Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I wnated to share a little

3x4 pocket card I made for a scrapbook event I'll be attending this month - 
We have a FB Group that's brought us all together
And one gal in the group thought it would be fun to swap theme cards with each other - 
I like this idea because [hopefully] we can use them in our own albums as we scrapbook photos from the event - And they should all be two-sided so they can be seen front and back in pocket albums...
I used a photo I took when we were in Vegas a few years ago [shopped it up a bit to get rid of all of the electrical wires - ha] and added a little 'bling' to the sign...
On the back I scanned one of my little 'alice' art pieces and put it on a dictionary page, scanned it again, and added the words [our theme for the weekend] in my photo shop program.  I also outlined each one with a thin black marker.
I think they're pretty cute... 
but am still worried they won't be 'worthy' of the others who are doing the swap 
[some people put a TON of work into their swap pieces...]
I bought this little 99c note card holder in the school supply section to carry them in so I won't worry about them getting lost or bent up. 
I'll be sure and post photos of the ones I swap for as well! 

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