Monday, October 26, 2015

I can hardly breathe due to some allergies [sinus infection?] issues

– It might be something in the air – or it might be all the cuddling with sweet KittyLou – or it might be the dust I encountered after I finally cleaned the house after who knows how long – and those clear vacuum canisters are really convicting, aren’t they? HA.
Anyway I had cRaZy dreams this weekend and one very nice one… dreams about KittyLou having mange and needing $200 of treatment [and y’all KNOW we set limits on how much we spend on animals…] and dreams about us being pulled out of our home by mean people [REALLY mean people who had just shot people around us] and we were praying that we’d stand tall for Christ. -- I woke up before our demise… [whew!] 
 And lastly I had a sweet dream about my mama… where we were all just having a lazy day together – staying in our jammies and preparing for a meal… making memories, taking photos together, and just enjoying being with each other – and then it was time for her to go [and we were at her house – don’tcha love dreams…] and she came back into the room and made me get up from my chair and give her a great big hug. And then I woke up. So sweet and wonderful… I wanted to climb right back into my dream and stay a while…

So – I’m missing her a bit more than usual. Maybe it’s the time of year [she passed away in October, two years ago,] maybe it’s the gloomy weather, maybe it’s that I have friends and family facing this same loss right now…
Probably it’s the ebb and flow of grieving… that gut wrenching grief that can sucker punch you from out of nowhere… Through it all I’m SO GLAD I have the hope of eternal life through Christ. The comfort and peace God gives truly does pass any human understanding… [John 14:27]

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Marianne B in AZ said...

I hardly ever just sit down to read blogs anymore. I bought a Kindle Fire about two years ago. When it was new, I tried to set up Feedly...Your blog is the only thing I added that actually worked! So, anyway, I was just looking at the apps on my Kindle - deciding if I should delete some that I don't use. When I opened Feedly, there you were! Still the only feed!

I wanted to comment on this post just to share with you that I love the happy kind of dreams you were describing! When I have those good dreams about a loved one who has passed, I feel like I got to have a little visit of sorts, and it brings happy thoughts of them to me.

I'm so glad I opened Feedly!