Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Okay - I know

these photos aren't the greatest - 
I took them at night, inside, with fluorescent light...
But I wanted to show you a bit more of my 
pocket page scrapbooking of our recent Florida trip -
Remember, I 'pre-planned' by putting some of the memorabilia 
in the pockets before I had photos printed - 
I added in some cards cut from scrapbook paper... 
And you can see that i'm not afraid to cut a photo in half to make it fit... 
I also put a blank piece of paper in occasionally to use as a journal block -
 [I'll go back and do those once the pages are complete -]
I'll probably also add some additional embellishments 
on top of the pages like I did this quote.... 
I added embellishments on top of the pockets on this page too.  
[Dumbo was a favorite.]
I used a post card from the hotel to highlight where we stayed 
and the fun breakfast we enjoyed on our last day.
Y'all know me... I've got LOTS more photos to include - 
this is just a start... 
Scrapping Disney photos is almost as fun as being there....

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