Monday, January 30, 2017

Last week I talked about

the process I used to let my hair go natural...
This week I want to share a bit about my grey hair philosophy [ha], 
how it's felt, reactions from others, etc.
 First of all, I think grey / silver hair looks best if it has a good cut and is kept styled and neat. And for the first time in YEARS I now go to see Kristie every six weeks to keep it all shaped up. I love this cut, inverted bob, stacked bob, whatever it's called.
Stacked in the backand a little longer in the front...
I like that it's long enough to pull back out of my face at times, 
but looks full when it's not... 

It's perfect for my hair - 
I only wash it every few days [ewww, it's true] and I rarely have to do more than brush it out in the following mornings after it's been 'styled' once.
 I've also noticed that what I wear makes a HUGE difference in how my hair looks.  
I had 'my colors done' years ago [who remembers that?!] and was told I was a 'spring' and thought that was just ridiculous because I knew I was an 'autumn' - I LOVE all the autumn colors and am drawn to them in all sorts of ways...
Turns out, I think I just might be 'spring' after all. 
The brighter pinks, greens, blues, and yes, yellows 
make a dramatic difference in how bright this ole natural hair looks. ha
I've also picked up reds, greys, and whites 
that I always thought made me look washed out before...
These days the fall colors make my hair and face look dull, dull, dull.
I've found it a little humorous that many people will compliment me on my hair and then as we talk a bit and I begin to say why I did it [no more color, etc.] I can actually SEE their defenses go up as they say things to defend their decision to put color on their hair. 
So let me be CLEAR:  
Going natural is a personal choice. 
I found my first grey hair when I was 21 years old, 
looking in a mirror in Ft. Walton Beach.
[Hows' THAT for a MOMENT - ha] 
And I put color on from then until I was in my 50s. 
Nothing wrong with that.
I just got tired of it.
And I really do LOVE not seeing the line of growth every few weeks...
Another thing I've noticed is that It seems like I'm treated with a bit more respect 
[we teach youngins to respect your elders and all that down here in the south, you know] 
and I'm [surprisingly] kind of embracing that...
I also tend to feel much more comfortable doling out a bit of 
[my own] 
thoughts - wisdom - instructions 
here and there - 
But that could just be AGE - lol. 
I remind myself of my mama over and over...
It's not a bad place to be in life...
[And that photo up there? two days after a wash - 
styled with a curling iron on the day it was taken.]
So my best advice?
Go find a REALLY GOOD stylist and get the cut that's best for your hair!

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craftymom205 said...

I love your hair. I am in my late 40s and started graying when I was 16. Started coloring in my 20s. Just went natural early last year. Like you I was tired of coloring also. Have a great week.