Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Some of you know that I've been on a quest

to eat healthier - less calories, for sure....
But more importantly to me -- > it's been about adding in GOOD [for me] foods - 
You see... my last health screening [at work] showed some numbers not quite right so I want to see if I can change that a bit before I see my regular doctor in October...
So --- I'm adding in FRUITS
[honestly - how much pure fruit have you eaten in the past week?] 
and MILK / DAIRY < -- so not my thing...
But, I'm doing it -  even made a little chart 
[in a traveler's notebook] to keep myself on track...
Sorry, I digress - I wanted to share one of the ways I'm adding dairy into my diet ... 
Greek Yogurt.
I like the thicker texture - and I love that it has so much more protein...
I often just had a little packet of splenda and top it with blueberries - yum.
With this heat wave [normal for us in the south, I thought I'd add in some strawberries and make popsicles... So - to start slice some fresh berries 
and sweeten with your favorite sweetener.
Then stir in your favorite yogurt... I've found I like most plain Greek yogurts, this just happened to be what I had at the time...
Stuff the molds, and put in the freezer for a few hours or overnight....
It looks a little wonky [so not pinterest perfect]
but tastes wonderful!
[In retrospect, I think I could have stuffed more in to fill every part of the mold...or maybe chopped the fruit up a little smaller.... Regardless - It. Was. Good. 
 A great treat for these 100* days - 
and still countable on my check list [one fruit - one milk] 
-- Note, check with your doctor about the diet plan that is right for you.

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