  - ha
She was the one who taught me to never 'name' an animal you might later eat 
[... while eating hamburgers one night, "You know you're eating Oscar 
{or Charlie, or whatever that calf's name was} - oh. my.]
She showed me how to change drivers going 60+ down the interstate -
[ - again!]
and then wondered why I always had a bottle of pepto bismal with me 
when I traveled with them - lol
She taught that hard work has rewards
as we had to shell a bushel [or ten] of butter beans before we could swim...
She taught me hospitality as she welcomed what seemed like
the whole community to that pool...
She taught me about compassion as she cared for her 
youngest who had developmental disabilities... 
And she taught me about staying true to your beliefs as she stood firm in her faith that, while very similar to mine, might have been a little stricter than the one I grew up in.
She loved the Lord.
And her family.
She did life in her own quirky way.
And y'all know I love quirky.

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Debbie Flowers said...

What beautiful memories.