Sunday, July 24, 2016

I know there’s many times

when it seems like we make impulse purchases 
[and hey, we DO LOVE a good sale!] 
 But there’s also times when we’ve tucked an idea of 
something we’d like to have in the back of our minds, 
pondering what we might do with it, 
waiting for just the right time to purchase it. 
 And this Barrister Book Case definitely falls into that category. 
It’s something that’s been on our ‘want’ list for more than a few years – 
we’ve priced them at antique stores, reproduction stores, 
and everywhere in-between… 
so when we saw it at a little sale on the side of the road and they said 
‘Make an offer,’
then accepted what my sweetheart said 
We knew we weren’t leaving without it. 
LOVE that his Honda has seats that fold up sideways 
so that we could tuck this little jewel in securely. 
LOVE that it fits perfectly next to the fire place… 
and LOVE that it holds all of my sweetheart’s books 
so I have room to spread my milk glass collection out in the other cabinet.

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