Monday, August 29, 2016

Friends are friends forever

when the Lord's the Lord of them...
I've always loved that song...
And once again, it was proven true a couple of weeks ago as we gathered together with friends from our [really Craig's] church youth group - 
 [Craig and Linda Barnes Popham, the music and youth director at the time.]
What a blessing to have such sweet relationships that we can just sit down together and visit as if thirty years haven't flown right by us.
I kinda of came into this youth group more college aged so I had friendships with both the youth and the youth leaders and it was just so, so good to be with them.
 It was so wonderful to get together and share favorite songs and memories.
Almost like 'old times -'
  I loved watching them watch the youngsters they'd mentored... 
as they were so enjoying seeing how they had grown in their faith...
I couldn't help but think how much my own mama would have loved to be there - 
As their 'young married' Sunday School Teacher, she enjoyed this same thing with them. 
She LOVED to see how the young couples who came through her class
continued to grow in the Lord. 
What a legacy. 
And as I visited throughout the night, I kept thinking about how I sure wish I could share the evening with her as time and again someone would seek me out and share with me how much our mama meant to them in their own spiritual growth. 
She gave them a love for the scriptures...
She challenged them to walk closer to the Lord....
She helped them learn the power of forgiveness...
All things that they were hearing they did for the youngsters 
[NOW grown-ups] that were gathered that evening. 
  [photo cred: Jerry Plaxco]
Again, what a legacy.
So the challenge is - for us...
How are we continuing the legacy?
Have we invested in the next generation spiritually?
Do we continue to invest in the people around us?
It's an on-going thing, and never-ending don't you think?
So I want to encourage to look around where you are right now, 
how can you show God's love to someone?
Ask Him and He will lead you -
[Much thanks to Terri King, and family, for pulling this together for us!
But I want a do-over because I didn't get nearly enough photos!
- Was too busy enjoying the moments together!]

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