Friday, October 28, 2016

Here's another delicious recipe from

I've been blessed with an advanced copy of it - 
and have committed to sharing one recipe from each chapter with you  - 
The decisions have not been easy because there are SO MANY great recipes!!! 
It's called
- So, so good!
So today I'm sharing this wonderful recipe for Harvest Rolls.
Although I am probably her biggest fan of her orange rolls.
Oh. My. Goodness.
Christy starts with frozen bread dough - I love this girl! - 
which makes the whole process so much easier.  
These are just as good as the orange rolls!
 I'm sharing photos of the dough rising, because, let's face it, making sweet rolls can get messy. [Or is it only me?] Also - I think the recipe says it makes a dozen or so... I must have cut mine smaller or stretched my 'log' longer because I got two dozen... 
maybe a little smaller, but just as delightful!
These are basically cinnamon rolls with cranberries and pecans added in.
She provides the recipe for wonderful cream cheese frosting, but I've got to say - I think I love the un-frosted ones a bit more...
They are so good [and easy!] I know I'll be making them over and over again!!
And I have a confession - we did share some, but basically ate them all ourselves...
So, there you go -

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