Monday, October 31, 2016

While we were in Milwaukee

we enjoyed a local neighborhood event - 
Their annual
Pumpkin Pavilion!
We tried to get a photo - but even with pic monkey, 
this was a good as I could get it - ha.
We'd read about the pumpkin Pavilion on line, but still weren't sure what to expect...
But y'all know I love a good clean fun Halloween - 
so I was all in!
First we walked through a big tent where tables were set up and families were sitting in out of the cold [YES - we had on gloves!] We saw a few pumpkins there..
But most of them were stacked on shelves around the park 
[there a were also a few food trucks, etc. around...]
And a few other Halloween decorations here and there - 
But the rows and rows of pumpkins were the highlight of the night!
I mean, seriously - how fun is this?!?
It was a great fall evening - crunchy leaves, wet fall soil... 
and the smell of pumpkins burning just a bit from the candles inside...
It made my heart happy!
Just LOOK at all those fun jack-o-lanterns!!!
I think the details are on the flier above, but apparently families [anyone] can come a few days before and get a pumpkin to carve and bring back to share during the weekend.
I loved it.
And since it doesn't really feel like fall down this way - it was extra nice to know 
what a northern Halloween is like - lol.
I so enjoyed wearing my new [thrift-ed] yellow Evan Picone jacket!
It's 89* degrees as I write this, so who knows when I might be able to wear it again!
Happy Halloween!
Stay safe out there!

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