Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Just to prove that I DID get a little scrapbooking

done last month at Scrapping for a Cure - 
Here's a few layouts I added to my 2015 travel book... 
I packed all my printed photos up and took them with me
only to find that I haven't really printed photos since... 
hmmm... July of last year - lol...
One of my goals was to get those all sorted into groups by person 
so they an be tucked away - completed. 
But all was not lost on the scrapping front -
I had a few photos so I tucked them into the pages where they go in the book 
and completed a couple of camping pages
 Side note: We love Davey Crocket State Park so much! 
And Milky Way Farms was so beautiful!
And who can pass up a photo op with a giant crayon in town?!
   I also did the spread from our annual hot air balloon fun over in Decatur...
Always a treat and the 'official' beginning of summer for us...
I've gotta say that I really enjoy pocket pages for travel layouts - I can get a lot of photos in and add in cards or embellishments on top of the pages, shoot - 
Look -- I even have some of my photos on top -- 
There are no rules to scrap booking, people.

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