Friday, November 18, 2016

I thought I'd already posted this

but since I haven't,I think I will - 
These are the 'finds' we came with from Wisconsin....

Let's see if I can go 'round the photo and give you a little detail...
Starting with the gray rose dishes on the bottom left -- I think we got a 16 piece set of these for $20 [sans tea cups and saucers, because, hey I already have dish storage problems...] When we got home we found that each plate sells for $40-50 dollars... hmmm...
Moving clockwise, there is cheese we couldn't resist, a little bit of milk glass [surprisingly, there was VERY LITTLE milk glass available in the area], a Hunter Fan [also a GREAT DEAL,] The Blue Diner cookbook [and mug below,] more books, and ceramic basket [with birds] setting on the cute chair we couldn't resist [we took it apart to get it in the car - we're crazy, we know it],  shoes from a deep discount store, ices skates!!, a train case, various sauces that looked yummy, and the soup tureen that matches some of my other gray dishes
 [I have problem, y'all.]
On a different note, you can peek at the wreath in the back and see that I added more colorful leaves to it so it matches the rest of the fall decor'. 
Have a great weekend!

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