Monday, May 2, 2016

I can’t remember if I shared the story

 of my mama’s roses with you before…
But I want to be sure that I write it down for all prosperity. HA. 
So here’s the deal – [way] back in the sixties our mama played on a little softball team – 
I have no idea the name or how the league worked… 
But she played most - [some] - [all] of the games at Robbins Field in Tuscumbia… 
Sister and I would play in the stands during the game / practice. 
Sometimes we played alone… sometimes with the Reiner kids or the Rhoden boys… 
I remember concrete stands – but were they just aluminum ones? 
 [Ha < -- THAT would make more sense, right?]
I will have to have sister clarify t hese memories for me...
 ANYWAY --- on the drive over we’d go down this REALLY long road called King Avenue 
[don’t you love how our perspective changes as we grow up?] 
and as we were getting close to the field, we’d pass a house 
with roses full of blooms just pouring over the back fence. 
So beautiful… I think we drove that way, instead of the quicker way down 6th street, 
just to enjoy the beauty of these flowers…
So… fast forward ten or so years… I’m in high school, 
sister is out of the house, and brother is 3 or so… 
And our parents go for their dream of building a home OUT IN THE COUNTRY. 
Now, that’s a story for another time – 
I will share that we moved once to a house across from a sweet aunt due to our house selling before the other was completed – then moved to the dream home – 
 where we lived , maybe two months --? 
[We learned that we are definitely NOT country folk after all. LOL] 
Then back to town we went – and the parents found THIS home at a great price 
[some neighborhood things going on at the time -] 
and we moved the third time within about six months. 
I remember our father saying the only way he would move again was on a stretcher – 
and they did live there for the next 30 years… 
Now, I’m pretty sure they were sold on this house not only for the price, but also because it had a double concrete storm shelter underneath the added master bedroom…
[Y’all know how afraid our mama was of storms, don’t you?] 
But a part of me wonders if the roses might have had 
a little something - something to do with it. 
They were just as beautiful as I’d remembered them as a kid. 
And, oh the fragrance each spring when they bloomed – so wonderful!
 Through the years the roses became diseased and they lost all but one beautiful bush --- 
and I’m so happy that I took cuttings from it – 
 [What's up with this little renegade double beauty?]
I had these roses at the house we lived in for 13 years 
and now at this home, where – yes, we’ve been 13 years also! 
[Where does the time go , y’all?] 
And I’ve got to say that now that our parents are gone they grow sweeter each spring… 

It's like I said on this FB post a couple of years ago...
Just one sweet smell and I'm right back
at 1436 Circle Drive. . .

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