Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I've given up sugar this month

and it's been so much harder than I thought it might be --
You see, I've eaten a pretty substantial amount of sweet stuff since Easter 
[it just keeps being brought into the house -
 and it's something we need to only eat occasionally 
and NOT every day!!]***
I've gained a little weight because of it and I've felt like a SLUG.
Sugar zaps my energy so quickly!
So I did it - cold turkey -
and I was amazed how much I just CRAVED it - even when I wasn't hungry... even when there was nothing to trigger it [TV, magazine article, FB recipes - ha]
But it was also amazing how SWEET fruits begin to taste to me!
[I even ate a plate of watermelon one day - something I rarely ever do - ha.]
Ice cream is something I missed --  so when we had some over-ripe bananas one night I blended them up with just a bit of cream and popped them in the freezer.
Easy-peasy recipe and so - so delicious. 
It made enough for three servings...
I've seen a pumpkin one floating around FB that is just pumpkin, bananas, a little spice, and sweetener... that may be my next one to try...
*** I want to be clear that I have NOT given up sugar for life - but I do need to cut way back on how much I eat so I committed to not eating it for three weeks straight....

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