Friday, July 29, 2016

I need to post these updates

earlier in the month!
 Again - I had such a great time with our little monthly faith art group that meets on the  
2nd Saturday of the month [at 8:30] 
at Atlanta Bread on University Drive [Huntsville.]
Everyone / Anyone's welcome to join us! 
Just bring a few of your art supplies and enjoy a cup of coffee,
 and maybe a muffin, while we share together.
 Here's the devotional we had this month.
Look in classes, above to see more inspirations. 
I love that our time together is about so much more than the art.
It's wonderful to sit there and create as we share together how different scriptures 
have touched our lives throughout the month.  
I see friendships growing and souls strengthened. 
Isn't the way God works wonderful? 
Oh, and here's  my take on the devotional - 
Even mine doesn't always look just like the inspiration!

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