Thursday, March 17, 2016

I thought I'd go through some photos of 'old' scrapbook

layouts to see what I could find for St. Patrick's Day...
Hopefully they're all tucked away nicely in an album titled 'All About Us'
because it took more than a little searching to find them on the computer.
[Note to self: must clean-up computer files!]
Love this one because  it documents our four-leaf-clover-finding gene.
Seriously, the three of us have [ / had] it.
I used random photos and
even included clovers for proof.
And this one is fun - 
Just using some extra paper I had laying around - 
As well as an extra photo from one of my crazy photo - op ideas.
[We took the glider down the block to a neighbor's fence - ha.]
 More St. Patty's paper - with EmmaLou.
She looks so young without her long hair! 
Tiny Dog.
And this one is, of course, a favorite since it was one of my first layouts chosen to be printed in a magazine. Love that the photo was taken right after he found a few - 
And, of course - the proof is on the page!
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

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