Friday, May 6, 2016

We recently got new phones

- contract up, old phones dying a not so slow death, ETC.
But you all know that I'd only recently found some phone cases that I could 
customize with my own art ---
And none of those cute phone cases fit anymore --
Gotta love amazon and good deals and fast delivery.
Within a few days I had this clear case that I can change out on a whim.
Remember this little cat from the self-imposed Cat-a-Day back in March? 
He was actually created on top of a paint spill in my art journal...
And. I. Love. Him.
I just digitally added the verse on top of it
and, voila -
A neat little phone case that helps me keep my anxiety in check.
[Easy to create - just measure your phone case and use a print shop type program to size your art -- I actually had to copy a bit of the background and add it to the top so the camera opening would not take away part of the cat -- then cut it out, insert it, trace the openings, cut them out, re-insert it, and you're ready to go!]

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