Thursday, October 20, 2016

I've been doing some BAKING!

I love Christy's new cookbook that's coming out in November 
It's pure SWEETNESS. 
[See what I did there? lol] 

This book ADORABLE - and has some of the best southern favorites
 [as well as new-to-me ones!] 
 As I've said before, I've committed to sharing one recipe from each chapter with you  - 
and the decisions have not been easy because there are SO MANY delicious recipes to choose from - and right in time for the holidays too!

I've never heard of Flop Cookies before, so y'all know I HAD to try those!
[I'm pretty sure it's a Christy Jordan Southern Plate original]
And oh, my - so very very good...
Here they are baking - 
little delicious balls of cream cheese dough rolled in cornflakes...
[Gotta love a well-used oven - ha.]
Be sure to let them cool on the pan...
[This is actually the two pans above cooling on one pan so I could get another couple of pans in the oven.]
This recipe makes a TON of cookies.
Enough to share with lots of family, friends and co-workers!
And they are rich enough to make your gall-bladder hurt - 
Is that a southern sayin'?
Or is it just me?
They. Are. Good.
That's what I'm saying!

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