Monday, March 21, 2016

When I took this job 15 years ago:

 I knew there’d be a lot of travel around our little state – 
As I was checking in recently the front desk person said – 
– You’re not home much, are you? 
But that status DOES mean that I spent more than 50 nights away from home last year – 
Not all of it work travel, mind you – 
Y’all know I enjoy traveling for fun too! 
Well, some of you know of the restless night I had just this week…
 and it got me thinking about some of my worst experiences in hotels 
through the years…
and thankfully none of them turned out terribly… 
But. Still.
Here are the top ten – in no particular order –
1 – The car alarm that woke me up at 1:30 a.m. and was STILL GOING at 4:15 when I asked to change rooms…
2 – The spider bite I got on my arm in the middle of the night when I put my arm under the pillow…
3 – The bed so filthy I asked for fresh sheets that I could put on myself – 
This was when I was trying to save money – 
I upgraded my hotel choices after this… lol
4 – Tornado warnings x2 [or 3 or 4] – 
Once when there was no one else disturbed by it and I was eerily alone on the bottom floor of the hotel with no electricity 
and once when the entire hotel was downstairs together –
5 – The night that policemen / women came door to door looking for the domestic violence dispute that made a 911 call…
6 – The night I finally asked to change rooms at 5 am due to mild dew odor so bad I COULD NOT BREATHE [my 2nd highest allergy, below tree pollen]
7 – The room so small I could stand on the bed and touch both walls - 
[Contract travel, back in the day -]
8 – Zero hot water… in the entire hotel… wheee
9 – Sitting on my bed, eating breakfast and seeing a MOUSE run across my room – 
10 – Going out one morning to find the car in front of me setting on blocks and ALL THE WHEELS GONE [a nice hotel, that I still stay at occasionally…hmmm]
Oh, and least I forget the young manager who consistently charged someone else’s week to my card – and while trying to delete it charged it again ... and again – and then got offended when Craig talked to cooperate and explained to him how to process it [“I KNOW how to do MY job” – well, obviously – not. Ha] That was a fun one.
But thankfully -  it all works out in the end – 
And while I may get a little road weary on occasion – 
I love my job, and we live in a beautiful state with mountains and beaches and lovely spots all around...

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