Friday, August 26, 2016

Just sharing a little

 Bible Journaling today because 
I'm still  LOVING our Second Saturday Morning Gatherings! 
[Come join us - we're just an informal group gathering 
together to share and create art together - 
2nd Saturdays - Atlanta Bread - Huntsville - 8:30 - 10:30
Everyone's welcome!]
 As I've said before I love how everyone share supplies - but also ideas, and 
how God is speaking to them in their own lives...
I'm still using Patsy Clairmont's book, Chasing Fireflies, as inspiration for our Bible Journaling... You can find all the idea sheets on the classes tab at the top of the page...
And some of you know that I've been teaching scrapbook / art journal / mixed media classes for a while now...One of my FAVORITE things about teaching an art based class is how every person puts their own 'spin' on it!  
[These pages are shared with permission -] 
Love the candle stand and words written in different directions!
Love the bold words of God's Light and Truth - 
and the washi on the adjoining pages is wonderful!
Love this golden candle stand! With 'Light' and 'Truth' highlighted also -
and burning candles giving off light!
Love the journaling in the middle of the pages!
So cool!
I love the precious handwriting on this one and 
the washi tape finishes it off perfectly!
And I love how the words are highlighted with different colors to brighten up the page as we talk about God's Light of Truth shining on us.
  Oh, and look - even mine turns out a little different than the inspiration [that I drew - ha.]
I'm so glad I have God's Light of Truth guiding me in this life....

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