Friday, November 25, 2016

Gonna throw out a few pages from

my 30 Days of Thanksgiving Traveler's Notebook...
Since I'm 'pre-posting' it's not completed yet...

I made a few of these for friends a few weeks back
I added the cover embellishment to mine using the sweet decoration off a box my friend Mary Ann made for all of us - 
It's perfect!
Then I  went on a stamping frenzy with CZ'z thankful stamp se
 I predetermined my photo size and left that blank 
 while I added in what I was thankful for each day...
Then I printed photos on my computer 
and stuck them in at the end of the week -
Some days my thankful might be more a 'universal' thankful - 
And other days it might be very specific to that day.... 
As it was the weekend I was able to catch-up with a long-time friend
and family members I'd not seen for a while....
You can see that I [really] like to add tip-ins too!
Sometimes I covered them with photos on both sides - other times I used some from a cute set from Cori with The ReSet Girl - 
Some days might be more serious, 
and others a bit more whimsical - 
Because, HEY. 
I'm VERY thankful to have a little whimsy in my life!
And then of course there's the 
every-day things that I'm also thankful for - 
[Who isn't thankful when you finally find someone who can do your do just right?\
Each day I just continued to add in what I was thankful for - 
blocking out space for the photos... 
and then later filling in with alpha stickers and a bit of paper here and there..

 Easy peasy - and  a great little book to add to my collection ---
This little notebook is easy to tuck into a bag and carry along with me - 
It might be a fun way to document each day in December too!

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