Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I’ve been on the waiting list for the TC Event for more than a few years –

My name actually came up a few years back and I couldn’t work it into my budget or schedule so it was a no-go at that time – 
But this year it happened again –  
AND at the same time that SouthWest was having a major sale. 
I was ready to pack my bags and GO. 
I’ve not been to a major SCRAPBOOK convention since 2009. 
– I told a friend that this would either jump-start my scrapbooking engine… or confirm that that ship has sailed. Ha. 
And now that it’s over and done 
I’d say that it’s closer to the first than the last. 
I will always be a memory keeper
I’ve been to a few large conventions {CK Convention [Atlanta, Nashville] – Simply Southern [Nashville, Huntsville] – Mid West Scrapbook Association [St. Paul, MN] – CKU [Atlanta, Nashville, Provo] – Donna Downey's Inspired [Charlotte] – Scrapping for a Cure – CF [Memphis] – Scrapfest [Louisiana] – Searcy Extravaganza – [Arkansas] – attending some for  multiple years} so my expectations were HIGH when I walked into the venue at the Green River Resort.
 [photo cred: Deonna Riegler]
What I loved –
- Four people to a table – plenty of room to do our projects
- Having the teachers come to us 
[no packing up our supplies between classes]
- LONG 2-3 hour classes with fun products from companies 
I’ve wanted to get to know better!
- The teachers who shared so much in their classes 
- Meeting new scrappy friends – 
and seeing sweet friends that I know 
and share a common background with!
What I was disappointed in –
- Right after I signed up I learned that several of the teachers I’d hoped to see were no longer going to be there – oops 
[if I’d known this, I may not have attended.]
- The schedule changed at least three times 
with notifications sent through the FB group THE NIGHT BEFORE -
some of the girls weren’t on the group = confusion]
- Contests were hyped the week before the event and not mentioned ONCE during the event – hello? What’s up with that?
- Major Prize Giveaways listed on the event info 
including the info given to us in our registrations packet] – 
Never mentioned – never given away – whaaaaa?
Having to get forms printed after we'd all gathered together because there wasn't enough - AGAIN - helLLOOO?! You had 300 registered = 300 forms needed... SO UNORGANIZED....
And while that irritated me [and it DID] 
I still had a great time  
Here’s a quick run-down of each class:
Mark Montana – chalk board paint box – It was fun to play with some paint that I’d never used before. The project was cute – and do-able in the time allowed. Thanks Mark!!
Stephanie S. BellaBlvd – We made such a fun little scrapbook – getting back to the real hobby I love – I also love that BellaBlvd supports the faith based movement in the creative world! 
So fun to meet you Stephanie! 
[And I love my book that I"ve compoleted with photos already!]
Teresa Collins – She taught two album classes that are really nice - both with pocket pages with one being a little more mixed media. I've finished them both! And I'll continue to add to both of them.  
I don’t know how she has the energy to do all that she does –
[photo cred: M. Aldanese]
Graphic45 with Aimmee – I’ll admit that I have been a little ‘afraid’ of this product – yet I’m drawn to it – the details in the designs are always so lovely! I so enjoyed this class and the way they showed us to use it in this cute little album!
[Update - I'm still working on THIS album and I think it's beautiful!]
 [photo cred: M. Aldanese]
Beth Kingston with Xyron – she shared two projects – a couple of really cute charms! And some pocket pages too.  Great ideas! And I loved using the tools she brought to class [and may even end up buying one after all!] These pages are also complete thanks to my time alone while Craig was in meetings - love them!
 [photo cred: FB group - ?]
We also had a little crop time and I worked like a crazy person trying to get at least one of these albums finished!
[That's me in the royal blue above.]
And you know from a previous post that my sweetheart went along – 
we truly enjoyed our time in Nevada 
on the days before and after the event. 
That said – I won’t be back next year – I have to spend my scrapbook dollars wisely. and I like trying new things - I’m happy to see that the industry is picking up a bit and that other companies may be offering some retreat-like activities in the coming year...
So I'll just wait and see what's out there 
before I commit to anything...

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