Friday, October 30, 2015

Here's some Bible Journaling I did this week --

 This page was inspired by the Beth More Study, Inheritance, that I'm doing with my group on Thursday nights. Last week she was talking about our gifts - 
and how we are all gifted in different ways -- 
"Let's just be who we are made to be without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves to others... or trying to be something we're not."
I needed to hear this right now...  
"Don't be envious of others' gifts..."
and while so many of us may lean toward this --  
I love that his was added as well --
"Don't be prideful about my own..." 
I love John 3:16 and how it so clearly shows how much God loves us! 
I remembered a little art piece I did a year or so ago and 
wanted to have it in my little journaling Bible...
Here are my sermon notes from this week - a challenge to stand for our beliefs [our God!] in the world we live in today - [the washi tape marks the beginning of the book of Nehemiah --]
 And here are some sermon notes from a while back 
that I took the time to read over again and highlight a bit with water colors...

And then I created the page across from it - because if 'm REALLY willling to go where ever He leads me - then I need to trust and obey.
[I find that many of my faith pages end up 
having scripture based song lyrics on them - do you?] 
  You can see that I'm using my 'square' Bible that I've had for a while -
So I have sermon notes already in the margins.... also, I tend to highlight more with lettering than with actually art in this Bible...
but I do love these little arrows...
And lastly, more study notes from hearing Priscilla Shirer live a couple of years ago... I took a little time read over these once again while I was out / town for work...
I highlighted a bit with water colors...
Just a way to have the things that stood out to me continue to stand out a bit - lol
Happy journaling!

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