Monday, September 28, 2015

We don't take the time

to camp nearly as often as I'd like to so it's always a treat to get 
"away from it all" for a weekend. 
Of course these days we stay pretty connected to the real world with the internets...
Still it's fun to be out in nature a bit more than we are at home.

I had every intention of playing with a little art.. but instead, 
spent the weekend with this book...
It was good  - 
I'll admit that I skipped some of the history parts - but thought it was great 
and the movie represented it well!
 We so enjoy camping up in Lawrenceburg 
where you're more likely to see this than not... 
And where you can get some of the BEST Peanut Brittle ever! - 
Since I've set a goal to not eat sugar for three weeks I didn't get any, 
but I thought of my mama, because she sure loved Amish Peanut Brittle...
[Love how the community comes together regardless of lifestyles.] 
So it was a relaxing weekend with breakfast on The Square ...
I love the old buildings [and original tin ceiling tiles!]
...leisurely walks along the country side
[we didn't see any deer this time!] 
...and sitting around the campfire, 
where  we actually watched the first 
Mickey's Boo to You Halloween parade and fireworks show LIVE.
[Yes, we love technology.] 
I'm not sure if they're broadcasting live during every 
Not So Very Scary Halloween Night - 
But it's worth a google, if you want to have a front row seat!!!

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