Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A few weeks ago

my friend Frankie and I enjoyed a night out at the Sim's house - along with about 25 other people - for an in-home cooking show [and dinner.]
 I  have at least one of her cookbooks and have always enjoyed her recipes 
so this was a treat. 
We started the evening with appetizers and then she gave us the recipes and showed us how to make gnocchi [so easy!] and alfredo sauce [ she made it look easy!] Then we moved on to veal piccata [LOVE the tip about putting it in the fridge a bit to help the breading stick...] a nice spinach salad and strawberry tiramisu [oh my! SO GOOD.]
 I enjoy cooking demonstrations - and of course they're even bertter when you get to taste the meal the cook prepared for you.
Simply Scrumptious.
And of course, having time to visit with a sweet friend made the evening better!!
[But I'm still pondering why we didn't take a photo together!]

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